Future... - Microplane


Future... - Microplane
What makes
Tools better?
Microplane® Tools
work better because
they are sharp.
Our founder, Richard Grace,
dreamed of tools that would
out-perform all others. To this day,
our guiding principle is: “If Microplane® can’t do it
better, Microplane® won’t do it at all.”
Highly Durable
The blades, made of high-quality, hardened stainless steel
are chemically etched for long-life. This patented process
forms razor-sharp cutting surfaces that are rust-resistant.
Innovative Technology
The hundreds of tiny razor-sharp cutting planes are created
with our patented chemical etching process. These cutting
planes allow the wood to be shaved, not scraped like normal
rasps and woodworking tools. The innovative technology
allows for smooth cuts and finish, even when cutting crossgrain.
More Effective
The sharper Microplane blades get the job done faster,
with less effort, more control and with minimum clean-up
versus competitive tools. The razor-sharp etched teeth cut
cleanly to create tiny shavings that fall to the surface instead
of clouding the air with dust. This helps create less of an
airborne hazard.
Multiple Blades, Multiple uses
Our tools are versatile, designed to cut hardwood, softwood,
manmade panels (plywood, masonite, particle board, O.S.B.,
etc.), resin and other relatively soft materials such as rubber,
vinyl, plastics, fiberglass, and auto body fillers.
Once you try one, you will
wonder how you ever worked
without a Microplane® blade!
– Richard Grace
Founder of Microplane®
“Microplane® Tools shave the wood
instead of tearing and gouging”
– Scott Phillips
Host of American Woodshop
Rotary Shaper
Drill Attachments
Snap-In Rasp
Replaceable Blades
Shaping Rasp
Conventional Files
Hacksaw Blade
Surform® Blade
Rotary Shaper
Drill Attachments
Prepare to enjoy shaping
with more control and precision.
Each drum has been designed to
include replaceable blades with
a new improved tooth pattern to
prevent, not minimize, clogging.
4 Requires very little sanding after use (finish
sanding only).
4 Razor sharp teeth for quick results.
4 Similar to a drum sander - with some
major improvements:
• Creates small shavings, not dust for
a healthier environment.
• Patented design will not clog.
• Features replaceable blades.
4 Can be used on wood, plastic, sheetrock,
rubber, and similar materials.
4 Universal Follower Kit for consistent
4 Can be used with a drill press or hand drill.
4 Recommended RPM = 1000-2000
4 Maximum RPM = 2500
“A totally new concept for shaping, forming and
smoothing. The razor sharp teeth don’t clog, for
a smooth, clean cut with less effort than sanding
– Marion (Sparks, Nevada)
DIY Tip!
Use your Microplane® Rotary Shaper with the a drill press to
use as a planer to remove excess material off doors, Sheetrock,
cabinets, etc. Use your Rotary Shaper Bearing Follower Kit to
shape with templates or patterns and make very consistent cuts.
Turn your
drill press
into a wood
2” Rotary Shaper
2” Rotary Shaper
1” Rotary Shaper
1” Rotary Shaper
Universal Follower Kit
(Will fit either blade
Snap-In Rasp
Replaceable Blades
Prepare to enjoy carving
with these versatile tools with
replaceable and reversible blades
that may be turned for use on
the pull or push of a stroke.
4 Can be used for general rough-cut
shaping to make your designing easier.
4 Reversible for push or pull direction and
features replaceable blades.
4 Made from high quality hardened
stainless steel for long lasting use.
4 For use on door edges, shaving edges on
sheetrock, plastic, rubber, and Formica,
just to mention a few.
4 Several different shapes-flat, angle and
round in both coarse and fine tooth-cut
for specialized shaping.
4 The 3” has a small handle and blade
design to fit into small, tight places.
4 Easy snap-on and snap-off process to
save time and space in your workshop.
“With Microplane® Blades, the gentlest of
strokes yields aggressive, yet smooth cuts on
even the hardest woods.”
– K. Hemmi
DIY Tip!
Use your Microplane® Snap-In tools to fix doors that swell
and stick, to clean up outlet or lighting holes in Sheetrock,
or to do general honey-do’s around the house. A “musthave” in any workshop.
& Reversible
blades for
multiple jobs
8” Snap-In with
Coarse Flat
32001 8”
Blade 32000
Coarse Round
32002 8”
Coarse Angle
32003 8”
Fine Flat
32004 8”
Fine Round
32005 8”
Fine Angle
3” Snap-In with
Coarse Flat
Blade 32016
32018 3”
Coarse Round
32019 3”
Coarse Angle
32020 3”
Fine Flat
32021 3”
Fine Round
32022 3”
Fine Angle
Shaping Rasp
Conventional Files
Prepare to enjoy shaping
with these sharper rasps that
cut faster and leave a smoother
finish over traditional rasps.
4 Works great for using in shaped areas
where a circular or angled design is
4 Primarily used for wood or similar soft
4 Used for very detailed work.
4 30018 & 30019 are very small and meant
for specialty work.
4 30011 & 30012 have a larger surface for
removal of wood areas.
4 The smaller models are designed for
intricate, delicate cuts because of the fine
tooth pattern.
