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Backhousia citriodora - Coromandel Native Nursery
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Backhousia citriodora
Common Name; Lemon Myrtle
Description; An Evergreen large shrub or small tree. Occurs naturally in Coastal Southern Queensland.
Foliage often sweeps the ground.
Foliage; The leaves of Backhousia citriodora are a fresh green color and strongly lemon scented. The
young foliage is reddish and the young shoots and undersides of the leaves are often hairy.
Flowers; The very attractive white flowers are numerous and produced in long-stalked clusters.
Fruit; The fruit is a nut-like capsule which contains several small seeds. These are occasionally released
but are generally retained until the whole fruit fails from the tree.
Position; Backhousia citriodora is slightly frost-tender when young but can be grown outside in frosty areas
provided it is planted in a sheltered position in semi-shade. Prefers full sun.
Notes; One of the most useful of the Australian native herbs and spices, Lemon Myrtle has a delicious
lemongrass-like flavor and aroma of lemon verbena. Use in dishes such as stir-fry’s and Asian curries as a
substitute for lemongrass.
Used also to make fragrant tea. Add towards the end of cooking, so it is not cooked for more than 10-15
minutes, as any longer than this will destroy the delicate lemon notes. Lemon Myrtle must be used sparingly,
about ½ a teaspoon for 500g of meat and/or vegetables, otherwise the camphor-like eucalyptus taste will
dominate. Also used to make Soaps, perfume and skin lotions . The essential oil of the Lemon myrtle is
used in aromatherapy. For more details on products go to
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