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better together!
Our Values
We believe
that all people have strengths
that can be built upon.
We meet
people where they are,
emotionally and physically.
We recognize
and respect diversity and
believe every family matters.
And together, we do great things.
dear friends,
“It was the best of times,
it was…” actually a
remarkable year:
• we began 2010 as Family & Children’s
Service and ended as The Family
• we began with two new programs and
a significant program expansion and
ended with a great merger partner
(achieving 71% growth).
We chose our new name because it
reflects our core mission (to strengthen
families and their ability to raise healthy,
happy children) and values (we work with
families and communities to solve
problems). The branding process helped
us to identify our focus: counseling,
education, and advocacy. And in 2010, we
raised the bar in each of these areas.
In counseling, we continued to deepen our
work in early childhood mental health
through our partnerships with PICA Head
Start, schools, and homeless shelters. In
addition, we added Multisystemic Therapy,
an intensive home-based treatment for
troubled youth and their families. The
Diversity Social Work Advancement
Program brought nine graduate interns
from all over the world and has increased
our cultural competency, as we have
contributed to the field as a whole.
In education, we revamped our school
success programs to adapt to the
changing funding environment, while
continuing to build our expertise in best
practices for
out-of-school programming. We were
called upon to expand our Teen Outreach
Program, with its impressive track record
of teen pregnancy prevention and positive
youth development. And, the merger with
Reuben Lindh Family Services has
broadened our education portfolio with
therapeutic preschools to help our most
at-risk children get ready for kindergarten.
What a Year!
Our advocacy efforts continue, despite a
funding climate that is increasingly
indifferent to community organizing and
civic engagement. We still have a national
reputation as a human service organization
with a long-standing commitment of
helping poor people find and use their
voice at the civic table. Working together
with other groups, The Family Partnership is
leading the effort on Safe Harbor legislation
to treat Minnesota children exploited in
prostitution as children in need of
protection — not as criminals.
An underlying theme in all these examples
is partnership. Every one of the efforts
mentioned has multiple partners: schools,
community organizations, funders.
And partnership does not stop at our
doors. Throughout our organization,
staff, volunteers, and board work together
to make sure all our precious resources
are devoted to our mission: building
strong families, vital communities, and
capable children.
Thank you for your partnership,
We served 20,000 people.
• Over 4,000 received counseling services
Cathy Polasky
Board Chair (6/2009 – 6/2011)
• The boards of The Family Partnership
and Reuben Lindh Family Services
completed a thoughtfully considered
and professionally facilitated process
that resulted in a merger effective
January 1, 2011.
• More than 5,900 benefitted from our
educational programs
• Over 10,000 engaged in our
advocacy efforts
Molly Greenman
President and CEO
We moved forward to merge.
We changed our name.
• Our board of directors voted
unanimously to change our name to
The Family Partnership, effective
September 1, 2010.
• Thanks to Barrie D’Rozario Murphy for
their pro bono help creating our new
brand identity and donating $65,000
worth of radio advertising to increase the
awareness of The Family Partnership.
We were successfully
• Reaccreditation involves close study over
many months by peer reviewers of the
national Council on Accreditation (COA)
which attests that we are performing
services that the community needs,
conducting our operations successfully,
and managing funds effectively.
We involved 1,606
• These volunteers contributed 11,817
hours of service valued at $252,411 by
the Independent Sector’s 2010
estimated wage for volunteer time.
We remove financial barriers by
offering one of the lowest sliding fee
scales in the region, and providing
free mental health services for
uninsured children through a county
grant. We have been approved by
nearly all insurance providers, public
and private. Counseling is provided
at our offices located throughout
the metro, as well as in schools,
churches, prisons, homeless
shelters, food shelves and
transitional housing complexes.
• As the first of its kind in Minnesota, our Diversity Social Work
Healing From Trauma
Ten-year-old Jesús led a normal life until he witnessed two acts of
violence. First, he was an innocent bystander in a drive-by shooting. His
family was returning home when shots rang out. His dad hurried to get his
wife and children on the floor of their car, where they stayed until police
arrived. A few weeks later, Jesús saw his friend’s parents fighting. It
was a violent scene and the police were called again. Jesús was
traumatized. He would cry when he heard sirens, was afraid
to leave the house and wouldn’t go to the bathroom by
himself. He started lashing out at his siblings. Desperate,
his family brought Jesús to The Family Partnership, where
our therapist worked with him and his family to heal from
the trauma. His parents can’t thank us enough for bringing
joy back to their lives.
Watch His Story at
Advancement Program recruited racially and ethnically diverse
second-year Master of Social Work (MSW) students for clinical
internships to complete graduate school and recent MSW graduates to
help them obtain licensure. Funded by the Minnesota Department of
Human Services Adult Mental Health Services, the program is increasing
the number of immigrant, refugee and minority mental health
professionals and expanding our language and cultural competency in
mental health counseling.
