Customer code of practice


Customer code of practice
code of practice
We’re better, connected
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Customer code of practice
Here to help
We want to give you the best service.
Simple tariffs. Services to make the most
of your mobile, home phone and broadband.
Contracts and calls that are value for money.
This booklet explains how we’ll do it all.
Need more help?
We think we’ve covered everything. But if
you need more help, go to or call
us (see page 16 for the right numbers).
The small print
This code of practice doesn’t affect your
legal rights. It doesn’t form part of your
contract with us (contact us if you want a
copy of that). Some of the services and prices
may change from time to time, since we
printed this. Keep up to date on
Our services
Home Phone and Home Broadband
You can now get your broadband, home phone
calls and line rental from us. All on one bill. Go to for more
about our packages.
You need Home Broadband to get Home Phone.
Choose a 30 day contract for flexibility or a 12
month contract for extra value. For Home Phone,
we’ll need to run a credit check when you apply.
Pay Monthly tariffs are easy
to arrange and straightforward
to pay for
They work with many phones, and include extras
like paperless billing.
They have a minimum 18 month contract, and
we’ll need to run a credit check when you apply.
If you’re late paying your bill, we’ll contact you to
talk about how you can pay.
Simplicity tariffs give you more treats
without long-term commitment
Just get a sim and put it in the phone you’ve
already got. Enjoy the flexibility to cancel with
just 30 days’ notice or commit to 12 months
for extra value.
Top up a regular amount on
Pay & Go to get a monthly
allowance of minutes and/ or texts.
Extra top ups and Bolt Ons give you more
talk and text time and give you better
value for money.
Price Guide
You can compare packages and prices. Just visit; Or give us a
call. Our contact details are on page 16.
ø mobile customers save on
home broadband tariffs
You get free customer service and help is at
hand to explain how things like download
speeds can change. We provide our customers
with realistic expectations around speed. If you
want to find out more about how we do this
and our packages, visit;
Mobile broadband – use the ø
mobile network to get online
Use mobile broadband out and about or at home
and you can get access to thousands of Wi-Fi
hotspots. Choose Pay & Go or Pay Monthly.
There are some minimum system requirements
so check them first and prices at;
ø Active – the internet on
your phone
Download images, music and news. Get
your emails. Enter competitions. Check
the TV schedules and sports results. To
see if your phone is compatible, go to;
You may be charged for browsing the
ø Active portal if it’s not included in
your bundle allowance.
Stay on top of your cash with
ø Money
You load money onto the card, then whenever
you use it you’ll receive a free real time text alert.
This will tell how much money you’ve loaded,
spent or withdrawn, and how much you’ve got
left. Simple. And it’s exclusive to ø customers.
Terms and conditions apply to all our services.
To find out more, go to;
Buying from ø – what you
see is what you get
Ofcom, the communications regulator, has
introduced rules to protect people who
buy mobile phones, landlines and services.
It’s so you know exactly what you’re
buying. And who you’re buying it from.
The new rules fit the way we already work.
Open, trusted and clear. Whether face-toface, over the phone, online or on paper.
But some companies aren’t as honest.
Some use aggressive or misleading sales
tactics. Some even pretend to be us.
So you need to know what to look out for
and what to do if you suspect something
is wrong.
We will always do these things
•When you join ø or upgrade your contract,
we usually ask to see a copy of a utility bill,
passport or driving licence to check your
identity. If you’re on the phone we might ask
for your card details to confirm who you are.
When you’re with ø we’ll tell you in writing:
• What you’re paying for
• What the payment terms are
• How long the minimum contract is for
•How to cancel your contract early and
any charges you’ll have to pay
•About any other charges (like charges
for calls outside your bundle, texts and
•We’ll never deliberately mislead you
about any of our services
•We’ll never deliberately not mention
important information
•We’ll never pressure you to buy
anything, or call you before 8am or
after 8pm (unless you ask us to)
•Whenever someone from ø calls, they’ll
introduce themselves clearly and say
why they’re calling. If you’re contacted
by someone you suspect is bogus, then
let us or Ofcom know immediately
•Whenever you buy something from ø,
we’ll keep records of who signed up for
what, when and how for at least 6 months.
