Issue 91 November 2014, Pages 1-4


Issue 91 November 2014, Pages 1-4
Redlands Review
‘Learning creatively with pride’
5th December 2014, Issue 92
Year 6 have been busy climbing trees, trekking through
mud and building dens on their residential week away at
There were plenty of opportunities to try new things with
activities like archery, campfire craft and print making. The
children also spent time exploring forests and farms, going
on night walks and getting pretty muddy! It was a great
You can see more amazing photos from this trip at https://
Sapphire Sharing Assembly
Sapphire class performed a show about
Ancient Egypt on Thursday 20th November.
It taught everyone about some of the
famous Pharaohs and their gods. The
assembly was a hit
and had lots of
Yusuf, Sapphire
Eco Action Group’s Coffee Morning
The Eco Action Group ran a fairtrade
themed coffee morning for parents. This
was to persuade everyone to buy
fairtrade products. Well Done Team Eco!
Reminder: School Closes at 1.45 p.m. on the 19th December and re-opens on 6th
January 2015. There will be no after-school clubs on this day. We wish everyone
an enjoyable holiday and look forward to seeing you all back in January 2015!
Music/ Singing Concerts
All parents welcome
Monday 15th December 3pm: Years
4,5 and 6
Tuesday 16th December 9.20am:
Reception and Nursery
Wednesday 17th December 3pm:
Years 1,2 and 3
Tennis Tournament
Last week we were lucky enough to visit
the NEC Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis
Centre at the Queen Elizabeth Park. We
firstly watched a tennis match between
Andy Lapthorne and Lucas Sithole.
Andy, who was a silver medallist at the
London Olympics, signed and gave us his
match ball. After this amazing morning,
we were given the chance to have a go.
Stepney Partnership Paralympics
We had lots of different activities to try
The Stepney Partnership has organised and Yasin even had a chance to play
a series of Paralympic sport events over against a professional tennis player!
Some of us have been really inspired by
the course of this academic year and
what we saw and cannot wait to pick up a
four children
tennis racket again.
from Redlands
have been
chosen to
The first event, WRS, was held at Halley
school on Thursday 27th November and
hosted by ex-Gladiator Weininger. It was
a really exciting morning and the children
are already
forward to
taking part in
the next event
in January at
Ben Jonson
Scarlet Class
Christmas Jumper Day
On Friday 12th December, come to
school wearing a Christmas decorated
jumper to raise money for Save the
Children Fund.
Please donate 50p per
How imaginative can you
be in decorating an old

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