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Whether you’re looking for game day communication or a revolutionary
practice system, your CoachComm Solutions Expert can custom tailor a
system for your program. CoachComm also offers unparalleled service
and support to back you up. Put your name on the list of top teams that
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What coaches are saying about Tempo:
“Implementing the CoachComm Tempo system into our everyday routine has allowed us to run our
fast pace system without missing a beat. Our athletes enjoy the music, and as a staff we are able to
work game management situations. It has added an element to our preparation that has never been
available until now.”
Mike Gundy, HFC - Oklahoma State University
“Thanks to CoachComm, Tempo will definitely make our practice more efficient and run a bit
more smoothly.”
Billy Kirelawich, Assistant Director, Football Operations – University of Arizona
“It really helps the attitude at practice, the tempo at practice and keeps a little get up in your step
and makes it more fun, too. The energy level it brings and that our coaches bring has a lot to do
with our success.”
Mark Hudspeth, HFC - University of Louisiana – Lafayette
Visit our website http://www.coachcomm.com/product/tempo/summary
to learn how coaches are using our system and see what they have to say.
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CoachComm revolutionized practice for
teams like Oregon, Auburn, Mississippi State and
many others who understand the importance of
controlling practice and motivating young athletes.
Student-athletes today have grown up with modern
technology, and it takes more to motivate and
engage them. Championship teams aren’t built by
practicing in the dark ages. Efficient practice time is
essential to winning.
Tempo is an innovative practice management
system designed to provide total control over
practice through time management, motivation, and
coordination tools. From anywhere on the field,
Tempo provides control of practice scripts, music,
sounds, communication, and the management of
play clocks. Tempo is an easy and powerful tool for
teams seeking a competitive edge. Prepare your
team and get the winning advantage with Tempo.
Tempo is TOTAL CONTROL over Practice
Get Ready To
Your Practice
Total Control Over Practice
Increase energy level and attitude with music
during practice warm-ups and drills
• Use the touch screen or Remote & Beltpack to control all functions from anywhere on the field
• Drive the pace of practice by keeping it moving and on schedule
• Use your own music and sounds
• Easily add time, stop music, play noise, and announce instructions
Typical Tempo Field Configuration
Touch Screen
Control Unit
Simulate game day high noise environments
with professional quality sound
Control Tempo from ANYWHERE on the field
with the Commando-T Remote
and Tempest® FX BeltPack
Streamline practice with a controlled and
coordinated practice plan and fewer resources
Rugged and durable mobile system can easily
be towed to your practice location indoors or
Tempest® BeltPack
25/40 Play Clock
Speaker Unit
Practice Segment Clock
Commando-T Remote
Super Powerful Sound
Effective Communication and Control
Improve Practice Efficiencies
• Motivate and energize your players
• Simulate loud and hostile game day environments
• Great for locker rooms, practice, game day, and camps
•Integrated with CoachComm’s Tempest FX headset system
• Stay in constant communication from anywhere on the field
• Call out and engage your players with voice announce
• Use lightweight headsets or your game day headsets
• Streamline staff and tasks through coordinated communication
• Integrated Clock Management keeps practice on schedule
• Customize your clocks to replicate specific game day situations
25/40 second model available
Practice segment timer option
Clocks are wireless, battery-operated, and mobile
Control multiple clocks across multiple fields