If it’s a mobile contract that includes sales
incentives (like cash back) we’ll keep
the paperwork for at least 3 months
after it’s been fully redeemed
•We’ll always help you make the right decision
even if that means missing out on a sale
•We run rigorous checks on all our partners
(companies and directors). But if you find
they’ve broken any of these rules, report
them to us. We don’t want them doing
anything bad in our name
•Protect your personal details. Don’t give your
password to anyone unless you can trust who
they are and you’re sure why they need it
•Don’t agree to anything over the phone unless
you’re sure who you’re talking to, and what
you’re signing up for. Ask them to put it in
writing, before you say yes
•Read the paperwork closely. If something
doesn’t ring true, call us and check it out
•If someone comes to your door, ask for
ID. If they say they’re from ø, you can call
us to check
• To find out more about mobile mis-selling
And for landline mis-selling;
How to connect with ø
•Go to one of our ø shops. We have over
400. To find your nearest one, use
our store locator at
• Buy online at
Switching to Home Broadband
You need a home phone line (not cable)
to get Home Broadband. Then:
• Call us, our contact details are on page 16
•Call your current supplier and ask for your
Migration Authorisation Code (or MAC)
•Ask for mobile, broadband and home phone
at our independent mobile phone shops.
•Order Home Broadband and
give us your MAC
Switching to ø Mobile
•We’ll switch you over within about
two weeks. You should only be offline
for a couple of hours at most
You can switch to ø and keep your
number, as long as it’s still connected
to a network. Here’s how:
•Tell your network that you
want to switch to ø
•If you call them they’ll give you a Porting
Authorisation Code (PAC) straight away
or text it to you within 2 hours
•Call us, tell us which tariff you’d like
and that you want to keep your existing
mobile number. We’ll need your PAC
•We’ll switch your number within 1
working day. (If you’re moving more than
25 numbers it’ll take a bit longer, usually
between 10 and 14 working days)
If you don’t have a home phone line, and
need one restarted or converted from
another provider, we can do this for
you. (Although fees may apply.)
Switching to Home Phone
You need Home Broadband to get Home Phone.
Call us to choose a package. (Our numbers
are on page 16.) We’ll switch you over about
ten working days after your order.
It won’t interrupt your broadband. And you’ll
usually keep the phone number you have now.
Serving people with special needs
We want everyone to be able to use our services.
If you need something specific to help you do
that, we can help. Like getting bills in Braille.
Or getting a network guide on audio tape. We
can also set up a free Directory Enquiries, and
help you find a handset that works for you.
For more information, go to;
If you change your mind
At the beginning of your contract
To cancel your ø mobile phone contract or
Mobile Broadband bring your equipment
and any accessories back to us within 14 days.
Make sure it’s undamaged, in the original
packaging and with the receipt. We’ll give
you a full refund, apart from any calls, texts or
services you’ve already used or for access you’ve
already purchased. If you bought it from us on
the phone or online, follow the instructions
provided with the packaging or give us a call
and we’ll let you know how to send it back.
To cancel your Home Broadband, write to
us within 14 days. (Your letter needs to get to
us within that time). We’ll give you a full refund,
but you might not be able to get Home
Broadband at the same address for six months.
For Home Broadband, there might be a
charge for us to disconnect you too.
None of this affects your legal rights.
What if my equipment
goes wrong?
If you bought your phone directly from us
or if your ø wireless broadband box goes
wrong, call our customer service team
(see page 16 for the right numbers).
If you didn’t buy from us, take your
equipment to the place you bought it.
The 14 day change of mind policy applies
when you buy directly from ø and from
some other selected channels. If you bought
from an independent shop check their
returns policy before you buy. You’ll need
to return any products directly to them.
To cancel your Home Phone, send us a letter.
It needs to get to us within 14 days. We’ll give
you back any subscription charges you’ve paid.
But you won’t get a refund for any calls on your
phone line. And you might not be able to get
Home Phone at the same address for six months.
At any other time
Give us seven days’ notice for Home Phone.
30 days for everything else. You can email or fax
us (our details are at
Or write a letter to ø Home Phone Customer
Service, PO BOX 202, Houghton Regis, LUG 9AG.
You’ll still have to pay for what you’ve used.
If you end your contract during the minimum
term you must compensate us for ending
the service early. You can find out how
much these charges are on our website.
Using your phone safely
Nuisance calls
Protect yourself against theft
If you get a malicious or nuisance call, text
or picture message, we can help. Call our
customer service team right away to report
it (see page 16 for the number). We‘ll help
you to change your number if you want. If
you want to prosecute contact the police.
We work closely with the police and can
usually trace malicious calls for them.
More and more mobiles are being stolen,
but it’s easy to protect yourself.
