DGTVi for AEDETI day


DGTVi for AEDETI day
The Italian DTT Platform
Open, Interactive, Interoperable and Hybrid
Madrid, May 12th
The Analogue Switch Off Government Calendar
Italian Transition to DTT
Switch off areas 2008 - 2012
DTT Only Areas
0,66 mln HH
6,6 mln HH
3% of total HH
27% of total HH
• Sardegna
• Valle d’Aosta
• Piemonte (west)
• Trentino Alto Adige
• Lazio
• Campania
Source: AgCom, Istat, elaboration by Booz & Company
16,4 mln HH
19,8 mln HH
23,3 mln HH
67% of total HH
81% of total HH
Total HH
• Piemonte (east)
• Lombardia
• Emilia Romagna
• Veneto
• Friuli Venezia Giulia
• Liguria
• Marche
• Abruzzo
• Molise
• Basilicata
• Puglia
• Toscana
• Umbria
• Sicilia
• Calabria
The Italian DTT Platform, a stakeholder valuable platform.
Horizontal, interactive, interoperable and hybrid
A Digital Platform open and accessible to everyone and ready for use, for instance, by content providers,
service providers and network operators
Development of products to access platform services:
- Receivers: manufacturers are able to produce and sell receivers compliant to the Platform specifications
- Services: service providers can realize, with standard tools, platform services to be offered to the market
A unique decoder to access various content and services: a rich free-to-air offer and Pay TV services (e.g.
Mediaset Premium, DahliaTV, Glamour, …)
Pay Tv services are accessible trough smartcards and multiple embedded CAS (Nagra, Irdeto and Conax)
with CA-API for independent CAS-application or DGTVi CAMs for iDTV
Interactive application; the same application for several broadcasters (e.g. iAdv)
Based on DVB-MHP
9 million MHP decoder sold since February ’04
– Access to several broadcast interactive services offered from national and local broadcasters: enhanced
TV programs, EPG, news, weather report, games, …)
The new HBB capability enable new services based on OTTV delivery (Catch up TV, VoD, virtual channels,
social networking, recommendation engines, enriched EPGs, viewer profiling, rich graphic games, …)
An integrated system ready to use
DGTVi is supporting and harmonising the terrestrial market through a tight collaboration
with the Government, Regulator Authority, CE industry and other Industry stakeholders:
• Collaboration in ASO activities (e.g. communication campaigns)
• Define and publish baseline technical specifications and requirements for
compatible DTT receivers (www.dgtvi.it) based on openness, interoperability and
technology neutrality
• Agreement with Manufacturers for a “labelling programme” to guarantee devices
functionality and to orientate the consumer. DGTVi offers technical tests suites,
test facilities, bandwidth for software updating and communications campaign
promoting labelled devices.
• Assure that CAS implementation fulfil a “minimum security measure” (DGTVi CAS
Security Policy)
Retail DTV receivers compliant with DGTVi Label Agreement
DGTVi Labels
Pay TV
HBB (MHP 1.1.3 + BA)
STB number of models (84) iDTV number of models (1230)
(ADB, Telesystem, Humax, Fuba,
(Samsung, LG)
Pay TV
(Samsung, LG, Sony)
Pay TV
Interactive (MHP 1.0.3)
(Samsung, Panasonic)
Pay TV
(Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Sony,
Philips, Sharp, Lowe, Telfunken,…)
17 iDTV and 28 STB Manufacturers have joined the “DGTVi Label Agreement”
“Gold label” devices are based on “DGTVi Broadband Addendum”
that enable media delivery over broadband connection
Extend HD-Book DTT 1.0 specs. in the area of
broadband media delivery over unmanaged (IP)
connections under Broadcaster control (OTT)
Broadband Addendum
– Service models:
• Streamed Contents on Demand (CoD)
• Download CoD (Optional)
– Formats:
• All the HD Book formats (MPEG2; H264AVC; HEAAC; Ac3 DD)
• Plus some audio format: MP3 and AAC,
– Containers:
• MP4 File Format
– Protocols:
• HTTP 1.1 with Range Header
– Application Environment:
• Procedural: MHP based (PAE)
• Declarative: Optional, for Further Study (DAE)
Issued on SEPTEMBER 2009
DGTVi Broadband Addendum fills in the “MHP 1.1”
gap in managing broadband content, by offering
the possibility to delivery best-effort A/V content
streaming and xlets/applications
downloading/storing via un-managed OpenInternet broadband IP connection.
Italian broadcasters are developing MHP interactive services
exploiting broadband capabilities
An MHP based Digital TV Platform has been rolled out in Italy. It offers a broad range of
interactive broadcast services and applications since the early birds of DTT launch (2003).
After HD Book 1.0 and Broadband Addendum specifications, hybrid STBs with broadband
capabilities have been launched on retail market in 4Q09, enabling broadcasters to exploit
new services like VoD, catch up TV and true interactive services on DGTVi “Gold label”
compliant devices.
DGTVi broadcasters are going to offer those new services from now on:
• to enhance the traditional viewer experience with a seamless experience between
broadcast and broadband services
• to offer new compelling services in the range of VoD, Catch Up TV, virtual linear channels to
access audiovisual contents anytime on demand
• to enforce and promote a new “broadcast-centric” Over the Top service approach
MHP is enabling compelling new hybrid OTTV services
under Broadcaters control
OTT counterparts of existing catch-up TV services for PCs by Rai (www.rai.tv), Mediaset
(www.video.mediaset.it) and LA7 (www.la7.tv) will be presented very soon.
By the end of 2010 more than 500.000* devices on the market (both STB and iDTV)
will support the new OTTV services, based on MHP, offered by major Italian
*DGTVi assessment based on GfK sell out data
DGTVi HBB demonstration at the DVB-CM special meeting on April the 28th
The first example of HBB service is “La7 On Demad”
A free service, ad supported, “on line” by the end of May
DGTVi is improving the Italian profile with the forthcoming HD-BOOK DTT 2.0
June 10
End User enhanced experience:
– Seamless BC/BB playback & switching control (buffer control, stream splicing)
– Enhanced streaming with Adaptive capabilities (adaptive streaming, manifest file)
– MHP-API to allow mngt & ctrl of playback multirate profiled A/V Content
– Service Discovery & Selection and other Telco features
– Advanced GUI experience with enhanced graphic features via MHP
(e.g.: support for OpenGL 2.0 and new enhanced graphic engines)
Content Protection: Open approach based on solution common to all platform operators (AES
encryption) and/or multiCAS enhanced solution for Pay-TV operators (CA/DRM). In alternatives Hw
enforced authentication and encryption mechanism are welcome. Requirements: Harmonized DRM solution
under Major approval. Support of different business model: free access streaming with Content Encryption with or
w/o iADV, Premium Pay VoD, Catch up TV, Network Time Shift.
DGTVi members are working in DVB groups to contribute to improve
the specifications of the DVB standards already deployed
• Italian DTT platform is: “Open, Interactive, Interoperable… and now Hybrid.”
• Italian broadcasters are offering new OTT services on the MHP HD “DGTVi gold label” hybrid
access receivers (compliant with HD Book 1.0 plus Broadband Addendum). The first example is
“La 7 On Demand”, a catch up TV service from Telecom Italia Media FTA channel La7. Mediaset
and RAI are going to offer OTT services by the end of 2010.
• DGTVi is very keen in cooperating with DVB groups to have the BA extensions (and beyond)
integrated into DVB-MHP GEM specification by 3Q2010.
• DGTVi / HDFI Joint Technical group is improving the Italian DTT platform with the forthcoming
HD Book 2.0 specifications expected by 3Q2010.
Thank you
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