Cosm Brochure Final - Total Eye Care Centers


Cosm Brochure Final - Total Eye Care Centers
Custom Express Facial - 30 minutes to refresh
“Total” Signature Facial - 60 minutes to perfection
The perfect lunchtime or on-the-go treatment to fit into
your busy schedule! Includes cleansing, toning, exfoliation,
mask and moisturizer, along with a relaxing hand massage.
This luxurious facial will give your skin a healthy glow.
Includes a soothing eye treatment and relaxing hand, arm
and décolleté massage that will be sure to melt away your
Medical Facial - 60 minutes to balance
Teen Facial - 30 minutes to clear
Deep Pore Facial - 60 minutes to bright and clear
Dr. Judith Lavrich and her aesthetic team welcome you to
experience the most advanced medical skin care treatments
available today. With over 20 years of experience, we are
dedicated to our patients’ satisfaction and will work with
you to find the most effective solution to treat your specific
needs. Allow us to REJUVENATE, RESTORE &
RENEW your natural beauty.
Enzymes will exfoliate your skin and our custom mask
with Vitamin C will hydrate, tighten and brighten your
complexion. Includes a soothing eye treatment and a hand
This comfortable cleansing facial is a perfect way to start
taking care of the skin and to keep it looking clear.
Includes our expert instructions on proper skin care.
This deep pore cleansing facial is perfect for problem and
acne prone skin. Extraction and high frequency included
(if necessary). Complete with a relaxing hand massage.
Cosmetic & Aesthetic
Services Menu
Gentleman’s Facial - 60 minutes to high performance $80
Includes cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, mask and
moisturizer to re-hydrate and protect. Shaving is
recommended before this service.
Gentleman’s Skin Refresh - 30 minutes to clean
Exfoliate and treat. Refresh your face in 30 minutes flat.
Complete Brow Shaping
Mid Brow Only
Cheeks or Sideburns
Cheek and Sideburn “Shading”
our shading technique leaves no demarcation line
What is the Difference Between a
Day Spa and Cosmetic Services at
Total Eye Care?
At first glance, they may appear similar, especially if the menu
of services looks the same. However, there is a very important
difference between a day spa and medical aesthetic services.
At Total Eye Care Centers, the highly-trained cosmetic team
operates under our experienced and specialized physician and
oculoplastic surgeon, Dr. Judith Lavrich, allowing for a
comprehensive treatment plan to meet your specific needs.
Services Available at Our Levittown and
Newtown, PA Office Locations
Chemical Peels
A chemical peel removes the outer layers of skin to reveal a
smoother, glowing, more even skin tone. Our peels are custom
selected to suit your skin’s specific needs, including: fine lines,
wrinkles, sun damage, pigment irregularities, acne, and acne
scarring. Achieve ultimate results with a series of six peels.
Age Intervention Glycolic Peel - 30 minutes
This peel exfoliates dead and damaged skin. No
downtime with quick tightening and brightening
of the skin.
Cosmetic Procedures
Skin Rejuvenation
Each/Pkg 6
Lactic Peel - 45 minutes
A natural, non-irritating, anti-inflammatory
exfoliator for sensitive skin.
Vitamin C Peel - 45 minutes
A natural, non-irritating, anti-oxidant peel.
This ultimate treatment designed to exfoliate will
help minimize fine lines, pores, acne and acne
scars. Skin will look refreshed and renewed! Can
also be done on the hands, neck and chest for an
additional charge.
Each/Pkg 3
Dermaplaning (Epidermal Leveling)
A cutting-edge technique performed only by a
highly-trained medical aesthetician. Exfoliates
the top layer of skin, removes “peach fuzz” and
polishes the surface. Add dermaplaning to any
peel or microdermabrasion for just $50 per
Botox®, Dysport® & Xeomin®
We offer a variety of fillers such as Júvederm®, Radiesse®,
Restylane®, Belotero®, and Sculptra® which are used to add lift,
correct deep wrinkles or fine lines, and to achieve a fuller,
more youthful face. Results can last anywhere from 6 months
to 2 years, depending on the product used and area treated.
Medical Grade Skin Care Products
We offer specially developed products which can result in
dramatic changes to your skin in just a short period of time.
These highly-effective and concentrated products can only be
dispensed by a medical practice.
Not your average peels! Our highly-skilled Medical
Aestheticians offer a unique experience with the addition of
dermaplaning to each of our signature peels, allowing for
deeper penetration and better results!
Tighten, lighten and brighten! The perfect peel
before special occasions. No downtime.
Achieve visible improvement after just one peel.
Mild to moderate peeling lasting 3-5 days.
Rejuvenize Peel - 50 minutes
Radiance Peel - 50 minutes
One of our strongest peels. Mild to moderate
peeling lasting 3-5 days.
Cells regenerate and are replaced by healthier ones
allowing for clarity and tightness. A mild peel
with no downtime that can be used on all skin
The Perfect 10 Peel - 50 minutes
This advanced luxury peel is designed to give you
ultimate results. First time price includes skin care
products. $200 for each additional peel.
Laser Skin Resurfacing
Non-surgical resurfacing with lasers has created a revolution
in skin rejuvenation by reducing or eliminating age spots, skin
growths, scars, sun-damaged skin, wrinkles, creases, and acne
damage. Lasers add significant lift and tightening to skin.
This procedure can be done in-office or combined with other
surgical procedures.
Each/Pkg 6
Vitalize Peel - 50 minutes
A simple, non-surgical treatment that relaxes the muscle and
smooths the deep, persistent lines in your forehead, brow and
crow’s feet area. Results typically last 3-4 months.
Dermal Fillers
*Our Signature Peels*
Illuminize Peel- 50 minutes
Dr. Lavrich and her cosmetic team will work with you to
develop a customized plan to meet your individual lifestyle
and needs, enhancing your own uniqueness and beauty. Our
goal is to give you the most natural look using advanced
treatments and surgical skill.
IPL Treatment
This treatment combines light and heat to treat aging,
sun-damaged skin and provides long-lasting hair reduction.
IPL is a non-invasive, safe and gentle procedure with no
downtime. Best suited for facial rejuvenation, hyperpigmentation, rosacea, fine lines & wrinkles, brown spots and
superficial vascular lesions. Multiple treatments are
recommended for optimal results. Packages are available.
Face Rejuvenation - 30 minutes
Ageless Hand Treatment - 30 minutes
Neck & Chest Treatment - 30 minutes
Eyelid Lift & Tucks (Blepharoplasty)
Designed to remove unsightly excess skin, correct puffy
eyelids, and to re-contour the shape of the eyes to give them a
younger appearance. Dr. Lavrich’s “invisible” approach
requires no stitches or scars on the skin for lower lid surgery.
Combined with laser skin resurfacing on the face and eyes, it
is the ultimate in eye and facial rejuvenation.
Permanent Makeup (Micropigmentation)
The application of waterproof, allergy-tested, FDA-approved
dyes which can be applied to the lids or brows. The procedure
is performed in office under local anesthesia for a pain-free
and safe application.
Mind, Body and Spirit
Reiki - 30 minutes to bliss
Healing energy to help you restore and balance
your mind, body and spirit.