señorita rosalita


señorita rosalita
Cleome hybrid
P. Allen Smith
Platinum Collection
Lavish dark green foliage creates a dramatic
backdrop for the vivid pink blooms. Señorita
Rosalita distinguishes itself with its dark
foliage and large flowers. Plus, it has minimal
oedema issues and is a vigorous grower. It has a
strong upright habit and flowers from the ground
up, overgrowing old flower spikes. Best grown in
1.0 GL Royale and planted in the landscape.
Growing Tips:
Does not self seed; requires high
fertility to keep foliage at its darkest.
Exposure: Full sun
Height: 24-48"
Spacing: 20-24"
Hardy Temp: 25°F (-4°C)
‘Inncleosr’ USPP19733 Can3290
Use in landscape beds for height or in
large planters.
This heat- and drought-tolerant plant adds
dramatic height to landscape beds; sterile
flowers and thornless, stickyless, “smell-less”
foliage adds to the appeal of this great
garden performer. Last longer than
traditional Cleome and retains its lower
foliage all season.
The #1 Plant Brand.®
Growing Tips for Señorita Rosalita®
Needs 300 ppm fertilizer for optimal growth.
Take care not to overwater.
Pinch once, two weeks after liner planting.
A second pinch may be necessary for large containers.
PGRs should not be necessary.
Spirit and Senorita Rosalita should NOT have oedema problems.
Additional Culture Information for Señorita Rosalita®
5.8 - 6.2 / 1.0 - 2.0
Growing Temperature: 65-72º/65-72º
Holding Temperature: 50-60º outdoors
Water Requirements: Dry to Moderate
Planting and Timing:
Mid-Spring through Summer Finish.
Standard Plants Per Pot.
Finish Times in Weeks: For 4-5”, 5-6; for 6”/gallon, 6-8;
for 8”, 8-10; for 10-12”, 10-12
Spring Outdoor Finish: Do not finish outside
B-9 slows down stretch and helps to keep foliage green.
Biweekly applications in moderate rates.
Monthly drench with Marathon II for Aphids prevention.
Award Winner:
72 Awards
Including: Excellent Rating, Boerner Botanical
Garden, Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Outstanding
Rating, Disney Trials; Top Performer,
Colorado State