• Multisystemic Therapy (MST) is an intensive family- and community-
based treatment program that works with the toughest offenders
between the ages of 12 and 17. MST brought 9 new staff members to
work with small caseloads, typically for 3-5 months. Our therapists are
available for the families 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. Funded for
three years by Hennepin County, MST is breaking the cycle of criminal
behavior by keeping teens at home, in school, and out of jail.
• We continued our CARES (Coaching, Advising, and Responding to
Educators and Students) team initiative, a model of mental health
collaboration. The goal of the CARES team is to prevent children from
developing serious mental health issues by providing evidence-based
mental health strategies using the Incredible Years curriculum in
conjunction with coaching of teachers and parents. The CARES team
served more than 450 children last year.
Our diverse and multi-lingual
nationally accredited early
childhood programs prepare
children for kindergarten
success and beyond. Our
staff also provide coaching for
older children and teens to
help them reach their goals,
and provide home visits to
help parents resolve issues
and support their children’s
success in school. In our
after-school and summer
programming, students
expand their learning through
music, arts, recreation, and
volunteer activities.
It’s not business as usual
We’re teaching kids to run their own businesses, and
do you know what? They’re good at it! The Selby
Avenue Youth Business Club is one of our out-ofschool-time groups for kids ages 9-16. Members
meet two Saturdays per month at Golden Thyme
Coffee Café to discover their passions, meet with
local entrepreneurs, turn their ideas into reality, and
generate income in the process. As Rachel said, "I'm
enjoying it! It's teaching me how to run a business
and be an employer, not just an employee.” Rachel
began with a lemonade stand and now
has several other business ventures.
This is very exciting work, not only for the kids,
but also for the collaborating organizations, which
are Golden Thyme Coffee Café, Selby Area
Community Development Corporation, University
of St. Thomas and The Family Partnership.
• Our model, The Family Project, is fueling the movement for authentic
parent involvement and leadership to close the achievement gap.
The Family Project engaged 3,604 parents and children in 2010,
representing low-income, immigrant, and ethnically diverse families.
We taught hundreds of parents and school staff our parent engagement
model. Now, these new leaders are using what they learned to help
children succeed. We’ve seen the reading achievement of young
children who are behind advance quickly when their parents use
The Family Project strategies.
• Prosperity Heights Elementary School in St. Paul is 34% Asian, 23% Black,
22% Hispanic, 21% white, with 78% of the children receiving free or
reduced lunch. The school asked for our help to get Latino parents and
school staff to work together to expand bilingual children’s literacy
readiness and language skills. This initiative included Roots and Buds
(Raices y Brotesa), a curriculum we designed based on input from
Latino parents and staff at the school. Both parents and teachers
reported positive results in children’s abilities and skills.
• Our Teen Outreach Program (TOP) is an evidence-based, nationally
recognized youth development program aimed at preventing teen
pregnancy and other risk behaviors such as dropping out and drug/
alcohol use. During 2010, our staff provided this nine-month curriculum
to 705 teens in middle schools and high schools where youth are at
heightened risk for these behaviors. Thanks to a new five-year federal
grant through Hennepin County, we will be expanding TOP to include
many new schools and classrooms in Minneapolis, Richfield, and Hopkins.
Our advocacy work supports people
to address issues that affect their
families and communities. We offer
direct services and advocacy for
victims of sexual exploitation,
trafficking, and abuse; prevention
organizing to combat domestic
violence; and community organizing
that connects families with their
neighbors to improve neighborhoods
and reform public policy.
• We were instrumental in forming the Native
The “A” Team
Meet the “A” Team: Jeff Bauer, Amina Saleh and Maria Zavala.
These three comprise our Advocacy team. But the “A” also signifies the
incredible Asset they are, racking up Achievements and managing to
Accomplish more with less resources. They may be small in number,
but they’re big when it comes to organizing community members to
make change happen. Here’s an Abbreviated list of the ways they
Affect our communities:
• Recruited and organized 2,300+ people for our Action committees
on youth violence, immigrant issues, equitable employment, and
tenants’ housing issues.
• Filled legislative hearings with Authentic community
members to testify on family-related policies.
• Conducted trainings on Neighborhood Safety, Gang
Awareness, and Tenants’ Issues for hundreds of residents,
parents, and youth.
• Organized residents to disseminate information to 20,000
Latino households.
American-Somali Friendship Committee to
address inter-racial strife between Somali and
Native American residents of South Minneapolis.
This unique effort was Awarded recognition by the
Bush Foundation’s InCommons as one of the top
three civic projects in Minnesota.
• Our “A” Team played a leading a role in the HIRE
Minnesota Coalition, mobilizing low-income
families to advocate with policy makers to ensure
stimulus funding and job programs reach the
low-income communities intended, and that
government agencies remain accountable
for results.
• We hosted a national Civic Engagement
Training Institute in partnership with the
Alliance for Children and Families and United
Neighborhood Centers of America. Participants
learned from our staff and other national experts
about how to bring communities together across
political, racial, and economic divides to define
common problems and find new solutions.
we are better together!
