operators manual



operators manual
Patent Pending
This patent-pending portable air conditioner and ice cooler is designed to keep you
and your beverages cool at:
The lake or beach
Little league games or other recreational sports competitions
On the job
At the park
Anywhere that you need a cool breeze!
To avoid danger of suffocation, dispose of the plastic packaging bag and keep
away from children and pets.
Do not use dry ice, use of dry ice in an enclosed area can cause serious injury
or death.
Do not operate your unit if any of the power supply cords are damaged.
Do not sit or stand on the unit.
Be sure to secure the unit while traveling in any moving vehicle.
Keep the outflow vent clear of any obstructions.
Do not add salt to any part of the unit.
Always pull the unit by the handle, do not push.
Empty excess water before lifting up on the handle water could pour out.
Do not immerse the unit in water.
Do not let the unit run dry, as this could damage pump.
Lifting too high on the handle could result in tipping and loss of contents.
Helpful Hints
When using the IcyBreeze as an air conditioner, for best results the use of blocked
ice is recommended in your IcyBreeze unit. The use of ice from self-serve machines may not perform as well as blocked ice in your unit. We have also found that
freezing gallon jugs with water and placing them inside the unit along with cubed
ice lengthens cooling time. Be sure to fill water to the “Minimum Water Fill” line.
Unpacking Your IcyBreeze
Take your IcyBreeze out of its protective plastic bag and safely dispose of the plastic bag. Plastic bags can be hazardous to children and pets. Unwrap and prepare
all chargers and accessories purchased with your IcyBreeze. Ensure that all parts
and pieces are removed from the IcyBreeze packaging (box and bag) before discarding.
Charge Your Battery
Locate the 12-Volt Battery Charger that is included with your IcyBreeze. Plug the
charger into the control panel on the top of the IcyBreeze lid to begin charging the
battery pack. Make sure that the charger’s solid red light is on. This light indicates
that your battery pack is charging and will be ready in approximately six to eight
hours. Charging times may vary. A solid green light indicates a full charge. If the
light is flashing green, check make sure unit is off, check connections. If light is
flashing red, allow more time to charge. (See page 4)
Other Power Options
If you purchased the optional 12V automotive continuous power adapter or 110V
continuous wall adapter, you can use your IcyBreeze immediately without charging
the battery pack completely. Please note: The 12-volt automotive and 110-volt
adapters will not charge the battery pack. Follow the rest of the directions for filling
the cooler before turning on the unit.
Filling Your Cooler
Before filling your IcyBreeze cooler, make sure the drain plug is properly fitted to
the drain tube. Next, fill the unit with approximately two quarts of cold tap water or
until water level reaches the “Minimum Water Level” line clearly marked inside the
unit. Adding more than the recommended amount of water or adding hot water
will reduce cooling performance. This will ensure optimum operation.
Fill the IcyBreeze with the desired amount of ice. DO NOT USE DRY ICE. THIS CAN
cooler with ice. Be sure that the lid closes without impacting ice. Unit holds 30lbs
of ice.
Using Your Portable Air Conditioner
By this step, your IcyBreeze should have power, water and ice. You’ll need to turn
the switch to one of the three fan positions to start your IcyBreeze. It takes the
pump about 20 seconds to run water through the cooling system. Once the ice
begins cooling the water, you should begin to feel cool air. The air of the IcyBreeze
comes out through the vent or you may pull the flexible vent tube to direct the
Battery and Charger
When fully charged, your IcyBreeze is designed to operate up to 6 hours on low, 4
hours on medium and 2.5 on high speed, Actual performance may vary.
The charger included with your IcyBreeze is a smart charger designed specifically
for use with an IcyBreeze unit. Do not attempt to use this charger with any other
devices. Do not attempt to use any other charging unit or device on your IcyBreeze.
Damage to your unit and/or charger could occur.
Upon opening your IcyBreeze, we recommend you immediately charge the battery
with the charger provided for a minimum of six hours, or until the light on your
charger turns solid green, which indicates a full charge.
The maximum charge time is 8 hrs, The unit cannot be left to charge for long periods of time. after 8 hrs the charger must be reset by unplugging from unit.
Charger Indicator Lights
Solid Green Light: Fully charged
Solid Red Light: Battery is above 5V and is properly charging
Flashing Green Light: Unit is not turned off, charger is not connected properly
Flashing Red Light: Battery is below 5V, allow more time to charge. If a red
flashing light persists after several hours of charging, please contact IcyBreeze.
Storing Your IcyBreeze
If you are storing your IcyBreeze for an extended amount of time, it is best stored in
a cool, dry location. Do not expose the battery pack or other electrical components
to long-term direct sunlight or temperature extremes. Your IcyBreeze should be
stored in temperatures between 35 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit The battery pack
will deplete in 30 to 60 days and will need recharging before use. Simply plug in
your charger and charge the battery with the charger provided for a minimum of
six hours, or until the light on your charger turns solid green, which indicates a full
Battery Specifications
Chemistry: Nickel Metal Hydride
Nominal Voltage: 12V DC 10Ah
Amp draw: 1.7A - low, 2.5A - medium, 4A - high
Charge time: Up to 5Hr on dead battery
Charge lasts: 6Hr on low, 4Hr on medium, 2.5Hr on high
I hear a loud whinning noise
If you hear a loud whine this is an indication that the pump is running dry. Make
sure the unit has been filled with water to the minimum fill line with 2 qts of water.
There is no air blowing
The fan gets it’s power from the battery pack or continuous power. If you are going to run the unit on battery power be sure the battery pack is fully charged. The
Solid-State control panel does not contain any user-serviceable parts. If you are
experiencing difficulties, contact IcyBreeze.
