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The Heat Chronicles - Madison Highland Prep
Spring 2015 Edition #9
Madison Highland Prep
The Heat Chronicles
Madison Highland Prep and Madison Park held the annual STEM Showcase on
Thursday, May 7th. Students and families were provided interactive opportunities to
explore concepts in science, robotics, math, engineering, and technology. The Science
Department sponsored Propane Bubbles and Cellular Membrane demonstrations.
VEX Robotics and Sea Perch Robotics teams provided attendees an opportunity to
operate their competition robots. The Math Department sponsored a Kite Making
activity to explore connections between geometry and engineering. The Engineering
Club demonstrated their T-Shirt Launcher. The Heat Monitor staff sponsored an
exhibit of their student media site and the
MSD Archives. STEM Rules!
Student Academic Awards Announced -page 3
STEM Digest - Year in Review -page 4
Heat Athletics - Year in Review -page 6
Spring Prom Photo Gallery -page 7
Fostering Tomorrow’s STEM Innovators and Leaders
The Heat Chronicles
Message from the Principal
Dear MHP Families:
It has been a hardworking year for our Madison Highland Prep Learning
Community. What a remarkable journey it has been. The school’s faculty and I have
enjoyed working with our students, watching them grow and mature, and the
progress each has made is quite impressive. Each student at MHP has become proficient in a fully digital
school, very similar to what they will face in a university setting. Each student has developed their own
education plan, and worked earnestly towards their individual goals.
Just as impressive is the growth that each of our students has made since the beginning of the school year. It
has been truly inspiring to watch as our students have gained confidence, by facing ongoing challenges and
working through them. Through this growth process our students have learned more about
themselves, gaining confidence and increasingly becoming steadily more determined.
During this school year, one quarter of our students have maintained a grade point average of 4.00 or greater.
More than one half or our students have maintained a grade point average to earn academic
distinctions in any given quarter. Additionally, more than one half of our freshman and sophomores have met
the course requirements to participate in the Advanced Placement program next school year. This year, MHP
has fielded eleven athletic teams, participated in state, national, and international robotics
competitions, sponsored six student organizations, and hosted twelve fine arts events.
Through their unwavering focus, drive, and success in academics and extra-curricular participation, our
students will continue to develop the necessary skills and experiences to thrive in a 21st century global
marketplace .
Yours truly,
Dr. Kerry Clark,
School Calendar
May 2015
July 2015
Office Closed-Memorial Day
June 2015
Future Freshman Academy
July 2015
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Office Closed-Fourth of July
Heat Volleyball Camp
Heat Football Camp
Heat Cheer Camp
July-August 2015
Heat Boys Soccer Camp
Student Orientation
First Day of School
2014-2015 Academic Awards
On Thursday, May 20th, Madison Highland Prep held the 2014-2015 Academics Awards
Banquet. The following students were recognized for academic achievement in course
level work: Freshman English – Taylor Flower and Emma Ramirez; Sophomore English –
Collin Chattom and Margarita Villegas; Algebra 1 – Kevin Liden; Geometry – Nyla Williams;
Algebra 2 – Michael McCann; Chemistry – Kevin Liden and Nyla Williams; Biology – Asif Razack and Taylor
Spillman; World History – Anahi Fernandez, Cecelia German, and Asif Razack; Spanish 1 – Miles Kauffman
and Emma Ramirez; Spanish 2 – Julian Loffsner and Aiden Poelns; Middlebury Languages – Michael McCann;
IED Engineering – McKenzie Fee, Marc Flom, and Altagracia Jerome; Physical Education – Kai Kroodsma and
Elida Salgado; Band – Marc Flom, Jasmine Gonzalez, Tommy Najor, Elida Salgado, and Matthew Soto;
Choir – Altagracia Jerome; Digital Media – Javier Mendoza.
At the banquet, the faculty and administration recognized academic excellence in the areas of English,
Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Languages, Engineering, and Electives. The following students were
selected for Student of the Year.
Colin Chattom, Student of the Year – English
Michael McCann, Student of the Year – Mathematics
Nyla Williams, Student of the Year – Science
Cecelia German, Student of the Year – Social Studies
Aiden Poelns, Student of the Year – Languages
McKenzie Fee, Student of the Year – Engineering
Marc Flom, Student of the Year – Electives
ECAP Summer Checklists
Sophomores and Juniors should consider the following items in preparation for college planning tasks for the
2015-2016 school year.
Research colleges that meet your career interests
Select 3-4 colleges that meet your career interests
Record the educational requirements for each college
Record the educational requirements for each college
Record the annual costs for attending each college
Record the annual costs for attending each college
Summer Reading Lists
Students can access the supplementary reading list for
Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors on the MHP school
website at
Page 3
Future Freshman Academy
Monday through Thursday
June 1st through June 25th
8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.
21st Century Preparation through Critical Thinking and Inquiry
The Heat Chronicles
STEM Digest
Trevor & Asif compete at 1st
Annual MHP VEX Competition.
Jarod & Mr. Flores operate the
competition arena field.
Tommy & Kevin prepare for
SeaPerch competition.
Jesus, Matthew & James take a
break poolside.
MHP’s Got Heat Robotics
Zero Robotics is a robotics programming competition where the
robots are SPHERES satellites inside the International Space
Station. The competition is online and teams compete to solve an
annual challenge guided by mentors. Team members create, edit,
share, save, simulate and submit code, all from a web browser.