Without our incredible volunteers, we would not have been able
to help 20,000 people this past year. Our 1,606 volunteers
contributed 11,817 hours of service. Using Independent
Sector’s 2010 estimated wage, our volunteers gave time
valued at $252,411. We had 45 interns working in nearly
every program area. Thanks to our Board of Directors
and all of our volunteers for helping our community’s
most vulnerable children and families.
2010 Corporate Volunteer Groups
American Family Mutual
Insurance Company
Ameriprise Financial
Banana Republic
Best & Flanagan
Best Buy
Empi, a division of DJO
Factory Motor Parts
FM Global
Foley & Mansfield
General Mills
Highland Bank
Highland Ridge Apartments
Land O’Lakes
M&I Bank
MEDRAD Interventional
Office Max
SFM-The Work Comp Experts
Thomson Reuters
The Toro Company
Walling, Berg & Debele
Wells Fargo
Zachry Engineering
Engineering Great
2010 saw many companies step
forward and volunteer when
needed. One of those groups was
Zachry Engineering and their
employees. The Minneapolis
office of this Texas-based
company repeatedly came to the
rescue, donating hundreds of
dollars worth of food and making
healthy snack bags for children in
our programs. The children (and
their parents) appreciated these
nutritious snack bags, with most
saying they couldn’t afford to
buy these snacks.
Growing Together
2010 Board of Directors
Employees from The Toro Company
volunteered their landscaping knowledge
and skills to beautify our Brooklyn Park
office. Toro also donated the plants!
Board Officers
Cathy Polasky, Chair
Denise D'Rozario, Vice Chair
Margie DuPuis, Secretary
LeRoy E. Martin, Treasurer and Past Chair
Jeffrey M. Shapiro, Assistant Treasurer
Molly Greenman, President and CEO
Cliff Anderson
Christine Arrell
Thomas I. Barnes*
Bonnie Blodgett
David C. Brackett, Sr.
Michael E. Healy
Meredith Howell
Kevin Kelly*
Bruce A. Lilly
Michele L. Martin
Ken Middlebrooks
Kati Mohammad-Zadeh
Clint Morrison
Nancy A. Nelson
John A. Randolph
Ingrid Roberts
Jonathan Secrest
Julie L. Sprau*
Geraldine M. Steen
Julie Steiner
Camilla Sweeney
Amy Vargo*
Marcus R. Waterbury
Stephanie Zugschwert
Life Members
Charles E. Brown
Orem O. Robbins
David Sanders
*Term ended in 2010
Northwest Hennepin
Advisory Council
The Council provides guidance to The Family
Partnership by identifying community needs and
making program recommendations.
Susan Blood
Michael Elliott
Jason Heilman
Tanya Hilger
Byron Laher
Sara Laviolette
Robin Martinson
Pat Milton
Cynthia Muna
Jon Wetternach
thank you donors
Walter D. Boutell Fund of
The Minneapolis Foundation
The Family Partnership appreciates the generosity of donors who help sustain our work. We would like to acknowledge the following donors whose gifts
were received from January 1, 2010 through December 31, 2010. Champions Society members pledge a minimum of $1,000 a year for five years. If you
have contributed within this time frame and your name does not appear below, please accept our apologies for the inadvertent omission and call our
Development Office at 612-341-1612.
Champions Society
Champions for Neighborhoods
Judy W. Dayton
Toby & Mae Dayton
Paul & Margot Grangaard
Lucy R. Jones
R.C. Lilly Foundation
• Bruce A. Lilly*
Stone Pier Foundation
• Robert & Joan Dayton
• James & Megan Dayton
• Scott & Ann Dayton
• Toby & Mae Dayton
The Winston R. & Maxine H. Wallin
Fund of The Saint Paul
• Bradford & Cynthia Wallin
Champions for Families
Scott F. Clugston
David C.* & Dianne Brackett
Lucy & Bob Mitchell
Jeffrey M.* & Nanci Shapiro
Champions for Children
Stuart & Ann Ackman
Anita Kunin Fund of
The Minneapolis Foundation
• Myron & Anita Kunin
Annelie Bergerson
Stanley & Sharon Birnbaum
*Board Member during 2010
William & Teri Block
Cameron & Bonnie* Blodgett
James & Megan Dayton
Scott & Ann Dayton
Mesha Davis
Al & Denise Dittrich
Linda Donaldson
Margie DuPuis*
Stuart & Denise* D'Rozario
Fred & Marie Friswold
Molly Greenman* & Michael Kehoe
Michael E. Healy* & Jessica Klein
Elizabeth Hlavka
Dick & Meredith* Howell
Alvin J. & Ruth Huss
Kathleen Jones
Kevin* & Jenny Kelly
Karin Klarer
Bill & Sally Kling
Michael Israel & Laura Beth Landy
William & Megyn Lansing
Janet Leslie
Georgia Lindeke
LeRoy E.* & Gayle Martin
Margery Martin & Dan Feidt
Michele* & Bob Martin
Mary W. Vaughan Fund of
The Minneapolis Foundation
• Mary W. Vaughan
Pierce & Debbie McNally
Kati Mohammad-Zadeh* &
Paul Bieganski
John P. & Gail Moore
Clint H.* & Mary Morrison
Ann Murray
Russ & Nancy* Nelson
Bart & Kandi Osborn
Brian & Julie Palmer
David & Susan Plimpton
Cathy Polasky* & Ave Nelson
John A.* & Anne Randolph
Robert & Beth Reinhart
Lewis & Connie Remele, Jr.
