Our Company
The LUMed GmbH with its products and services is your specialist for the ophthalmology.
Our many years of experience in the field of
ophthalmology are the basis for the quality
of our performances. In our own manufacture
we produce premium instruments and Phacohandpieces for our customers. We also keep
the corresponding accessories available, as
Phaco-needles and hose systems. Furthermore
we offer a repair service for Phaco-handpieces
and instruments.
All products and services are offered as individual packages appropriate for the requirements
of our customers.
The LUMed employees are happy to be there
for you. Our business relations are characterized by respect, honesty and open communication.
Through permanent education we create an
environment where the employees achieve personal successes as well as share in the success
of the company.
Our company is certified to DIN EN ISO
13485:2010 and meets the requirements of the
guideline 93/42/EWG.
Short distances from the
The company headquarters
idea, to development and
of LUMed GmbH is located
construction to production.
in the technology region
Our employees work hand in
Medical products for the ophthalmology
“The satisfaction of our customers
comes first with us.“
Frank Seitz
Maritta Feitsch
Managing Director
Business Economist
LUMed GmbH
LUMed GmbH
Phaco-handpiece and Accessories
The LUMed Phaco-handpiece is a reusable
handpiece with an operating frequency of 40
kHz. Through the optimal energy transmission
the ultrasonics make the working with high
vacuum and flow possible. The handpieces
are available with plastic or metal connectors.
• Highest quality
• Ergonomic handling
• Consistent performance during the entire
service life of the Phaco-handpieces
• Available with plastic or metal connectors
• Produced in own manufacture
Of course the Phaco-handpieces are adaptable
individually by request for other equipment
We provide Phaco-needles in various geometries made of titanium for reusable and single
use. Our Phaco-needles provide, in coordination with the Phaco-handpiece, an optimal
ultrasonic efficiency and allow a good suction/
irrigation balance. The Phaco-needles are
delivered with a plastic key. Furthermore we
also offer test chamber and sleeve
Your specialist for the manufacture of Phaco-handpieces
Here you see a small selection of the available instruments. Further instruments are available on request.
Vitrectomy instruments
Bi-manual irrigation/aspiration handpieces
Mono-manual handpieces
(I/A-handpiece safe-lock)
Cataract-set for single use
We provide a range of services for you. Especially our repair service is fast, reliable and cost-efficient.
Repair service:
We provide a repair service for Phaco-handpieces
of different manufacturers. Furthermore we repair:
• Forceps
• Scissors
• Bimanual and mono-manual instruments
• Bipolar Instruments and accessories
The quality management system of our company applies to all spheres. It is based on the DIN EN ISO
13485:2010 in order to fulfill the standards according to appendix V of the guideline 93/24/EWG. The processes
which are described in our quality management documentation are led and directed in accordance with these
international norms. The regulations in our quality manual are realized at all levels, they are maintained and
improved constantly. Therefore we are able to offer our customers a high quality standard.
LUMed GmbH
Medical Products for the Ophthalmology
Ottostraße 7b
D-76344 Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen
Phone: 0049 721 – 3 50 53 08
Fax: 0049 721 – 3 50 53 11
E-Mail: [email protected]

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