Installation Instructions


Installation Instructions
VTEC Conversion Kit
BWVC-0100 / 0115
Parts Included: (1) VTEC Sandwich Fitting (1) -6AN Fitting
(1) -6AN Braided Stainless Oil Line (2) Dowels
(1) 1/8” NPT plug (1) Cometic Gasket in either or 84mm size
Tools Needed: 8mm hex key, 1/8” NPT tap
1) Locate the plug on the right side of the cylinder head. Use an
8mm hex key to remove the plug
2) Insert the threaded double ended -6AN fitting into the hole
that the plug was removed from. Be sure to use Teflon tape
(not supplied) on the threads before inserting to prevent
3) Next locate the oil feed hole on the underside of the head.
Using a 1/8” NPT size tap begin to tap the hole ensuring that
the threads go far enough into the head to allow the hex set
screw to sit just below the surface of the head. Install the hex
set screw after applying Teflon tape to the threads.
4) Next install the two dowel pins onto the transmission side of
the block along with the Cometic gasket.
5) Now install the oil sandwich fitting onto the block using the
threaded sandwich inner sleeve, threading the inner sleeve
onto the stock oil filter mounting threads. Ensure that the oil
sandwich fitting is placed with o-ring facing the block. Note
the optional oil feed port on the sandwich fitting for turbo
applications, can be blocked off using supplied set screw.
6) Next install the double ended threaded oil line fitting into the
large opening of the oil filter sandwich fitting.
7) Install the stainless braided oil line to both the fitting
installed in step 2 and step 5. Install oil filter, kit is complete.
*Note: Kit is supplied with optional fittings for turbo feed lines
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