langosta - Costa Rica Real Estate


langosta - Costa Rica Real Estate
US$ 389,000
Beach Front Condo Under $400,000 that is not something we hear in the same
sentence in the real estate business here in Costa Rica. This is a very good
deal! Lots of our clients have a budget of $400,000 or less and there really is
very little in the way of beach front properties for sale. This condo is 1400 sqft.
Located close to several restaurants and across the street from the grocery
store. The kitchen has been upgraded with custom wood cabinets and granite
counter tops. This really is the best beach front option we have seen in the
price range. Two bedrooms two and half bathrooms open floor plan.
Condo has fast high speed internet and cable TV. Contact us today with any
questions you have. This beach front offering will sell fast!