Rural AmeriTowne


Rural AmeriTowne
Rural AmeriTowne
A free enterprise program for rural 5th-8th graders
As producers and consumers, students quickly recognize that every
economic decision they make affects their personal and business
finances. This true-to-life experience leaves them with a remarkable
understanding of how a healthy economy functions.
Rural AmeriTowne is a very special program that helps us get more prepared
for life, and lets us see what the world is like when we grow up.
Money Smarts for Kids. Money Skills for Life.
32415 Highway 34
- Paige, Rural AmeriTowne student
P.O. Box 312
Wray, Colorado 80758
tel: 970-332-3150
For More Information: Visit or call 970-332-3150.
During the culminating event, students put into practice what they have learned
at the Rural AmeriTowne facility in Wray, Colorado, where they run a
life-like town of 10 businesses for a day.
fax: 970-332-3201
The program begins with a series of interactive lessons taught by teachers in
the classroom. Through fun, engaging activities, students learn important
economic concepts such as supply and demand, budgeting, business ethics,
banking, government workings, philanthropy, and more. They elect a Mayor
and Judge, vote on town laws, and apply and interview for jobs.
hat happens when you take the award-winning Young AmeriTowne
program to the rural plains of Eastern Colorado? You get Rural
AmeriTowne, a free enterprise program designed specifically for 5th8th graders in rural areas. The program teaches students all about our economic
system in a fun and relevant way and with a focus on economics in rural settings.