Elizabeth Ringer
Orem O. Robbins* &
Annette Scherer-Robbins†
Hugh & Ingrid* Roberts
Winthrop & Barbara Rockwell
Michael D. Rose
Gordon & Maureen Rudd
David* & Mimi Sanders
Robert & Connie Schmitz
Jonathan* & Deborah Secrest
Erik & Leia Skie
Diane Slayton
Phil & Margie Soran
Julie L. Sprau*
Geraldine M.* & John Steen
Irene Steiner†
Rick Sterling
Eric C. Stull† & Kyoko Katayama
Cammie Sweeney*
Rolf & Nancy Ulvestad
Paul & Amy* Vargo
David & Ruth Waterbury
Marcus R. Waterbury* &
Jacqueline White
Thomas & Martha Whelan
($10,000 +)
Businesses, Corporations,
Federated Campaigns, Foundation
& Religious Institutions
Alliance for Children & Families
Athwin Foundation
Bank of America
Charitable Foundation
Blue Cross & Blue Shield of MN
The Cargill Foundation
Carl & Eloise Pohlad
Family Foundation
Herb Block Foundation
The McKnight Foundation
Medica Foundation
The Medtronic Foundation
Ms. Foundation for Women
Pan African Community
Endowment of The Saint Paul
Patrick & Aimee Butler
Family Foundation
R. C. Lilly Foundation
• Bruce A. Lilly*
The Saint Paul Foundation
Sawmill Trust Company
The Sheltering Arms Foundation
Stone Pier Foundation
• Robert & Joan Dayton
• James & Megan Dayton
• Scott & Ann Dayton
• Toby & Mae Dayton
The Jay & Rose Phillips
Family Foundation of MN
Thrivent Financial for Lutherans
The Winston R. & Maxine H. Wallin
Fund of The Saint Paul
• Bradford & Cynthia Wallin
Weyerhaeuser Family
Foundation, Inc.
Bruce & Ruth Dayton
Lucy R. Jones
David* & Mimi Sanders
Irene Steiner†
RBC Foundation - USA
River Road Foundation
• Bruce A. Lilly*
The Pentair Foundation,
on Behalf of Hoffman
Anonymous Donor (1)
David C.* & Dianne Brackett
Scott F. Clugston
Toby & Mae Dayton
Lucy & Bob Mitchell
($2,500 - $4,999)
($5,000 - $9,999)
Businesses, Corporations,
Federated Campaigns, Foundation
& Religious Institutions
Businesses, Corporations,
Federated Campaigns, Foundation
& Religious Institutions
Archie D. & Bertha H. Walker
Great River Energy
Honeywell – Hometown Solutions
Leah Kayless Ingber
Designated Fund of the Jewish
Community Foundation
Lucy Rosenberry Jones
Charitable Trust
Park Nicollet Foundation
The Ripley Memorial Foundation
Fund of the Women’s
Foundation of Minnesota
Stull Family Foundation
• Eric C. Stull† & Kyoko Katayama
ADC Foundation
• Jonathan* & Deborah Secrest
Church of St. Edward of
Dolan Family Fund of
The Minneapolis Foundation
• William Dolan
• Mary Dolan
Morgan Stanley Foundation
• Marcus R. Waterbury*
Santa Anonymous
Kids Camp Fund of
The Minneapolis Foundation
Brian & Julie Palmer
Jeffrey M.* & Nanci Shapiro
Julie L. Sprau*
Julie Steiner*
Executives ($1,000
- $2,499)
Businesses, Corporations,
Federated Campaigns, Foundation
& Religious Institutions
Allen Edmonds
American Foundation
Anita Kunin Fund of
The Minneapolis Foundation
Coleman, Douglas & Sands Fund of
The Minneapolis Foundation
The Dorsey & Whitney Foundation
E.B. Osborn Charitable Trust
E. Theodore & Lois M. Thompson
Family Fund of The Saint Paul
• Rolf & Nancy Ulvestad
Faribault Foods
Minnesota Community Foundation
Polly Brown Grose Fund of
The Minneapolis Foundation
• Polly Grose
Rodman Foundation
Surdna Foundation
Target Financial Systems
The Jackley Family Fund of the
Minnesota Community
• Julie Steiner*
E. Theodore & Lois M. Thompson
Family Fund of The Saint Paul
Trustees of the Gavia Trust
Elizabeth Andrus
Bill Ankeny
Annelie Bergerson
William & Teri Block
Cameron & Bonnie* Blodgett
Arland & Sharon Brusven
Mesha Davis
Mary Lee Dayton
James & Megan Dayton
Stuart & Denise* D'Rozario
Margie DuPuis*