Stopping uninvited sales
calls and texts
The Telephone Preference Service (TPS)
stops companies from making unwanted
sales calls to you. You can register your
phone number. Go to;
You can also register your fax number
to stop unwanted sales and marketing
faxes. Go to;
You shouldn’t get uninvited sales texts
either. If you do, we can look into it.
Forward the message to 7726.
You can also complain to the Information
Commissioner’s Office or, if the texts are
advertising premium rate services, to
PhonepayPlus. There is more information
on premium rate services on page 12
and all contact details are on page 18.
Never give your mobile to strangers who want
to use it. And don’t carry or leave your mobile
where everyone can see it. You can also:
•Stay alert to where you are and who
you’re with
•Mark your mobile with your postcode. (Your
local Crime Prevention Office will have more
information about marking your property)
•Use your mobile security PIN, people can’t
use your mobile unless they know it
•Make a note of your phone’s unique 15 digit
IMEI number. If you lose your phone, or if it’s
stolen, we can use it to stop your phone being
used. It’s usually on a label behind the battery
or type in #06# and it’ll show on the screen
•Get phone insurance with ø Insure, then
we’ll quickly repair or replace your mobile.
(Conditions and exclusions apply)
If your mobile is lost or stolen
Tell us straight away. (You’ll have to
pay for any calls made on the phone
until you let us know it’s missing).
First, call our customer service team to
bar unauthorised calls on your mobile. (If
they’re closed, call 08705 214000). You
should also contact the local police.
If you go abroad with your ø mobile, take
our customer service number with you.
Drive safely
Let us recycle your phone
On 1st December 2003, it became an offence
to hold or cradle in your neck, a mobile phone
at any point during the set up, making or taking
of a phone call, text message or any other data
related communication. The use of fully installed
handsfree car kits is permitted, as is the use of
other handsfree accessories. When driving we
recommend that you use Voicemail 901 wherever
possible, and that you listen to your messages
when you are safely parked. If you must make
a handsfree call when driving, keep it brief and
use a handsfree cradle for your mobile phone.
Throwing phones away creates potentially
toxic waste. If you have any old mobile phones
or accessories, take them to an ø store.
We’ll recycle them. If they can’t be recycled,
we’ll dispose of them in a way that doesn’t
harm the environment, for example:
Follow these simple guidelines and
you can enjoy the benefits of being
in touch while you travel safely:
•Never use a handheld mobile
phone or communications device
for any reason while driving
•Use Voicemail 901 wherever possible by
switching off your mobile phone and listen
to your messages when you are safely parked
•If you have to make a handsfree call, make
sure it is safe to do so and keep it brief
•Never send or read text messages
while driving
•End handsfree calls that become difficult,
distracting or stressful immediately
When in doubt, switch it off
Help communication in developing countries
Your old mobile could help someone
who can’t afford to get connected.
Raise money to save energy
We’ll make a donation to the ø Energy
Saver Fund every time we get a phone that
can be re-used.
Blocking content
We respect our customer’s freedom to choose
what material they access, but equally we want
to protect our younger customers. Before you are
able to view 18+ commercial content, you need
to confirm your age. To get set up, call 61018
from your ø mobile, go online, call our customer
service team or take ID into any ø shop.
With Home Phone, you can get the Call Barring
Bolt On. It lets you bar calls to premium rate
services. It’s £1.75 a month. And you can get it
by calling us on 0800 230 0202.
Parental control
With Parental Control, you can limit the websites
that children can access from their mobile
phone. Once Parental Control is turned on,
their service will only let them visit websites
that are suitable for children. To turn it on, call
61818 from the ø phone or go to any ø shop.
You can also control what your family can
see and do on the internet. Parental Control
is available with your Home Broadband.
To turn it on, run McAfee Security Suite
from your Home Broadband setup CD.
Location-based services
Location-based services make it possible to find
a mobile phone. Check to see if it’s on, or turn it
off by calling 1300 from your ø mobile. If you
do turn it off, the police can turn it back on
if they need to. Everyone who provides these
services has to respect the rights of phone
owners, by complying with a code of practice.
To read it, go to; mobilebroadbandgroup.
Your details
If you have registered with us or have an online
account you will have told us some information
about yourself, including whether you want to
hear from us about products and services we
think you might like. You can update your details
or change your preferences online at any time.
Or you can write to:
The Data Controller
Telefónica UK Limited
260 Bath Road
Berkshire SL1 4DX
Or, if you’re on Pay & Go, call 2220
free from your ø mobile.
