Connections-Vol-16 - Canadian Mental Health Association, Peel


Connections-Vol-16 - Canadian Mental Health Association, Peel
Canadian Mental Health Association Peel Dufferin
Newsletter | Volume 17 | Summer/Fall 2016
New services, new geography,
new name
Message from CEO David Smith
You will notice with this newsletter a change to the name of our agency. It is my great
pleasure to introduce you to CMHA Peel Dufferin.
Earlier this summer mental health and addictions services in Dufferin County were
transferred to CMHA Peel and the integration of those services and staff is reflected in our
new name. This transfer helps ensure equitable mental health services across the LHIN
and gives residents better access to services like brief intervention and community-based
addictions services.
Annual General Meeting
Walk for Life Walk for Hope
Ride Don’t Hide
Back on Track
This builds upon our expansion of services into Rexdale, West Woodbridge and North
Etobicoke. This community was underserved and was especially in need of brief counselling
and other mental health and addictions services. Christine’s story on page 4 highlights
just how important counseling services and community support can be to an individual’s
recovery and to their family.
Family Services are now available across all our programs to support families that are
struggling to understand and cope with the complexities of their loved one’s mental health
or addiction issues. Psycho-educational groups and support are available to help families
learn more about mental health, addictions and recovery, while providing the opportunity
to talk to other families that are coping with similar experiences.
We have also introduced brief support with our Access services at our Front Door, providing
tangible, goal-oriented support for mental health or addictions recovery.
Our Ride Don’t Hide community bike ride in June raised over $44,000 locally and over
$1.3 million nationally and has become a marquee mental health event. Preparations are
now underway for our Walk for Life – Walk for Hope event in support of suicide prevention
and mental health awareness programs. You’ll find details of these events and more in this
issue of Connections.
Canadian Mental Health
Association Peel Dufferin
314-7700 Hurontario Street
Brampton, ON L6Y 4M3
Tel. 905-451-2123
This growth in programs and services is only possible because of a staff team dedicated
to our mission and our values of integrity, inclusiveness, advocacy, accessibility, quality and
leadership. Their commitment to providing the best care and support possible has helped
us address gaps in services and build new programs and initiatives.
I invite you to join us on September 13th at our Annual General Meeting where we will
celebrate these successes and more, and present our new strategic plan for continued
growth and excellence.
Ride Don’t Hide Peel
Annual General Meeting
Please join us at our
Annual General
Record-breaking Ride Don’t Hide raises $1.36 million
for mental health programs across Canada
Over $44,000 raised for local mental health programs
September 13, 2016
Over 7,000 riders across Canada took part in the
Ride Don’t Hide events on Sunday, June 25th, raising
a record $1.36 million for Canadian Mental Health
Association’s (CMHA) mental health programs and
In Caledon over 230 riders raised $44,306 for local
community mental health programs. Individuals, teams
and families took to the Caledon Hills on Sunday,
enjoying a spectacular day of cycling, with great food
and entertainment.
Special Guest Speaker: Ron Ellis
Mental Health Advocate & NHL Hall of Famer
Ride Don’t Hide took place in 29 communities
throughout the country, making it Canada’s largest
community bike ride for mental health. All funds raised
at the Ride in Caledon go toward CMHA Peel’s youth
mental health and client wellness programs.
Mississauga Convention Centre,
75 Derry Rd. West, Mississauga, ON
6 P.M. Registration & Dinner
7 P.M. Business Meeting and Awards
RSVP: Bertha Jacov by September 2nd
Phone: 905.451.1718 ext: 319 or
Email: [email protected]
Attire: Business Casual
Walk for Life - Walk for Hope
Ride Ambassador Shawn Antoski and fellow 50km cyclists.
We couldn’t have done this without our generous sponsors,
donors, supporters and volunteers. Thank you!
Gold Sponsors
National Sponsors
Special Thanks To
Silver Sponsor
Jeff Rice Family Foundation
Community Supporters
Walk to remember loved ones lost to suicide and
raise vital funds to support suicide prevention and
mental health awareness programs!
