Triana 202-D



Triana 202-D
Triana 202-D
Will ACCEPT terms for 3 years at
5% with $20,000 US Down - REDUCED -
$175,000.00 USD
Heaven on Earth
What a great way to live your retirement or spend your
vacation in this 2 bedroom, 2 bath, 2nd floor condo
overlooking the beautiful San Francisco beach and the
Sea of Cortez.
Enjoy the large pool which is just walking distance
from your condo surrounded by beautifully
landscaped grounds with lots of palm trees.
Most everything in the condo goes with it, so pack
your bags and move on in.
This condo is 1100 sq. ft.
Ask for Karen Stewart / Pam Brame
Cell 622 120-4655
Cell 622 112-0862
TOLL FREE: 1 888 586 7388 | TEL / FAX: (622) 226 2188