Directory listing
If you want your mobile number in a directory
and/or directory enquiries, call our customer
service team. We might charge for this. If your
number is listed, other companies might use your
information for marketing. We can’t control this.
To prevent uninvited marketing calls register your
phone number with the Telephone Preference
Service, go to;
Who’s calling?
To find out who’s called you, Calling Line
Identification (CLI) shows the caller’s details on
your screen. This is usually already set up on
most mobile handsets, but give us a call if you
need help.
You can get the Caller Display Bolt On with Home
Phone. It’s £1.75 a month. You can get it in our
shops, or by calling customer services.
Premium rate services
Premium rate services offer a way of buying
information or entertainment that you pay for
through your phone bill or by using your pre
paid phone credit. Popular premium rate services
include sending texts to TV and radio shows and
downloads for your phone. You can access these
services by calling, texting, video messaging
or when you’re on mobile internet. Unless you
found the service on ø Active, it’s probably not
us providing the service. So, before you buy,
make sure you know who you’re buying from,
what you’re paying for, and how much it costs.
Premium rate calls
You can tell if it’s a premium rate service, by the
number you dial. Numbers beginning with:
•09 are the most common premium rate
numbers. They’re often used for services
like horoscopes, recorded information and
professional advice services
Premium rate subscription services let you get
regularly recurring updates or content (like daily
weather reports or football scores) without
having to request it each time.
You normally sign up by texting a keyword to a
five digit advertised number, a shortcode. Once
you’ve joined the service you should get a (free)
text confirming the subscription, who’s providing
the service and what it costs. You will continue
to receive and be charged for texts from the
service until you unsubscribe.
How to unsubscribe
The original confirmation message should
tell you how to cancel the texts. If not,
reply STOP to the last message you received.
• 118 are used for directory enquiry services
If you’ve subscribed to more than one
service from the same provider (with the
same five digit shortcode), you can stop
them all by texting STOP ALL.
Premium rate texts
If this doesn’t work, call our customer
service team.
Texting to a five digit code can be another way
to access premium rate services. Instead of
being charges for a phone call, the premium
charges are linked to the texts you receive from
the service, this is called reverse billing. Some
services will send you a one off premium text and
others charge by subscription.
Subscription services
If you need help, you’ll need to contact the
provider, not ø. To find out who that is,
go to and use the
five digit shortcode you dial from your mobile.
If you can’t find them, we can do it for you.
What they cost and where the
money goes
Calls range from 50p a call to £2 a minute from
your mobile. Texts are from 10p to £5 a message.
From your home phone, calls won’t go higher
than £3 a minute. (Not including calls to satellite
numbers and operators, or reverse charge calls.)
ø keeps some of this money for connecting your
call and passing it on to other networks who
deliver it to the premium rate service provider,
who keep the rest of the money.
Prices can change. For the latest information
go to:
And for Home Phone:
Who regulates the services?
PhonepayPlus regulates all premium rate service
providers in the UK who have to abide by a
code of practice. PhonepayPlus use this Code to
make sure premium rate pricing, advertising and
content is clear, honest and appropriate.
The Code also covers all premium rate call and
text services. It also covers services on 0871
and 070 numbers.
PhonepayPlus is independent and free. They
investigate all complaints about premium rate
services. They can fine companies, shut down
services and prevent people from running
similar services if they breach the code.
How do I contact PhonepayPlus?
• Go to;
Can I get a refund?
This might not be possible, but speak to
us about any problems with your bill or
the company running the service.
How do I find out who is
running the premium rate line?
Enter the number of the service onto
the PhonepayPlus number checker
to find out who runs it, their contact
details and the cost of the service.
•Call the help line on 0800 500 212
(open 9am–5pm Monday to Friday)
•Write to PhonepayPlus, Freepost, WC5468,
London SE1 2BR
•Textlink 020 7407 3431 (for customers who
are hard of hearing)
Give them all the information you can about the
service you want to report – like the number or
five digit shortcode, where you saw the service
advertised and what it said.
•Online at;
•By text. Text the number or shortcode
you want to know about to 76787
Special services
Special (‘chargeable’) services are on nongeographic numbers, starting 08.
What are non-geographic
Numbers that don’t relate to a particular place,
but a particular service. For example 0800, 0844,
0845, 0870 and 0871.
You pay for them, but they don’t cost as much
as premium rate numbers. They’re usually for
technical helplines, phone banking, customer
services or dial up internet.
How much do they cost?
