The perfect - Baylor College of Medicine


The perfect - Baylor College of Medicine
Facial Plastic
Surgery Center
Baylor College of Medicine
Smith Tower, 17th floor
6550 Fannin, Suite 1701
Houston, Texas 77030
Complete your beauty experience
with Botox, Restylane, Juvaderm
and other cosmetic procedures.
blend of art
and science
Skin care products available include
Obagi Medical,
Rhonda Allison Clinical Skin Care,
AFA amino acid skin care,
Jane Irdale Mineral Make-up, and more.
Facial Plastic
Surgery Center
The Bobby R. Alford Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery
Anthony E. Brissett, M.D., FACS
Director of Facial Plastic Surgery
Krista L. Olson, M.D.
Assistant Professor
Annie O. Christensen
Medical Aesthetician
713-441-FACE (3223)
Essential Facial Treatments
Triple Enzyme Facial
These exotic enzymes will soften and deliver antioxidants
for anti-aging and rejuvenating skin care benefits.
Three Levels of Skin Rejuvenation Peels
Progressive Peels
Grape Passion Facial 30 min. $55
60 min. $80
Experience the benefits from necessary antioxidants for
the health of your skin. We use the purest grape seed
extracts, vitamins and natural botanicals to create a
refreshing, relaxing facial.
Alpha Hydroxy Peel
All skin types
This light peel is perfect for maintaining healthy skin
as well as a prep before beginning other peels.
Clear Skin Facial
30min. $55
60 min. $80
Achieve clear exfoliated skin, with soothing green tea
and botanicals while controlling oil and impurities.
AFA Clay Peel All skin types
The use of deep cleansing clay removes impurities from
the skin leaving it smooth, bright and rejuvenated.
“Natural Lift” toning & firming Treatment
Series of 6 $ 600
The Natural Lift masque and a special cocktail of
rejuvenators add firmness and tone, as well as increase
hydration, and antioxidant support giving plumpness to
the skin for a phenomenal look.
Treatment Series
Baby Boomer Series
All Skin Types
This program includes six baby boomer peels for ones
total skin rejuvenation.
Quick Fix Acne Series All/Acne Skin Types $660
This program includes six quick fix peels and 1 post
peel skin care treatment kit.
French Wine Lifting Series
Over a 90 day period, you will discover the secrets of
French wine and you will see fine lines diminish, pore
size minimized, hydration balanced, skin tissue toned
and firmed, and healthy, vibrant, glowing skin.
Go with a Glow
All skin types
Achieve healthier skin and see immediate improvements
in the texture and appearance of your skin.
Healthy Maintenance All skin types
This is the perfect lunch time treatment and your skin
will feel great when you are on the go.
The Refresher Peel
All skin types
This progressive peel with microdermabrasion improves
appearance and the health of ones skin while finishing
with a fresh infusion of oxygen.
Perk Me Up Peel
Dry skin types
Give your skin a boost by adding nutrients, hydration,
and infusing the skin with antioxidants.
Skin Awakening Peel
Aging skin
This is a great monthly peel that will reduce cellular
build-up and strengthen skin tissue resulting in
healthier more youthful skin.
Deep Peels
Buff and De-shine
This deep peel balances oil and controls acne while
also smoothing and softening skin. The Buff and
De-shine combines use of microdermabrasion and peel
French Peel
Aging skin
This Peel rejuvenates skin, minimizes fine lines
and wrinkles while enhancing tone and texture.
Additionally this peel stimulates collagen production,
creating hydrated, healthier, more vibrant skin.
Crystal Bright
This deep peel uses a combination of a chemical peel
and microdermabrasion to reduce discoloration and
improve upon the over all health and appearance of
ones skin.
Finishing Touches
Fade Peel
Hyperpigmentation $95
Gradually take the skin to a more optimal state of
health while brightening, smoothing and softening
ones skin.
Cellular Rebalance
This soothing and healing treatment uses oxygen and
light enzymes to smooth the skin in the days following
a chemical peel.
Mid-Depth Peels
Lymphatic Massage for the Face
A Relaxing and healing treatment that is very effective
in reducing swelling and promoting healing following
Baby Boomer
All skin types
This popular peel is great for smoothing fine lines,
tightening slackened skin, and refining large pores.
Apple Wine Firming & Toning All skin types $145
This is particularly good for photo-aged, normal to dry
and uneven skin tones. Smoothes fine lines and refines
skin tone.
Lam Probe Treatment
This quick and easy treatment removes unwanted skin
tags, broken capillaries, milias, age spots and more.
Facial Waxing
Brow and Lash Tinting
$10 and $20
Quick Fix
All skin/acne types $115
Refines and improves skin tone, smoothes fine lines
and helps control acne.
Permanent Cosmetics
Melanin Lift
Hyperpigmentation $125
This skin brightening treatment lifts away unwanted
dark areas evening ones skin tone while creating a
more youthful look.
Eye liner top $195
Brow $295
Top and bottom $295
Full lip $395