Right: a cross-section of a CFB-boiler
Below: model figures of a simulator
Schedule and Content
Simulator training includes both basic and
advanced courses, but the courses can also
be tailored to suit the needs of the customer.
(1-2 people/computer.)
Basic course:
• 3 days; focuses on the cold boiler start-up
Advanced course:
• 2 days; focuses on the problem situations
Aims of the Training:
• To learn the basic skills in practice
• To improve the professional skills in a safe
and cost-effective learning environment
• To solve the problem situations without
risking the safety of people and equipment
Target groups
Commissioning personnel
Maintenance personnel
Time and place
• Any time suitable for the customer
• In the simulator training classroom at
Kymenlaakso UAS or in the customer’s
own premises according to the contract
• Resuperheating boiler with Intrex super heaters
• Enables the parallel running of two boilers
• Natural circulation and variable pressure
boilers feed to the same turbine
• Available only in the simulator training
classroom at Kymenlaakso UAS
• 16 people maximum
Multi-Fuel boiler:
• Based on the simulation version of a Delta-V
Process automation system
• Resuperheating boiler with Intrex superheaters
• Laptop computers (the training can take
place in the customer’s premises)
• 8 people maximum
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Further information
Tuomo Pimiä
Research engineer
Tel. 044 702 8257
[email protected]
Päivi Kitunen
Education planner
Training Services
Tel. 044 702 8221
[email protected]
Kymenlaakso University of Applied Sciences
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48401 Kotka
Tel. (exchange) 044 702 8888

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