Fred & Marie Friswold
Barbara Greenman Lane
Molly Greenman* & Michael Kehoe
Elizabeth Hlavka
Dick & Meredith* Howell
Hadlai & Anne Hull
Frank & Kathleen Jewett
Kathleen Jones
Kevin* & Jenny Kelly
Michael Israel & Laura Beth Landy
Janet Leslie
John & Sarah Lindahl
Georgia Lindeke
LeRoy E.* & Gayle Martin
Margery Martin & Dan Feidt
Michele* & Bob Martin
Kati Mohammad-Zadeh* &
Paul Bieganski
John P. & Gail Moore
Bart & Kandi Osborn
Cindy & Gregory Page
David & Susan Plimpton
Robert & Beth Reinhart
Orem O. Robbins* &
Annette Scherer-Robbins†
Henry Roberts
Hugh & Ingrid* Roberts
Terry & Henry Roberts
Winthrop & Barbara Rockwell
Michael D. Rose
Robert & Connie Schmitz
Jonathan* & Deborah Secrest
Erik & Leia Skie
Phil & Margie Soran
Rick Sterling
Cammie Sweeney*
Paul & Amy* Vargo
David & Ruth Waterbury
Marcus R. Waterbury* &
Jacqueline White
Thomas & Martha Whelan
Angus & Margaret Wurtele
($500 - $999)
Businesses, Corporations,
Federated Campaigns, Foundation
& Religious Institutions
Best & Flanagan
• Cathy Gorlin
FM Global
Fred & Liz Weiner Fund
Head Foundation
Lindquist & Vennum, PLLP
Longview Foundation
Mary W. Vaughan Fund of
The Minneapolis Foundation
• Mary W. Vaughan
National Concierge Association
Ritz Family Foundation
Roycraft Foundation
St. Bonaventure
Catholic Community
Target Foundation &
Store Grants Program
The Atwater Hannaford Fund of
Schwab Charitable Fund
• Betsy & Jule Hannaford
United Health Group
Whitney Foundation
Stuart & Ann Ackman
Cliff* & Ginny Anderson
Anonymous Donor (1)
Bob & Kris Barrie
John Barsanti
B.J. & Joanne Case
Caroline Dayton
Edward & Sherry Ann Dayton
David Dillon
Sandy Donaldson
Pat & Christee Donovan
Bradley & Arlene Forrest
Ned Foster & Laura Tiffany
Kelly Gage
Katherine Harter &
David Hepenstal
Jeremy & Tricia Hedberg
Ron & Anne Hoffman
Ann Marie Hogan
Chris & Jessica Holm
Thomas & Libby Horner
Bruce & Carolyn Leslie
Mary Lou Magnuson
Arthur & Sandra Matas
John & Pam McGinley
Rosalind Miller
Sheila Morgan
Jean Morrison
Bruce & Paulette Odegaard
Troy & Jeannice Reding
Pam & Mike Sime
Harold & Sharon Slawik
Amy Steiner
Barbara Steiner
John Till
Dan & Judy Titcomb
Susan & Sean Truman
Penny Winton
($100 - $499)
Businesses, Corporations,
Federated Campaigns, Foundation
& Religious Institutions
Benjamin W. Stephenson Fund of
The Minneapolis Foundation
Blue Cross Blue Shield
Blue Cross/Blue Shield of MN
• Anonymous
Dignity Twin Cities
Emily Anne Staples Tuttle Fund of
the Minnesota Community
• Emily Anne Tuttle
Harriet & Edson Spencer
• Edson W. & Harriet Spencer
John Kohring Consulting
Meadowood Foundation
Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving
The Crosby Group
The John Larsen Foundation
The Paul Marshall Fund of
The Saint Paul Foundation
• Sarah Marshall
Thomson Reuters
Wells Fargo Community
Support Campaign
Zachry Engineering
Russell Adams
Nancy Albrecht
Rebecca Anderson
Victor & Marianne Anderson
Julie Andrus
Anonymous Donor (4)
Ted & Ruth Arneson
Christine Arrell* & Jon Brusven
Robert Arrell
Tracy Babler
Anne Baker
Virginia Baker
Dick & Debbie Bancroft
Cathy & Patrick Bauer
Janet Berry
Lee Mitau & Karin Birkeland
Christine & Michael Boberg
Will & Margee Bracken
Daniel G. Brick
Phil & Pam Broat
Marc & Cathy Brown
Stacy Brown
William Brown
John & Cindy Bultena
Tom & Georgia Burton
Susan Carlson
The Carlson-Carmody Family
Mary Lou J. Carpenter
Thomas & Anne Carrier
Amanda Carter
John & Patricia Case
Lynn Casey
Kathy Cheesebrough
Deborah Clemmensen
Janet Collins
Lucia Crane
Margaret Cronin
Thomas & Ellie Crosby, Jr.