Jose, Asif & Trevor at VEX
inspection prior to competition.
Sean & Storm take a break in
the pit area.
VEX Robotics is a robotics competition where robots compete in
teams to score points given a specific annual challenge game. The
competition is live and consists of programming and remote
control rounds. Team members design and program robots to
perform specific tasks.
SeaPerch Robotics is an underwater robotics competition where
robots compete to score points on an underwater obstacle course.
Team members build and train with a remotely operated vehicle.
The competition is live at hosting school swimming pools.
MHP Zero Robotics: Kevin Liden, Matthew Soto, Tommy Najor, Marc
Flom, Taylor Spillman, and James Silva.
MHP Engineering and Design Projects
(Left to Right) Jasmine presents her puzzle game. MHP Engineering Club members prepare the trebuchet.
Mr. Mack aims for the sky with the t-shirt launcher. Colin works his mechanical hand.
Page 4
Enriching Minds | Fostering Creativity
MHP Classroom Connections
MHP Science causes all kinds of reactions
In 2014-2015, all MHP freshman completed the Chemistry coursework of the Science curriculum, and
20% of freshman completed the Biology coursework in preparation for the AP program. MHP sophomores
completed both the Chemistry and Biology coursework of the Science curriculum,
and 50% completed honors-level courses in preparation for the AP program.
MHP Technology… Do u have IT in you?
This school year, MHP technology students developed and
implemented the student media site, Madison Heat
Monitor, and a database of school pictures and digital
recordings for the Madison School District, MSD Archives.
Along the way, technology students had the opportunity to
visit the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass
Communication at ASU. Next school year, MHP will offer
the computer programming course, Intro to Programming
(Computer Science).
MHP Fine Arts… enhancing knowledge through art
In 2014-2015, MHP fine arts students produced four visual
arts showcases and four fine arts assemblies. The MHP
Performance Band and MHP Performance Choir held a
winter and spring music concert in addition to performing
at the fine arts assemblies. The Drama & Production Club
performed three drama productions, “If It’s Monday, This
Must Be Murder”, “Bad Auditions by Bad Actors”, and
“Check, Please”.
MHP Languages offer a different view of life
This school year, 15 MHP students completed the Spanish
coursework in preparation for the AP Spanish program and
five MHP students were selected to participate in the
Middlebury Languages program. In February, MHP Spanish
students competed at the 2015 ASU Language Fair
sponsored by the School of International Letters and
Cultures. Evan Hallquist, Michaela Martin, Aiden Poelns,
and Asif Razack earned 2nd place in the state in the
Spanish language competition.
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Enriching Minds | Fostering Creativity
The Heat Chronicles
HEAT Athletics Update
2014-2015 HEAT Highlights
Heat Athletics brought plenty of excitement through the fall, winter, and spring seasons. In the fall, MHP
football capped their inaugural season with Kicker/Punter Michael McCann being named to the
All-State 2nd Team for Division I. Heat Soccer finished their first season with Ethan Houser being named
All-State Goalkeeper for Division I. Heat Volleyball earned a berth to the sectional tournament falling to
Tri-City Christian in three games. MHP Cheer supported the football team throughout the season.
In the winter, MHP JV Basketball completed a successful season finishing 5th in the state and earning a
berth to the state playoffs. The Heat were eliminate in the quarterfinals by Leading Edge-Gilbert. MHP JV
Girls Basketball completed a successful season winning their last six of nine games and finishing 7th in the
state. MHP Cheer supported the basketball teams throughout the season. Lady Heat Soccer capped their
inaugural season dropping their final two games to be eliminated from state playoff
In the spring, MHP Baseball finished their inaugural season with Catcher Trevor Oakes being named to
the Division I All-Star team. MHP Softball completed their inaugural season with Catcher Michaela
Martin being named to the Division I All-Star team.
Spring Sports Banquet Recognizes Athletes
The Spring Sports Banquet to recognize student-athletes for their contributions
was held on May 6th. The following student-athletes received team awards.
Varsity Baseball
Dustin LaFountain- Most Improved
Kai Kroodsma- HEAT Spirit
Ethan Houser- Offensive POY
Gianni Velasco- Defensive POY
Trevor Oakes- All-Around POY
Varsity Softball
Serena Meyer- Most Improved
Michaela Martin- HEAT Spirit
Jourdin Ely- Offensive POY
Cece German- Defensive POY
Sydney Hayward- All-Around POY
Student-Athletes of the Year
Trevor Oakes is the Male Student-Athlete of the Year. He played
Varsity Football, JV Basketball, and Varsity Baseball this school
year. Trevor maintains a 4.23 grade point average.
Michaela Martin is the Female Student-Athlete of the Year. She
played Varsity Volleyball, Varsity Soccer, JV Basketball, and
Varsity Softball this school year. Michaela maintains a 3.58 grade
point average.
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Happenings @ The Prep
FETE DU MASQUERADE ◊ Spring Prom Gallery
MHP Faculty, Staff, and Students wish to thank the
Booster Club for their support throughout
the 2014-2015 school year with Heat
Athletics Concessions, VEX Robotics, First
Family BBQ, Hot Chocolate Breaks, Otter
Pop Wednesdays, and Staff Appreciation Week.
Dr. Clark, Mrs. Palaich & Ms.
Morales help with the BBQ.
Page 7
Fabian confronts the Rock Wall.
Don’t look up!
Mr. Bonds takes a nap during Pajama Day.
Maria as Minnie Mouse.