3rd grade Worksheet


3rd grade Worksheet
3rd grade
Fourth Quarter Listening Project
Homeroom Teacher_________________________
By Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov
Directions: Go to “Quarterly Listening Project” on Mrs. Gaston’s ACA webpage to complete this
assignment. You may turn in your project any time before the due date. This project is due on or
before Friday, May 1st (+10 extra credit if turned in by April 17th). Turn it in to Mrs. Gaston, another
specials teacher, or the music projects drawer in the art room. It is 10% of your grade for the quarter.
Section I. Music (25 points)
Listen to the 3rd grade music link on the webpage, then answer all of the questions in the boxes below.
Remember that there is a link to a list of music terms and definitions on the webpage.
1. Circle one:
same tempo different tempos
2. Circle all that you hear (more
than one is okay if you hear it):
moderato rallentando
3. Circle all that you hear (more
than one is okay if you hear it):
mezzo forte
sudden changes
5. After the two flutes play, the violin has a solo. The tempo here is unsteady so
the music can be very emotional and dramatic. What tempo marking (in the tempo
box above) means “changing freely for expression?” _____________
6. Fill in the blanks as instructed: This music sounds ____________________
and Voices:
4. Circle all that
you hear:
Female singer(s)
Male singer(s)
(emotion word)
because I hear _____________________ playing ___________________________.
(name an instrument or group)
(name a tempo and/or dynamic)
Section II. Composer (25 points total)
Use the biography link on Mrs. Gaston’s webpage, and read the biography for the composer.
Composer’s full name: _____________________________________________
Year of birth: ________ Year of death: ________ Composer’s nationality: _______________________
1. When Rimsky-Korsakov was a child his parents wanted him to learn to play the piano, but he didn’t
want to do that. He wanted to be a ________________ instead.
2. Even though he didn’t want to take piano lessons, in his free time he liked to ___________________.
3. What two things did he continue to study after he entered Naval school?
4. Rimsky-Korsakov was a member of a group of ___________________ called the “Russian Five.”
(Don’t forget Section III on the back)
Section III. Music & Art (25 points total)
This piece of music is a tone poem, which is a type of music that tries to tell a story or paint a picture through
sound. This section of the piece is describing two characters from “Arabian Nights,” where we get the story of
Aladdin. One of the characters is an evil Sultan (Arabic ruler) named Schahryar, who is described through the loud
brass and strings at the beginning. The other character is his wife, Scheherazade, who is described through the
violin solo. Illustrate the two characters. (You can read about them using a link on the listening project webpage).
Ask yourself these questions before drawing, you will be graded on these aspects:
♫ What does each character look like? What do the sounds tell me about each character’s shape, strength,
expression, and features?
♫ What should each character be doing in the illustration? Is the character’s theme active or at rest?
♫ What colors do I choose to reflect the sounds I hear in the music?
♫ What should be in the background? Where is the character? The boxes should be completely colored in
with no paper showing through.
IMPORTANT last item! (15 points)
Explain two choices you made from the questions above your drawing. Use complete sentences. Each answer
must explain one of your art choices and what you heard in the music that inspired the choice. Read the example
to see how to form your sentences, but do not copy it as one of your answers.
Example: I chose the color blue because I heard soft dynamics.
2. ___________________________________________________________________________________