Budget Rental Cars: Full Size Sedan $36.30 $182.10 Budget Rental



Budget Rental Cars: Full Size Sedan $36.30 $182.10 Budget Rental
Beginning August 1, 2010 the University will obtain all of the vehicles used by the faculty and staff from local
vehicle rental agencies.
We partnered with two local rental agencies who will be able to meet all of our customers’ vehicle rental needs.
The two local agencies we will be using are Budget Rent-a-Car and Enterprise Rent-a-Car. As in the past, timely trip
planning will help make your trip more economical. Our local rental agencies work on a “first come, first served” basis.
The more time you give the rental agency to locate a vehicle for your use the better your options will be.
The types of vehicles available to all of our customers will be the same from our vendors as our present vehicles
so the transition to the vendors will be as smooth as possible. The vehicle reservation process, the departmental
chargeback process, and the vehicle pick-up and return process is basically the same for most of our customers. The
primary difference is our customers will no longer be driving USI owned vehicles.
The implementation date for this rental vehicle change is August 1, 2010. If you already have reservations
placed for vehicles past August 1st we will be contacting you to help facilitate the changes with you. If you have any
questions about your future reservations please contact the Vehicle Reservation Line at extension 1700 so we can make
sure you have your reservation.
A listing of the rental vehicle charges (edited March 27, 2015) is attached below:
Budget Rental Cars:
Full Size Sedan
All daily, weekly, and monthly rates include unlimited mileage.
Hertz Rental Cars:
Full Size Sedan
$180.00 Call for rates
$295.00 Call for rates
All daily, weekly, and monthly rates include unlimited mileage.
Frequently Asked Questions:
How do I make a vehicle reservation? For most of our customers the vehicles will be reserved as they were last
year. Reservations can be made by using the same online reservation form as in the past. The online reservation form is
located at https://www.usi.edu/phyplant and look for the vehicle request tab. Prior arrangements have already been
made with some of our larger customers (such as Athletics) to help make this transition as easy as possible for everyone
involved. If you have any questions, please contact us at 464-1700.
Where do I pick up the keys for my vehicle? Most of our customers will pick up the keys for their rental vehicle
from the Physical Plant just like they do it now. The Physical Plant Control Room is open 24 hours a day. If it is more
convenient our customers now have the option of picking up their vehicle from one of the rental agency satellite
Where will the rental vehicles be parked? The first bay (west end) of Parking Lot K will be set aside for the pickup and return of the rental vehicles. The “fleet lot” that used to be located in the back of Parking Lot G will soon be
turned into general parking for everyone’s use.
What happens if I have vehicle troubles while I am on my trip? Unfortunately mechanical problems occur
occasionally. We have selected two of the best vehicle rental agencies in the business to help minimize the mechanical
incidents. If something should happen while you are out on the road contact the rental agency and they will help take
care of your problem. The appropriate paperwork will be included with your vehicle rental agreement packet.
How much fuel will be in the tank when I pick up my vehicle? Our vehicle rental agencies will deliver the
vehicles to us with a full tank. They request that we return their vehicles with the same amount of fuel in them as when
they leave the USI property.
How do I pay for fuel? We will have fuel credit cards available for people using the vehicles and request they
return the vehicles with the proper amount of fuel in them. The rental agencies will charge us back for any vehicles
returned with low fuel levels. These charges will then be passed back on to the end user.
How do I pay for my vehicle? At the end of each month’s billing cycle a departmental chargeback will be
processed. This is the same way each department has been paying for their monthly vehicle use for many years.
Do the rental agencies have age restrictions for the drivers of their vehicles? Yes, the drivers are subject to the
rental agreement set by the rental agencies. The minimum age for a driver of a vehicle provided by both of our rental
agencies is 21.
What about vehicle insurance? The University is underwriting the cost for the insurance with the rental
agencies. You do not need to purchase the additional insurance they might offer.

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