Introducing the A-855 from Passon Performance


Introducing the A-855 from Passon Performance
Introducing the A-855 from
Passon Performance.
For the past 15 years, Passon Performance has emerged as
the “go to company” when it comes to Chrysler four
speed transmissions. Over the years, they have
developed more innovations for the A-833 four
speed than anyone else. Now, they have done it
again with their all-new five speed transmission!
It is the first of its kind. It is the only five speed transmission
on the market that is a direct bolt-in replacement for the A-833 four speed.
There have been numerous other “off the shelf” five speed transmissions that have
been used by various companies to make up kits to retrofit these modern transmissions
into early Chrysler muscle cars. All of these have one thing in common: they do not fit.
They all require either cutting the floor pan or adversely changing the driveline angle of
the vehicle. In some instances, these kits even require cutting into the structural torsion
bar crossmember of your pride and joy. Not to mention that you must modify or change
things like clutches, bellhousings, driveshafts, shifter handles, or clutch linkages.
Withstands a
constant 650 ft-lbs
of torque!
Gear Ratios
2.64 : 1
1.92 : 1
1.40 : 1
1.00 : 1
0.70 : 1
• Bolts into your car with
NO modifications!
• Tapered roller bearings for mainshaft
and countershaft
• Factory 4 speed shifter handle
• Available in 4.35” and 4.80” bearing
retainer diameters for nearly all
factory stock bellhousings
• Double needle type roller bearings
for ultra-smooth operation of all gear
selector shafts
• Uses stock 4 speed transmission
crossmember and mount
• Adapter rings available where
necessary for aftermarket or special
bellhousing needs
• O-ring seals between all case
components for superior leak
• 356 T6 aluminum alloy cases heat
treated for strength
• A, B, E Body styles to cover virtually
all Chrysler muscle car applications
• All gears and mainshaft are made of
Aircraft Quality 9310 alloy steel
• Uses stock 4 speed driveshaft
• Caged roller bearings under all gears
for reduced friction
• Utilizes factory Chrysler HURST or
aftermarket HURST shifter handle
w w w. Pa s s o n P e r f o r m a n c e . c o m
5 7 0 - 4 0 1-8 9 4 9
ade in the USA