Join us for our fourth annual
Walk for Life - Walk for Hope
Community Sponsor
Bronze Sponsors
Kerbel Goup
City South
Breakfast Provided By
Mechanical Support
Fitness Support
Sunday, October 2nd
This walk takes place at picturesque Erindale Park
in Mississauga, known for its breathtaking autumn
For more information visit
To volunteer please contact dmv@cmhapeel.
Nutrition & Hydration Support
Lunch Supported By
Logistics Support
Special thanks to our Ride Ambassador, former NHL
player Shawn Antoski, who championed our Ride.
“I know what it’s like to have suffered with
depression and feel alone in it. I’ve seen the
effect this has on families and I don’t want
that for anyone else. I want people to speak
openly about mental health so that they and
others can get the help that they need.”
Antoski took on the challenge of cycling 50km Ride
through the Caledon Hills, and despite a flat tire 15km
into the ride, he crossed the finish line to cheers from
the crowd.
We also thank the following community supporters
for their donations and support, which helped ensure
the Ride Don’t Hide was a success: Express Auto
(Caledon East), Caledon Hills Cycling & bike mechanic
Mike Watson, St. John’s Ambulance, Vintage Hotels,
the Region of Peel and the Town of Caledon.
Helping to get a life back on track
In Januray 2016, soon after we set-up our counseling
services in Rexdale, ‘Christine’ walked into our office at
the Rexdale Community Health Centre.
Christine came in looking for assistance with severe
anxiety and panic attacks that had taken over her life.
As a result of her mental illness, she had lost her job and
was in desperate need of employment, unable to make
ends meet financially.
Christine had isolated herself, keeping her mental health
struggles and unemployment status a secret from her
family and friends.
She needed help
to get her life back on track.
Christine began counseling with our Rexdale team,
receiving support from Bianca and Titi. They empowered
her with coping strategies and techniques to better
manage her anxiety and panic attacks. They then helped
her with employment support, including resume critiques
and mock interview sessions.
After several months working with our team Christine felt
strong enough to disclose her illness to her family. She
was surprised and greatly relieved by the tremendous
support she received from her loved ones.
Today, Christine has better control over her anxiety, with
almost no episodes of panic attacks. She has great
support from her family and she is now employed and in
better financial health.
Christine is currently working on her long-term goal of
become a writer.
‘Christine’s’ real name and image have been changed to protect her privacy.
If you or a loved one is having trouble coping with depression, anxiety,
or other mental health or addiction issues
we can help.
call 905-451-2123
Make a life changing gift today
When you support CMHA Peel Dufferin by becoming a member or a donor you are also supporting the
thousands of individuals and families affected by mental illness in our community.
Your donations help break the debilitating stigma associated with mental illness, encourage people to get help
before problems become crisis, and empower individuals to maintain good mental health in their own lives.
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Creating safe spaces for youth
Champions for Community Mental Health
You don’t know him, but you have changed his life… helped him
to realize that he’s not alone and ensured that he found help at the
key moment when he might have lost his way.
‘Michael’ is a teen from Mississauga who, with his fellow
classmates, attended a CMHA Youth Net workshop at their
school. Youth Net provides a safe space for youth to discuss
mental health, stress and coping strategies with peers in a open
and non-judgemental environment. Our objectives are early
intervention in mental illness and substance use, and mental
health awareness and support for youth.
Michael sat quietly near the front of the room, and while he was
attentive, he didn’t participate in the discussion.
As Michael handed in his feedback form he caught the eye of our
facilitator, and expressed a quick “thank you so much”. When
she looked at his form - he’d written...
“It was really interesting. I learned that I may be
suffering from some of these disorders. Things now
make sense. It really helped.”
If Youth Net had not gone into his school that day, Michael may
have been one of the many young people who continue to struggle
in silence, without an understanding of what is happening inside
them, slowly losing hope.
Instead, our facilitator quietly spoke to Michael, letting him know
where to get help, and encouraging him to talk to his family and
Michael is now getting the help and support he needs.
75% of all adults report the onset of their
mental illness in adolescence
Youth Net is just one of the programs and initiatives supported
by your membership fees and donations to CMHA Peel Dufferin.
Your donations ensure that we can expand mental health support
to so many struggling youth. Every dollar you donate can make
the difference in saving a life like Michael’s.
Please give generously.
‘Michael’s’ real name and image have
been changed to protect his privacy.