Ted & Carol Cushmore
Jennifer & Pascal Dalseth
Laura Davis
Thomas & Bobbi Davis
Steve & Susan Demorlis
Tara & Sundeep Dev
Joe & Genie Dixon
Mary Dobish
Kate & Douglas Donaldson
Beth Dooley
Ernie & Mary Dorn
Charles & Cynthia Driscoll
James Dunn
Steven & Barbara Erdahl
Mary Evans
Dawn & Jeff Felt
Sarah Fesler
John & Connie Ficklin
Polly Franchot
Jan Gerstenberger
Rick & Lisa Gibson
Jane Ginsberg
Jodie & Steve Grady
Emma Greenman
John & Virginia Greenman
Robert & Jill Greenman
Tom & Catherine Gump
Lisa Guthmiller
Jon & Alyssa Hammar
Christine Hammes
Philip & Margaret Harder
Mark Harrison
Jim Hartfiel
William & Helen Hartfiel
Amy Hartman
Susan Hasti
Van & Liz Hawn
Roger Heegard
Douglas & Paula Hemer
Peter & Carolyn Hendrixson
Larry & Emmie Hester
Clint & Mary Hewitt
Joan Higinbotham
George Rickey & Vicky Hill-Rickey
Nancy Hite
Kent & Judy Hodder
Charlotte & Clay Hoes
Stephen Hollick
Marge Hols
Steve & Penny Hornig
James & Ann Howard
Louise Huff
Greer & Scott Hussey
John & Dorothy Ingersoll
Sue Isenhart
Kathleen Jewett
Mike & Kim Johnson
Karen Johnston
Arthur & Martha Kaemmer
Ann & Frank Kaim
Harold & Ruth Kaiser
Fred & Mary Keepers
Bill & Sally Kling
Gail LaFave
Irving & Gwen Lerner
Mac & Mary Lewis
Deanna Lillemoe
Erik & Mary Lillestol
Rick Benson & Barb Luikens
Ann & Scott Malm
Paul & Sarah Marshall
James Martin
Donald McCarthy
Tom & Darlene McCarthy
Debbie Meister
Wendy & Brandon Melz
*Board Member during 2010
Ken* & Linda Middlebrooks
Anne Morrow
Bonnie Mulligan &
Charlie Greenman
Craig Nelson
Russ & Nancy* Nelson
Bill & Dee Nord
Marcia Novak
Gates Blodgett & Libby O'Brien
John O'Leary
Kate Ostrem
Susan Pagnac, Sr. &
Marshall M. Midden
Dick & Nancy Perrine
Tom & Betsy Pfeifer
Jon Pitton
Tim Plant
Laura Platt
Walter & Harriet Pratt
Martin & Janet Schneider
Alfred Sedgwick
Estell Sell
Kim Severson
Jeff & Janet Severtson
Sarah & Dan Sheehan
Stanley & Lucy Shepard
Mary Ann Slavin
D. William & Annette Smith
Eleanor & Christopher Smith
Ann Somers
Mary Stadel
Terry & Jan Steeno
Andrew Sveen
Mike Sweeney
Martha Swendsen
John & Elaine Thomson
Lori Trygg
Dorothy Tulien
(up to $99)
Businesses, Corporations,
Federated Campaigns, Foundation
& Religious Institutions
Alliance Benefit Group
Community Shares Minnesota
Liberty Diversified Industries
Liberty Mutual Give With Liberty Program
Metropolitan Council
Nelson, Tietz & Hoye, Inc.
Anonymous Donor (4)
Barbara Aman
Wendy R. Amundson
Kristi Anderson
Steven & Cathy Carlson
Jennifer Christianson
Bridget Clark
Anne Cowie
Andrew Dahl & Julie Hanus
Sonja Dahl
Aram Desteian
Julia Donaldson
Michael Elliot
Kathryn Eukel
Kimberly Ferencik
Vienna Folliard
Emmy Garner
Carrol Gatlin
Carla Gillespie
Jane Goodnight
Dan & Nancy Griffin
Robert Halbach
Jill Harmon
Special Thanks!
We would like to acknowledge Allen Edmonds, Barrie D’Rozario Murphy, Kowalski’s Markets
and Pixel Farm for their partnership, in-kind donations and/or financial contributions.