It varies. Go to:
to find out how much it costs to call from a
mobile. Or
O2_Home_Phone_Price_List.pdf for costs
for calling from your home phone.
Who regulates the numbers?
Ofcom regulates most non-geographic
numbers. PhonepayPlus covers 0871
numbers and sometimes 070 numbers
(see page 18 for their details).
How do I complain to Ofcom?
Fill in the online form. Go to;
Ofcom is open Monday to Friday, between
9am and 5pm. Here’s how to contact them:
•Phone 020 7981 3040 or 0300 123
3333. (Or 020 7981 3042 or 0300
123 2023 for Welsh speakers)
• Fax 020 7981 3334
• Textphone 020 7981 3043 or 0300
123 2024 (for people who are deaf
or have impaired speech)
Before you buy, we’ll tell you:
• What and when we’ll charge you for
calling 0800 numbers
• If the costs are different at particular
times of day
• Whether your contract includes any
discounts on non-geographic calls
The Home Phone Anytime package includes
calls to 0845 and 0870 numbers. And there’s a
fair use policy which is 600 minutes a month.
To see all our prices, check our number
ranges document against our price list.
Number ranges:
How to contact us
Use the tables below to find the right number for you. Have your O2 mobile number or account number
ready so we can put you in touch with the right person.
Costs for calling from an O2 home phone can be found at:
If you’re on Pay & Go or have an iPad
We’re open 7am–10pm Monday to Friday and 8am–8pm at weekends.
From your ø mobile
Dial 4445
From your landline
08705 678 678
25p per call
National rate from other providers
(charges may vary).
iPhone on Pay & Go
From your iPhone
Dial 2302
From your landline
08705 607 2302
25p per call
National rate from other providers
(charges may vary).
To top up
From your ø Mobile
Dial 4444
From your landline
0845 606 2277
National rate from other providers
(charges may vary).
If you’re on Pay Monthly
We’re open 8am–9pm Monday to Friday and 8am–8pm at weekends.
From your ø mobile
Dial 202
From your landline
0870 241 0202
National rate from other providers
(charges may vary).
iPhone on Pay Monthly
From your iPhone
Dial 2302
From your landline
08705 607 0202
National rate from other providers
(charges may vary).
If we’re closed when you want to report your phone lost or stolen call 08705 214000.
You should also contact the local police.
If you’re on Home Broadband or Home Phone
From your ø mobile
Dial 800 230 0202
From your landline
0800 230 0202
If you’re on Mobile Broadband
If you’re an ø mobile customer, dial your normal customer service number.
If you’re not an ø mobile customer:
Pay Monthly
0870 600 3009
National rate from other providers
(charges may vary).
Pay & Go
0870 678 678
National rate from other providers
(charges may vary).
0800 977 7337
On the Internet: Visit and send us an email.
Write to us at: Telefónica ø UK Limited, Correspondence Department, PO Box 202,
Houghton Regis, LU6 9AG.
Other useful contacts
Information Commissioner’s Office
Riverside House
2a Southwark Bridge Road
London SE1 9HA
Wycliffe House
Water Lane
Cheshire SK9 5AF
Switchboard: 020 7981 3000
Complaints: 020 7981 3040
(9am-5pm Monday to Friday),
Textphone: 020 7981 3043 or
0300 123 2024
Phone: 01625 545 700
Fax: 01625 524 510
[email protected]
Distributing and reviewing this Code
London SE1 2BR
Phone: 0800 500 212
lines are open 8am–6pm Monday to Friday
Textlink: 020 7407 3430
Telephone Preference Service
To register, go to
Or call 020 7291 3320.
Fax Preference Service
To register, go to
Or call 020 7291 3330.
This document is available as a PDF from;, or it can be posted to you free of
charge if you call customer services. It is also
available in different formats, such as Braille,
large print or audio.
We’ll regularly review and update this
Code. Please send us any comments
you have about this Code, including
compliance, to: [email protected]
ø and the ø logo are registered trade
marks of the ø group of companies.
The information in this leaflet is correct
at the time of going to print (May 2011).
However, all our products and services may
change at any time. Please see our website
at; for current information.
O2 Active and Pay & Go are registered trademarks of O2 Holdings Limited.
Telefónica UK Limited, 260 Bath Road, Slough, Berkshire SL1 4DX
Registered in England and Wales Number 1743099. Registered Office as above.
©Telefónica UK Limited 2010. Correct at the time of going to press (May 2011).
O2CN1323N ICE 05/11

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