How to zest a lemon - Jamie`s Home Cooking Skills


How to zest a lemon - Jamie`s Home Cooking Skills
You can either grate or speed peel the lemon rind depending on whether you want strips of
peel or finely grated zest • If using a speed peeler, hold the lemon firmly in your hand and
use the speed peeler to peel off a strip of zest • Be firm enough that it come off in one piece,
but try not to go too deep – you don’t want to get too much of the white pith • Keep turning
and peeling until you’ve got as much as you need • If using a microplane grater, hold the microplane firmly by the handle and move the lemon against the grater fairly firmly, rather than
moving the grater • Make sure you’re grating over a plate or chopping board and be careful
of your fingers – microplane graters can be very sharp
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