Battery will not charge (See page 4 for more info)
Check to make sure the unit is turned off, the unit is off when the switch wheel
has been rotated all the way forward to the bare position on the switch.
Be sure the connection to the charging plug is fitted properly to the control panel
and the charge plug is locked into the panel.
Check that the LED light on the charger is solid red, this indicates the battery
pack is charging. If a flashing red light is indicated after checking the above the
battery has dropped below 5V and is in a trickle charge mode until the battery
reaches 5V, then it will switch to a solid red light indicating charging.
If a flashing green light is present on the charger, confirm that the charger is
fitted properly to the control panel and that the unit is in the off position. If the
issue persists please contact IcyBreeze.
IcyBreeze is not cooling effectively.
• Make sure lid is closed, Do not run unit with lid open.
• Check that there is sufficient ice and appropriate water level up to the
“Minimum Water Fill” line.
• Check to see if fan is working properly at all speeds.
• Check to see if water is flowing from return line.
• Check that there are no obstructions at the bottom of the pump cover.
• Turn the unit off then on, allow 20 seconds for water to flow through the
system and come out of the discharge hose after turning the unit on.
• IcyBreeze contains a submersible pump that has been tested before
installation. The pump does not contain any user-serviceable parts.
• If flow or cooling does not resume, then please contact IcyBreeze.
Optional Power Adapters & Accessories
Optional IcyBreeze Adapters
The IcyBreeze unit currently has two optional power source adapters available for
purchase. The 12V Adapter plugs into all standard cigarette and power adapters.
The 12V adapter automatically bypass’s the internal battery pack to power your
IcyBreeze unit directly. The 12V Adapter will not charge your battery pack. The
battery pack can only be charged with the 110V battery charger provided with the
unit at time of purchase.
The 110V Power Adapter is designed to plug into standard US wall receptacles.
It is not designed for use with non-US wall plug-ins. The 110V Power Adapter will
automatically bypass the internal battery pack and run your IcyBreeze directly.
The 110V Adapter will not charge your battery pack. The battery pack can only be
charged with the battery charger provided with the unit at the time of purchase.
Using the Corded Remote
A Corded Remote Switch is available as an accessory with your IcyBreeze unit. Simply plug in the remote switch to its receptacle on the control panel, then turn on your
unit to the desired fan speed. You can now switch the power on and off remotely.
IcyBreeze Accessories
110V-12V Charger
110V Power Supply
12V Power Supply
Corded Remote
4ft Hose Extension
Tapered Hose Fitting
IcyBreeze products and accessories are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for 90 days from
the original date of purchase. IcyBreeze’s sole obligation in the event of such defects during this period
is to repair or replace the defective item with a comparable item at IcyBreeze’s sole discretion. Except
for such repair or replacement, the sale, processing or other handling of this product is without warranty, condition or other liability even though the defect or loss may be caused by negligence or other fault.
Damage resulting from use, accident, or normal wear and tear is not covered by this or any warranty.
IcyBreeze assumes no liability for any accident, injury, death, loss, or other claim related to or resulting
from the use of this product. In no event shall IcyBreeze be liable for incidental or consequential damages relating to or resulting from the use of this product or any of its parts or accessories. This limited
warranty covers all defects encountered in normal use of the products, and does not apply in the case
of loss of or damage to the product due to abuse, mishandling, improper installation by you, improper
packaging by you, alteration, accident, failure to follow operating, maintenance or environmental instructions prescribed in IcyBreeze’s user manual, use of parts or supplies that cause damage to the
product, or services performed by someone other than IcyBreeze or an IcyBreeze authorized service
provider for the product. Returns or replacements of products and/or accessories may be subject to
shipping, handling, replacement and/or restocking fees.
Return Policy
An Icybreeze unit and/or accessories may be returned for credit or refund within
30 days from date of purchase. Units being returned must be in resell-able condition. Damaged units are not eligible for return or refund. IcyBreeze reserves the
right to review each return request based on its sole discretion.
Step One: Call IcyBreeze To process a return
Call us at 918-970-2300 or 1 (855) 216 6300 during office hours between 8 am
to 5 pm CST to first obtain a return authorization. We will help you with steps
needed to properly return a unit.
Step Two: Shipping the unit back to IcyBreeze
The unit being returned should be packed in an appropriately prepared box or in
our original manufacturer’s box, complete with the owner’s manual and all components (if applicable). A copy of the original order showing purchase and the return
authorization with reason for return must accompany the article. Please do not
mail purchase information in letter form under separate cover. Shipping should be
prepaid. We can’t accept COD shipments at our facility. We won’t refund shipping
costs unless it is a manufacturers defect.
All returns must be shipped to:
IcyBreeze, LLC Attn: Returns Department 14989 S. Grant St. Bixby, OK 74008
Step Three: Processing the credit
The original credit card used to make the purchase will be credited the purchase
price plus any tax charged.
Cleaning Your IcyBreeze
The IcyBreeze functions best when kept clean. After use, pull the drain plug and
be sure to drain any remaining water from the cooler area of the unit. The outside and inside surfaces of the IcyBreeze can be cleaned with most mild cleaning
solutions and rinsed thoroughly afterwards. Store the unit in a cool, dry area at
temperatures above 35 degrees Fahrenheit to avoid water freezing in the unit.
We recommend periodically running the system using a white vinegar and water
solution in areas of the country with hard water. These mineral deposits can build
up in the pump, tubing and radiator reducing heat exchange efficiency and possibly plugging the system.
Holds 30lbs of ice
38qt interior holds 49 cans
Interior dimensions: L-18.5 W-11.25 D-11
Exterior dimensions: L-23.5 W-16.25 H-18.5
Dry weight: 21 lbs
IcyBreeze, LLC 14989 S. Grant St. Bixby, OK 74008
Call us at 918-970-2300 or 1 (855) 216 6300