2017 Heath Baby Ad Order Form


2017 Heath Baby Ad Order Form
2017 Rockwall-Heath High School Yearbook
Baby Tribute Order Form -- Seniors Only!
Students and Parents,
The RHHS Talon Yearbook staff wants YOUR SENIOR to be included in one of the best
and most adorable sections of the book—baby tributes! These will be 1/9
page spaces at a cost of $45 each.
They will be uniform in appearance,
with the same layout and font on all. This is an ideal way to recognize your student(s)
and the ways in which they have changed over the years. Photos can be of your child
as a baby or toddler. Please only submit ONE PHOTO per space—we are unable to
accommodate additional photos. In order to reserve Baby Tribute space, please
respond by FRIDAY 10/28 by providing the following (late orders will not be
Mail or deliver to:
This completed order form
Rockwall-Heath High School
Baby Tribute photo
ATTN: Kristen Hopkins (Yearbook Adviser),
Baby Tribute text—
to the Front Desk
the longer the message,
801 Laurence Drive
the smaller the font!
Heath, TX 75032
Check payable to Rockwall-Heath High School
> CUSTOMER DATA (Please Print):
*Please attach desired message
with photo (or non-returnable
cd) to this order form.
Student’s Name:
Parent/Purchaser’s Name: _________________________
Daytime Phone: ____________________
Evening Phone: _________________
Best Email Address (the one you check often!): _______________________________
Your Signature:
_______________________________ Date: ________________
(1) We will accept hard copies of pictures. These will not be returned unless your student comes to
room 3214 to retrieve them.
(2) We will accept digital images on cd only. Digital photos need to be at least 300 dpi and in either jpeg
or tif format.
(3) The staff reserves all rights to edit copy.
(4) All copy needs to be printed/typed on a sheet of paper and/or Microsoft word file.
(5) No PDF files will be accepted. These are not conducive to our software.
Sample Page Layout
Baby Tribute Format
No exceptions.
Text Tribute