Jean Probst
Lucy Quinlivan
David Raflo
Lawrence Record
Courtney Reichard
Jude Ryan Reiling
Mariah Reynolds
Jonathan Riehle &
Angela Bohmann
Walter & Jane Ringer
Wint & Tina Ritchie
John & Lori Roberts
Ruth Ann Rose
Dean & Rebecca Salita
Wayne & Wendy Salita
John Sandbo & Jean Thomson
Bob & Cheri Savage
David Schall
Connie & John Schlundt
Harold & Pam Ulvestad
Steve VanTassel
Andrew & Martha Van de Ven
Deb & Mike Venker
Michael Viola
Angelica Volpi
Thomas VonKuster
Tony Wagner
Suzanne & Eric Walcher
David & Nancy Warner
David & Betsy Weyerhauser
Richard White
Tim & Kathy Whitten
David & Lori Windschitl
Frederick & Eleanor Winston
Suzanne Woodrich
Stephanie Zugschwert*
Jennifer Bahl
Holly Barbosa
Stephanie Barton
Joe & Kate Beckman
Lois Bergerson
Sina Black
Ashley Blocton
Deborah Bowles
Timothy Brausen
Aviva Breen
Ginny Stryker Brodeen &
Rawley Brodeen
Charles E.* & Betty Brown
Maura Louise Brown
Ann Calvert
Michael Cameron
Patricia Campbell
Chip Lindeke & Terry Campbell
Ruth Campion
Nicole Cardenas
Eric Haugee
Dianne Haulcy
Rick Hedlund
Dee Hedman
Katherine Heilman
Ken & Mary Kay Heruth
Carl Hildebrand II
Ann Hobbie
Penelope Hunt
Julie Johnson
Cathy Jones
Kara Josephson
Joel & Harriet Katz
Rebecca Kehoe
Woody & Elise Kingman
Suzanne Koepplinger
Kathrin Kolesar
Richard W. Kramp
Lisa Lenz
Richard & Bernadine Letsche
Joann & Ron Lewis
Gary & Gloria Lindberg
Laurie Lindblad
Clementina Lopez
Betsy & Brian Lucas
John & Barbara Lynskey
Alisa Madson
Nancy Martel
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Patrick & Patricia McLaughlin
Rena Moran
Clint H.* & Mary Morrison
Nancy Morrison
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Barry & Kitty Petit
Sarah Pierson
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Evelyn Raedler
Maren & Dave Reeder
Cielito Rivera
Nat & Mary Robbins
Michael & Julie Ruether
Dan Rutman
Rachel Satterlee
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Tony Schmitz & Patty Ohmans
Jennifer Schreier
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Carrie & Peter Senske
Jasmine Shrestha
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Jeri Swierzewski
Bethany Theobald
Lucy Savage Uphoff
Katina Walker
Barbara G. Weingarden
Ayla Whitfield
Tom Woessner
Jeanne & Mike Woolley
Maria Zavala
Businesses, Corporations,
Federated Campaigns, Foundation
& Religious Institutions
Amazing Grace Lutheran Church
American Family Catastrophe
Ameriprise Financial
Barrie D'Rozario Murphy
Best & Flanagan
Best Buy Co, Inc.
Best Buy - Coon Rapids
Borders Books
Brooklyn United Methodist Church
Bryant-Lake Bowl
Children's Mental Health
Collaborative of Hennepin County
Children's Theatre Company
Clearwater Mortgage
College of St. Catherine
Cornelia Elementary School
Cub Foods, Blaine
Davanni's Pizza & Hot Hoagies
Edina High School Volunteer Club
Edy's Grand Ice Cream
Empi, a division of DJO
Family of God Lutheran Church
FM Global
Foley & Mansfield, PLLP
General Mills Integrated Customer
Solutions Center
Henson & Efron, P.A.
History Theatre
Kuumba Crafters
Lahr & Kretchmer
Land O'Lakes, Inc.
Lifetouch, Inc.
New French Bakery
Office Max Distribution Center
Old Log Theater
Park Square Theatre
Patrick's Cabaret
Pixel Farm
Rags from Riches
Saint Paul City Ballet
Target Corporate JAS Team
Target Corporation
Target Corporation - Risk
Management, Financial Planning
Analysis & Tax, Treasury &
Accounting Departments
Target Technology Services
The Bay Street Shoes & Accessories
The Jungle Theater
The Rail Station Bar & Grill
Walling, Berg, & Debele
Avye Alexandres
Anonymous Donor (6)
Matt & Kelly Bakker
Pam Banks
Tracey Bauer
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Kari Bennett
Jennifer & Sohrab Bharucha
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Deborah Bowles
The Bredenberg Family
Ronald Brown
Melissa Chawla
Ellen Cochran
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Simona Fulton
Erin Garner
John Goodhue
Pam Guthrie
Heidi & Julia Roston & Friends
Linda Herrera
Hornyak Family
Kate Grandelis
Sarah & Keith Levinski
Ann Lori
Sandra Mack
Alissa Maier
Todd & Kristi Masser
The Miller Family
Chris Phelan
Damon Peters
Marian Saksena
Marla Smith
Amy Thill
Shelly Tollinger
The Tortorelis Family
Naomi Wainer
Wennen Family
Memorials &
In dedication to Denise D’Rozario*
• Anonymous Donor
In memory of Gay Kinamon
• Kevin Dulitz
In honor of Michael E. Healy*
• Dan Rutman
In memory of Bjorne Nielsen
• Alfred Sedgwick
In honor of Roger Grooter
• Dorothy Tulien
In honor of Cathy Polasky*
• Deb & Mike Venker
In memory of Tim Dalton
• Ann Somers
Matching Gifts
ADC Foundation
Ameriprise Financial Employee
Gift Matching Program
The Dorsey & Whitney Foundation
Faribault Foods
Jostens Foundation Inc.
