Amazing Fall Foliage Tour



Amazing Fall Foliage Tour
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Professional Wildlife
and Nature Photographer
Charles MacPherson
Amazing Photography Tours, Workshops, Classes and One-on-One Lessons
Amazing Fall Foliage Tour
Registration is limited to 10 and requires a minimum of 3
An explosion of Fall colors. Quaint New England villages at their finest.
Covered bridges. The White Mountains. 2 days, $395* plus your own expenses.
It’s all waiting for you - and your camera!
*Prices subject to change, but are locked in with payment in full. Other tems and conditions apply. See for full details.
Each autumn the hills of New England put on a
spectacular show! The hills of green burst into color
as reds, oranges and yellows play across the
countryside while the fall air turns crisp. We’ll meander
through tiny villages and the White Mountains of
New Hampshire, soaking it all in.
Each year, we include a visit to a stream in New
Hampshire where we conduct a mini-workshop
designed to teach you how to get those silky
“flowing water” shots.
We set aside time in the
evening to review and gently
critique our images as we
relax in anticipation of the
next day’s activities.
We’ll visit covered bridges, quaint country stores and
restaurants, tiny villages - all part of the New England
Because the timing of the peak foliage color can vary
by 1-2 weeks every year, we’ll determine the exact
route the week just before the tour, but we’ll be staying
in southern New Hampshire at the same hotel for both
Friday and Saturday nights.
Some of the sites we’ll visit include the beautiful Flume
and Gorge in Franconia Notch, Cannon Mountain, and
the Kangamangus Highway.
[email protected]
This trip wasn’t designed
by your doctor, but don’t be
surprised if the stresses of
daily life vanish as you lose
yourself in the experience of
a New England autumn!
Amazing Fall Foliage Tour
Catch the color. Work with the light. Create a perfect composition
that will grace your portfolio for years to come. You’ll relish giving
your camera a thorough wokout!
We drive caravan-style through
the back roads of New Hampshire,
connected by cell phones and
hand-held radios so we can call out
a “photo stop!” if we see something
we want to capture.
We’ll do some light hiking through
the woods so we can slow down
and really enjoy the experience as
we explore, stopping to shoot more
images along the way.
Your guide, Charlie MacPherson, is
an accomplished wildlife and nature
photographer, writer and speaker.
He’s a native New Englander and
knows this region thoroughly - he’s
been photographing these fall colors
for 40 years, and he thoroughly
enjoys sharing his knowledge with
tour guests.
No matter where the peak foliage is,
he’ll get you there and in to the best
shooting positions!
When do your Foliage tours run?
Every year during October. The peak colors move
from north to south and from higher altitudes to lower
throughout the month. We plan our tour route to catch
up with the peak.
What camera gear do you recommend for this trip?
Almost any camera will do. For DSLR users, we suggest
a good wide angle to catch broad swaths of color and a
medium zoom, roughly in the 50mm - 200mm range for
other shots. Macro lenses could be fun too.
What do I need to capture the “flowing water” shots
you mentioned?
A good tripod and neutral density filters. We use B+W
filters and bring both 3-stop and 8-stop filters. You can
rent variable ND filters and tripods from our friends at
What is the weather like?
October temperatures can run from the low 50s to mid
70s, so dressing in layers that you can remove as the
day warms is always a good idea. Rain is a possibility
any day, so consider rain covers or trash bags to keep
your camera gear dry.
How do we get around?
We each drive our own cars and stay connected via
hand-held radios and cell phones as we drive.
I have more questions. Can we talk?
Absolutely! Call Charlie’s cell at 781-470-9111 (EST).
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