The elly Feeling roject


The elly Feeling roject
The Belly Feeling Project
Ongoing Project
by Natalia
Pop Up
done in: China,
UK, Mexico,
Cuba and Peru.
consisting of:
1.50x7 mt. painted
canvas surrounding a 40x60x40cm aprox.
sculptural object
made of latex
and gauze
By separating you from others, and leading you into a controlled environment,
you encounter a sculptural piece in the shape of a pregnant woman's torso.
The piece is made out of latex rubber and gauze. And is suspended in the air by
two metal wires. It's a sort of mask for the body that you can wear.
The belly will be surrounded by a hanging canvas that acts as a wall between
the observer and the rest of the visitors. While inside, and wearing the belly, you
will be looking at a blow up image of an ultrasound. What you see at first are
abstract blotches of paint, only to later discover images of bones or what could
appear to be the face of a baby.
In this controlled environment I wish to share the experience of my own
pregnancy, but also let the observer make the experience their own.
For me pregnancy is not only entitled to women; but to life itself.
We all came from a pregnancy. In this ephemeral period of time a beginning
comes from an unknown. In the most spiritual of ways consciousness starts
without a trace of memory.
Artist's sketches
Installation: side view
Installation: bird's eye view
Lighting proposal
Installation: inside view
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The Belly Feeling Project
Pop-Up Performances
3 Generations,
Beijing, 2011
It was hard performing
in China, with only a piece
of paper with written
But it worked out that
this woman called her
mother, to get her son to
bring the camera for them
to photograph the piece.
I got from them a sense
of nostalgia. These women
were allowed by their
government to give
birth only once.
Hyde Park,
London, 2012
[email protected]
(+34) 627 308 743