“I used Microplane® Rasps in every phase of the
carving process from cleaning up the chainsaw cuts
on my starting block to shaping and smoothing the
final curves. I have become so dependant on them
that I would probably give up carving if they were
no longer available”
– J. McAbery, Sculptor
DIY Tip!
Protect your Microplane® rasps by applying light pressure
to the end and back of the tool while using. This will help
prevent breaking the tool and will provide more stability
and control to your cuts.
Great for
holes &
inside curves
Small Round
Small Square
Large Round
Large Square
Hacksaw Blade
Prepare to enjoy shaping
with these faster cutting hacksaw
blades from Microplane®.
Saw Blade
Half Round
4 Cuts 10 times faster with less effort
than similar products.
4 Good for much smoother, faster results.
4 30001, 30002, & 30010 are great for using
as a draw knife with hacksaw frame.
4 Shaves instead of scraping.
4 Can be used to shave with the grain, across
the grain or on end-grain of the wood.
4 Blades fit a standard 12” hacksaw frame
and can be also used free hand.
DIY Tip!
Use your hacksaw and blade as a draw-knife
by pulling the blade towards you. This will
remove a multitude of small shavings and
leave a very smooth finish.
Why not replace the old
Stanley Surform® blade
with ours and finally get
some use out of it?
30004 Microplane® Blade
Replacement for Stanley®
Surform® 9 7/16”
30021 Microplane® Blade
Replacement for Stanley®
Surform® Pocket Plane
4 Cuts 10 times faster with less effort
than Surform® blades.
4 Fits both the 10” Stanley® Surform® and
Surfom® pocket plane.
4 Shaves without creating dust.
4 Cuts instead of scraping/tearing the wood.
*Surform® is a registered trademark of Stanley® Tools.
“This sanding disc exceeded my expectations in effectiveness,
durability, and ease of use. My first use was sanding several
plywood panels with hardwood edging. The sanding disc
smoothed both the plywood and the edging and the disc still
- Steve – Port Edwards, WI
looks brand new.”
“I especially like the effortless job it does as I have arthritis,
this means less aches and pains in my hands and arms when
- Charles – Adrian, MI
sanding a large project. Love it!”
“Oh can I tell you: ‘This thing rocks!’ It is like a grinding wheel
for wood and plastic instead of metal.”
- Shawn (Cumming, Georgia)
“Performance exceeds expectations!” Very handy to remove
wood in shapes that would be difficult or impossible with other
tools in this price range.”
- Vincent (Dewey, Arizona)
“The Microplane® Rotary Shaper is truly an innovative
product. I wouldn’t be without one in my toolbox.”
- Bobby (North East, Pennsylvania)
“I would definitely recommend getting this tool. I used it on
some maple table legs after leaving 1/16” waste with my scroll
saw, just to see how it would work. When I finished I didn’t
even need to sand. Watch out drum sander, the Microplane®
Rotary Shaper is here to stay!!”
- Willard (Port Orchard, Washington)
“An excellent replacement for a band sander for rough to
medium shaping and smoothing”
-Jack (Bear, Delaware)
“The Microplane® Snap-In Tool is faster than a regular file. It
was easy to handle and did not need to be cleaned after each
use, which made the job go faster and smoother.”
- Charles (Burlington, Iowa)
“This tool is much safer than a rasp. I tested this tool on hard
& soft woods, both with the grain and against the grain and I
had no problems with either.” - Dennis (Lafayette, Louisiana)
“I really recommend this product because I used the rasp on a
very old exterior door with old paint and it removed the excess
wood and paint very easily. It also left a clean cut, which is
unusual for a wood rasp.” - Patricia (Indiana, Pennsylvania)
“A well made product. It works as it should and the blades are
easy to change.”
- Barry (Pfafftown, North Carolina)
From the
to the Kitchen...
to the Salon...
to the Future...
From the Woodshop It started out in 1990, merely as a
new type of woodworking tool. The Microplane® Rasp was first
invented in 1990 by brothers Richard and Jeff Grace. Soon after
their creative invention, a broad woodworking line developed with
several different innovative products. Since then the tool designs
have been perfected to include multiple blade shapes, cutting
levels, and replaceable blades.
To the Kitchen The big moment came in 1994, when a
homemaker in Canada was making an Armenian orange cake.
Out of frustration with her old grater, she picked up a new tool
her husband had brought home from their hardware store, Lee
Valley Tools. She slid the orange across its blades and was amazed.
Lacy shards of zest fell from its surface like snowflakes. The Lees
marveled at the tool, ate the cake, then promptly changed the
product description in their catalog. The Microplane® grater had
earned permanent space in the kitchen.
To the Salon 10 years later, Microplane® introduced its
Personal Care Line. The Microplane® Foot File, with its 95
bidirectional files working to gently massage and exfoliate dry
skin, was created to soothe tired, sore feet and have them feeling
silky smooth and full of energy in no time.
To the Future Microplane employees are working tirelessly to
create innovative and revolutionary products and product lines.
Keep a watchful eye for where Microplane® products show up
with our patented sharp cutting edge technology.
For a store location near you, please call 1.800.555.2767, or visit
our website www.microplane.com
© 2005 Grace Manufacturing Inc.
Microplane® is a registered trademark of Grace Manufacturing Inc.
Russellville, Arkansas 72802