New Frontiers in Digital Communication - HUOJ-a


New Frontiers in Digital Communication - HUOJ-a
New Frontiers in Digital
Andreina Mandelli
SDA Bocconi, Milan Italy
Univ. of Lugano, Switzerland
New frontiers?
News feeds
Rss still in its infancy
Mobile videoblog
The Internet
Is broadband
The network corporation?
Independent corporate blogging
Future of
“… you could collect your paper from
your portable device such as mobile
phone or laptop. At the other end of the
market there could be newspapers delivered
to public screens in stations, for example."
“A glimpse of what could be possible came
in the film Minority Report, in a scene
where a man reads what looks like a
newspaper, but the page changes
electronically as he is reading it.”
Corporate interactive TV
Interactive graphics in news
The role of multimedia in digital storytelling
Secret Tournament
The Nike Football Web site for Nike Europe was created by Framfab
Copenhagen. The site is tied into Nike's highly touted "Secret Tournament" film,
which was released before the World Cup. The Web site features well-integrated
entertainment and e-commerce components including games, a product
showcase, player profiles and a nifty Nike ID section, where users can design
their own pitch-worthy trainers.
Jurors called it "very deep, very wide," and, more important, an immersive brand
experience. "Nike Football was, to all of us, the best thing that happened on the
Web last year," said juror Marco Tinelli, president-CEO of Paris-based Full Six.
BMW film: The Hire
Is it advertising?
BMW Films' "The Hire" was created out of Publicis Groupe's Fallon Worldwide,
Minneapolis, and features a number of short Web-based films by well-known directors
that revolve around BMW cars and an enigmatic driver. The project has garnered
more press and award show hardware than BMW could have ever dreamed but had
until now been shut out of Cannes glory, being disqualified for the film category due to
its length and refused Media victory after jurors felt the campaign was more about
filmmaking than media.
Ducati community
Information sharing
It integrates offline and online communities
Viral communication: out of control or
adding value?
Fake doesn’t work
Blogs and viral threads: enemies or
• If you ignore them you don’t know what they say about
you – be alerted
• If you ignore them you cannot answer
• If you contribute, you have your news and ideas accessed
by relevant publics – you learn - you can also build
valuable one-to-one relationships with bloggers and
• But … if you try to control them or fake them you fail
• If you have your own corporate blog (CEO blog or product
team blog, or …) make sure they are real and relevant
(good examples from Maytag and Nike).
Relationships create benefits but also
push, multimedia, contextualized and ubiquitous
communication diminish cognitive costs
push, contextualized and ubiquitous costs increase
intrusion (attention or data-based)
multimedia increase communication structural costs
Digital storytelling is always a matter of tradeoffs
Different directions of change, one
old principle
If you want to build positive relationships,
understand and respect your partners,
creating value for you and for them
Thank you
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