Tropicanna® Canna 4.6MB - Landscaping With Tesselaar Plants



Tropicanna® Canna 4.6MB - Landscaping With Tesselaar Plants
Canna TROPICANNA®, Tropicanna® GOlD and Tropicanna® BlACk
Canna indica var. ‘Phasion’, Canna hybrid var. ‘MACtro’, and Canna hybrid var. ‘lon01’
Canna Tropicanna® is a dramatic, multihued tropical foliage plant that is
stunning in gardens, landscapes and in containers. It’s been used extensively in a variety of landscape settings, from botanical gardens to estate
and airport entranceways, to municipal plantings and resort grounds.
Tropicanna is equally well suited for planting in the landscape, in ponds
and water features and in both large and industrial containers.
Professional Tips
• Make Tropicanna’s seasonal growth work to your advantage by
planting it at the rear of a massed bed to completely change the
outlook or mask a view (perhaps of the swimming pool) during
warmer months.
• Tropicannas are great in ponds and water features. Try planting a
few at the end of a rectangular reflection pool, leaving two thirds
of the foliage free to reflect the foliage.
• Wherever possible, consider making the most of the early morning
or setting sun, positioning Tropicanna® or Tropicanna® Gold so
that they become backlit.
Original Tropicanna® plus ‘Gold’ and ‘Black’
Tropicanna® at a glance:
• Available in 3 great foliage colors
• USDA Zone 7-11, otherwise dig and store
• Grows to 4’ (1.2 m) in the 1st season, and up to
6’ (1.8 m) in subsequent seasons
• Striking in a variety of landscape settings
• Brilliantly colored flowers
• Grows in full sun or partial shade
• Ideal for beds, borders, ponds and containers
• Tolerates poorly drained soil
Tropicanna® is stunning
in any setting - from
courtyards to containers
Tropicanna® is a commercial planting, downtown Chicago
TroPiCAnnA® Quick Facts and Plant Characteristics
Suggested Uses:
Commercial landscapes in USDA zones 7 through 11 (no lifting required - otherwise dig and store). Tropicannas
work equally well in urban landscapes and commercial-sized planters as the do in gardens beds. It works well to
hide unsightly views, and is adds color and interest to water gardens, ponds and bogs.
Growth Habit and Pattern: Dense clump-forming plant with horizontal rhizomes that develop annually.
Plant Size:
In garden beds: grows to 4’ (1.2 m) high in the first year, grows up to 6’ (2 m) high in subsequent years in
USDA Zones 7 and above if undisturbed (not lifted), after growing season.
In containers: will grow 3’ (9 m) high or more, can be cut back any time to force new growth.
Plant in a large pot, 20” (50 cm) in diameter or larger to promote optimal plant growth/size
Plant 24-32” (61 -81 cm) apart in garden beds. Can be planted closer together in containers.
Flowering Period:
Flowers all season long. Duration is typically 2 to 3 months.
number of Flowers:
Four to eight flowers per stalk; stalks grow and mature to flower throughout growing season.
Flower Color:
Tropicanna® (indicia var. ‘Phasion) has Bright tangerine with vivid clarity of color; Tropicanna® GOlD (hybrid var.
‘MACtro’) has orange blossoms splashed with warm yellow edging; Tropicanna® BlACk (hybrid var. ‘lon01) has
brilliant red/orange flowers that contrast beautifully against the dark burgundy-black leaves.
Variegated leaves, each slightly different, yielding a multihued display that changes from burgundy to red to pink,
yellow, gold and deep green. GOlD’s leaves are a dark gray-green to light yellow-green with alternating
interveinal yellow-green stripes, which fade to creamy yellow as the plant matures. BlACk’s foliage is a lovely
bold purple with black hues. Makes brilliant cut foliage for flower arrangements.
As tropical plants, cannas are heat tolerant but sensitive to extended exposure to frost.
Mild winters (USDA Zones 7 through 11) As soon as the leaves begin to die back, cut off foliage
to soil level, and leave in ground or in pots over the winter. In spring, growth will start up as
warmer temperatures arrive.
Severe winters (USDA Zones 3 through 6) As soon as the leaves begin to die back, cut off
foliage to about 6 inches, dig up the rhizomes, let them dry for a few days in a protected area.
Store rhizomes in a cool dry place for the winter. Divide the rhizome shoots and replant in spring.
Canna Tropicanna is a tropical plant and should be protected from frost. Plants will over winter in the ground and
withstand light frosts; however, potted plants will need to be protected or over wintered in a greenhouse.
Tropicanna will start to grow when temperatures exceed 50OF (10°C) in Spring, but leaves won't attain full color
until temperatures regularly exceed 60OF (15°C).
Light needs:
Performs best in full sun (six hours of sun daily), but will tolerate partial shade (minimum four hours of sun daily).
Soil needs:
Tropicanna will tolerate a range of soils but will perform best in a deep fertile soil.
It will tolerate poorly drained areas.
Water needs:
With broad fleshy leaves, Tropicanna requires moderate watering to perform best, but is drought tolerant.
In spring, use a slow-release flowering plant formula high in potassium to encourage flowering. Too much
nitrogen can yield a plant that is excessively tall and elongated.
Disease Tolerance:
Cannas are not prone to disease in the landscape.
Pest issues:
No major pests. Snails and slugs can damage leaves.
Special Care:
Avoid windy locations as the large soft leaves can be damaged.
Outdoors: Better performance will be attained if plants are watered and fed regularly, but once established,
Tropicanna flowers readily with minimal care.
In Containers: If a potted plant should dry out excessively, leaves may fade to green and yellow, losing the array
of mixed colorations. If this should happen, cut back lackluster leaves or even the entire stem to the soil line.
Water regularly. Plant will respond by sending up new shoots.
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