the Rejuvenate Brochure


the Rejuvenate Brochure
Innovative Facial Treatment – This intensive
clinical treatment, using IS Clinical® products, is
designed to rapidly and safely resurface the skin
to smooth, soften and encourage cellular renewal.
This phenomenal system incorporates both active
and soothing formulas with aromas of warm
cinnamon and brisk, cool peppermint. Skin will
appear younger, healthier and more radiant.
Drs Saunders & Cooper
M e d
S p a
Corrective Facial – A complete analysis of your skin
followed by a customized facial appropriate for your
skin type and needs – acne to aging skin.
Deep Pore Cleansing Treatment – Improve your
appearance immediately. We cleanse, steam and
extract eliminating blackheads, whiteheads and
milia. The elimination process enables our medical
grade skin care products to penetrate the skin to
work most effectively.
Medical Skin Care
Back Treatment – Deep cleansing and exfoliation
of the back area. Extractions provided after steam
followed by a healing massage using warm lavender
essential oil. Finally a mask is applied based on skin
type. A salicylic acid peel may be added to decrease
blackheads and acne.
M e d
Teen Acne Treatment – A deep pore cleansing
treatment using Obagi acne system for added results.
Helps teens improve their appearance and increase
their confidence.
Gentleman’s Facial – Formulated for male skin. This
treatment will rejuvenate dehydrated and damaged
skin. Using an environmental defense mask, cellular
growth will be stimulated and a youthful appearance
restored. Special antioxidants fight aging and provide
extra protection against environmental aggressors.
Drs Saunders & Cooper
S p a
Medical Skin Care
Chadds Ford
Welcome to Rejuvenate Med Spa. Our
comprehensive skin care programs are
customized to achieve the best results for
your specific skin care needs. Our highly
trained and experienced licensed medical
esthetician, laser technician and registered
nurse work together to execute your
doctor-prescribed skin care program to
achieve dramatic skin rejuvenation.
Drs. Saunders and Cooper believe that by
combining the benefits of multiple skin care
modalities, the team can expertly achieve
better results than if any one method were
used alone. This synergistic approach helps
attain advanced improvements in the texture,
clarity and tone of your skin with noticeable
improvement to fine wrinkles, sun damage
and sun spots.
Our nonoperative treatments include
injections, lasers, microdermabrasion,
peels, facials and medical grade skin
care products. All treatments are provided
on a one-on-one basis and are not painful
but gentle and soothing.
Rejuvenate Med Spa’s staff has a caring
attitude and sincere desire to help you relax
and enjoy a pampering experience. Throughout
your treatments, they will help you look and
feel your best.
Drs Saunders & Cooper
Botox – Treats crowsfeet, forehead and between eyebrows
Dysport – Treats crowsfeet, forehead and between eyebrows
Restylane – Gel filler used to immediately fill wrinkles in the face
Juvéderm XC – Gel filler used to immediately fill wrinkles in the face
Perlane – Improves deeper folds and wrinkles, adds lost volume
Radiesse – Calcium-based dermal filler for facial wrinkles
Sculptra – One of the longest lasting fillers
M e d
S p a
Permanent Laser Hair Reduction – Virtually pain-free system decreases and removes unwanted hair from
face and body. Average of 6-10 treatments are needed.
Intense Pulse Light (IPL) – Treats sun damaged skin or brown discoloration, broken capillaries and rosacea.
Pixel Laser – Works through “fractionated delivery” which creates hundreds of small corrections in the skin.
Stimulates collagen production and corrects lines, sun damage, mild acne scarring and pre-cancerous lesions.
A series may be recommended.
Medical Microdemabrasion – Resurfaces skin by combining medical grade crystals with mild suction to
maximize exfoliation and increases oxygen to your skin. A mild peel or enzyme treatment is included along with
needed extractions. A series is recommended.
Dermaplaning/Epidermal Leveling – Removes dead cell buildup and fine vellous hair. Completed with any
needed extractions. A mild enzyme or peel is added for maximum exfoliation and hydration. This treatment may
be added to any facial.
Most chemical peels and enzyme treatments require little to no recovery time. Peels increase cellular
turnover, reduce fine lines, improve skin texture and decrease acne and oily skin. Peels are performed
on all skin types – aging, acne, etc. A series may be recommended.
VI Peel – Medical grade peel for all skin types. Improves tone, texture and clarity. Stimulates collagen production
for firmer, more youthful skin. A booster may be added for maximum benefit. Four times per year recommended.
Medical Grade Skin Care Products
Discounts apply when a series is purchased
IS Clinical®
Jane Iredale

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