Go-peds Scooters Mini Motos Motorbikes Scramblers A guide to



Go-peds Scooters Mini Motos Motorbikes Scramblers A guide to
Mini Motos
A guide to your legal
responsibilities if you are buying,
selling or riding off road or
field bikes or vehicles
As a rider or
owner of one of
these vehicles...
If you own or ride a mini moto, there
are restrictions on where you can use
your vehicle.
Mini motos include:
• Petrol driven motorbikes
• Go-peds
• Electric/petrol driven scooters
• Some off-road motorbikes
Mini motos cannot be used:
• On public roads, unless the
vehicle is taxed, licensed and
• On footpaths or cycle routes,
under ANY circumstances
To use a mini moto on the road, riders
must be licensed, aged over 16 and
wearing an approved crash helmet.
If the vehicle is not registered for the
road, it may only be used legally on
private land with direct permission of
the landowner. In many cases this will
be the local council.
Remember Children using mini motos should be supervised by a
responsible adult.
Do you know?
If you ride one of these vehicles in
places where you shouldn’t, then you
could be committing serious offences,
which may lead to:
• Prosecution (for offences such
as dangerous driving)
Having your bike seized and
removed by the police. It will
cost you £105 to get it back,
on top of the £12 you’ll have
to pay for each 24 hour period
that your vehicle is impounded
Your driving licence being taken
from you for 12 months, and you
receiving points on your licence
too (even if you are too young to
have a licence, they will be
added once you do get one)
• You receiving a hefty fine of
£1000, or even a prison
• You being served with an
Anti-Social Behaviour Order
• Receiving an £80 penalty notice
You facing a claim in the
civil courts, especially if you
injure someone or cause
damage. And if you, or someone
riding your bike, kill or seriously
injure someone, you will face
Section 59 (Police Reform Act 2002) What’s more, if you are
causing a nuisance on your vehicle and using it in an anti-social
manner, by causing harassment, alarm, distress or annoyance to
members of the public and you have been warned by the police about
your behaviour, they may seize your vehicle.
Information for people
selling these vehicles
If you are selling these vehicles, either
from a shop or over the internet,
you should make sure that whoever
is buying the vehicle knows the
restrictions that are in place relating to
their use.
Any description you make about mini
motos, miniature motorbikes and
motorised scooters must be accurate.
If you are in trade and this description
isn’t accurate, you could be committing
an offence under the Trades
Descriptions Act 1968.
For more information contact:
Derbyshire County Council, Trading
Standards Service, Chatsworth Hall,
Chesterfield Road, Matlock,
Derbyshire, DE4 3FW
Tel: 08454 040506
Fax: 01629 585917
[email protected]
Petrol Don’t forget, petrol must
not be supplied to anyone under
the age of 16
If your land is
being used by
riders of off-road
If your land is being used by people
riding motor scooters, mini motos
etc, you must be aware that if
anyone, whether a rider,
passenger or passer by, is
injured as a result of this
activity then you may face
legal action.
This could happen if you
have not given permission for
the use of these vehicles on your
land and have not taken reasonable
steps to stop your land being used for
this purpose.
Safe & legal motorcycling
If you have a motorcycle or off-road
motorbike you must have:
• A driving licence. You can’t learn
on a motorcycle over 125cc until
you pass your test (unless you are
on a Direct Access course and are
aged at least 21)
• Insurance is required whether
your are riding or even pushing your
• Test certificate, if your bike is over
three years old
• Tax and registration
Your bike must also be street legal - in
other words, everything on it needs to
work properly. This applies if the vehicle is
being ridden or pushed.
You can only use your motorcycle offroad with the direct permission of the
Remember, if you are riding any
motorised bike or scooter illegally the
police can:
• Seize it
• Scrap it
• And fine you
If you are a member of the public
and are concerned about this
There are a number of things you
can do if you are affected by people
using the vehicles illegally. Maybe
they are behaving anti-socially,
making too much noise or even
putting people’s lives at risk through
dangerous driving:
• Write down the date, time and
location of the activity
• See if you can make a note of
what type of vehicle it is, the
make and the colour
Identify who the culprits are and
what they were wearing, if you
can - if you know who owns the
vehicle, even better
• If it is safe to do so, try to take a
photo or video recording
Then ring the police on
Or, if you want to remain
anonymous, you can call
Crimstoppers free of charge on
0800 555 111.
This sort of behaviour is
unacceptable, so make sure
you help the police and other
criminal justice agencies fight
the problem.
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