Patrick McLaughlin
People in Business Care
Piper Jaffray
RBC Foundation - USA
Thomson Reuters
U.S. Bancorp Foundation
Xcel Energy Foundation
United Way Donor
Designated Gifts
Kimberly Anderson
Anonymous Donor,
Ameriprise Financial
Anonymous Donor,
General Mills, Inc. (2)
Anonymous Donor,
Thomson Reuters
Anonymous Donor,
Blue Cross Blue Shield
Anonymous Donor,
Medtronic, Inc. (6)
Anonymous Donor,
University of Minnesota (4)
Anonymous Donor, US Bancorp
Anonymous Donor, Target
Anonymous Donor,
CenterPoint Energy
Anonymous Donor,
The Family Partnership
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Donaldson Company, Inc.
Anonymous Donor,
Merrill Corporation
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Jonna Cardena
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Susan Clark
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Ericka Ellis
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Teresa Groh
Tracy Hanson
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Mason Heine
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Cindy Hudson
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Keri Jacobson
Susan Jacobson
Reid Johnson
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Gary Keifenheim
Victoria Kernan
Ruth Klepfer
Theresa Knops
Stephanie R. Koshiol
Jennifer Koss
Zinaida Krivolenkova
Omkar Lakhan
Donald Leavenworth
Barbara Lindgren
Brien J. Link
Kim Main
Brian & Rose Mallaro
Marathon Petroleum Company
Elizabeth Sand
Calvin Morrison
Tricia Murphy
Aamer Naseer
Martha Nelson
Mathew Nelson
Russ & Nancy* Nelson
Mary Noble
Pamela Nordahl
Jeanne L. Novak
Kristen Olsen
Randi Ordner
Kathy Oshel
Patrick Paetznick
Melissa Paige
Kimberly Pearce
Claire Perry
Karen Peterson
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Scott Reinard
Felix Ricco
Sean Roberts
Nicole Rossetti
Ijaba Said
Jasmine Shrestha
Diane Slayton
Jason Soli
Bridget Sperl
John Stark
Vivian Struffert
Thomson Reuters
Tuyet-Hang Tran
United Health Group
Jason Varin
Amy Wald
Wade Walsh
Marc Winocur
Kristin Witt
R T & R E VE
Program expenses....................................................................................$4,507,735
United Way
Mental Health and Family Counseling....................................................2,365,236
Summary of expenses
School Success ................................................................................................1,225,453
Family Violence Prevention and Intervention ........................................520,237
Public Policy and Civic Engagement ..........................................................306,143
Volunteer Resources..........................................................................................90,666
Service Fees
Government Grants
Management and general ............................................................................821,065
Fundraising ......................................................................................................289,085
Net expenses for operating activities..................................$5,617,885
This statement is limited to operating activities. The complete financial
statements for the year ended December 31, 2010, audited by the firm of
Carpenter Evert & Associates, Ltd., are available for inspection.
& General
414 South Eighth Street
Minneapolis, MN 55404
1501 Xerxes Avenue North
Minneapolis, MN 55411
2438 18th Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55404
6900 78th Avenue North
Brooklyn Park, MN 55445
4123 East Lake Street
Minneapolis, MN 55406
Loffler Building, Suite 318
1101 East 78th Street
Bloomington, MN 55420
Donations 612.341.1612
To make a donation or find other ways to give, please visit
Volunteer 612.341.1611
We have one-time and on-going volunteer opportunities for individuals,
groups, families, students and coworkers.
Communications 612.341.1650
For media inquiries, to request a speaker and/or brochures, please call our
communications department.
Counseling Appointments
612.728.2061 or Español 612.728.2089
• Accredited by the Council on Accreditation of Services for
Families and Children
• Alliance for Children and Families
• Meets Charities Review Council Standards
• Greater Twin Cities United Way
• Hands On Twin Cities
• MACC Alliance of Connected Communities
• MACC CommonWealth
• Minnesota Council of Nonprofits
• United Neighborhood Centers of America
The Family Partnership acknowledges the invaluable program
evaluation assistance of Dr. Lisa Waldner and her students at
the University of St. Thomas. We also wish to acknowledge the
wisdom and commitment of community members who
participate in the MOVE Coalition or in our domestic violence
prevention projects, and the current and former PRIDE
participants who participate in the PRIDE Advisory Forum.
Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer: The Family Partnership is
committed to providing equal access to its programs, facilities and employment
without regard to race, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, handicap,
age or veteran status.

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