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U.S. Manufacturing Enables Tramontina to Increase
Market Share, Better Serve Customers
Tramontina USA, Inc. has emerged as a leading manufacturer
of houseware products that are not only beautiful and
functional but represent a very high-level of quality,
craftsmanship and value for retailers and consumers.
As a company with both U.S. and global manufacturing
capabilities, Tramontina is uniquely positioned to fill customers’
orders for a wide range of cookware, cutlery and hollow ware
products with unparalleled efficiency, accuracy and speed.
Since 1986, the company has steadily invested in personnel,
facilities and equipment to develop an infrastructure that
delivers superior responsiveness to the demands of an
ever-changing retail marketplace.
Made in the U.S.A. In 2005, Tramontina refitted and
reopened a former Mirro factory in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, and
created a new company, Tramontina U.S. Cookware, Inc. This
effort affirmed Tramontina’s commitment to a strong and
growing manufacturing presence within the United States and
highlighted its commitment to providing its customers with the
highest levels of customer service. This state-of-the-art factory
manufactures aluminum nonstick cookware in a wide variety
of exterior colors and finishes, including porcelain enamel,
commercial satin finish and colored enamel for both
consumer and commercial foodservice cooking.
Cookware vessels are produced in Wisconsin, where the
nonstick coating and exterior finishes are both applied. The
company has made enormous investments in new finishing lines
equipped with machines utilizing the latest technology available.
These machines accurately perform the final steps in finishing
the cookware and automatically assembling the cookware
fixtures. This initiative allows Tramontina to customize
cookware vessels with a variety of handle designs to match
customer needs, price points and expectations.
Vessels are then finished and packaged at the company’s U.S.
headquarters in Sugar Land, Texas, enabling Tramontina to
deliver orders with unmatched speed and precision.
To accommodate its increasing growth and production
capabilities, Tramontina has purchased additional land and
plans new construction, slated for completion in mid-2007.
This investment will increase the company’s campus to
six buildings totaling 2.2 million square-feet of distribution
center, warehouse, manufacturing and corporate offices.
“We are extremely proud of the cascading profitability and
positive effects of Tramontina’s manufacturing presence in
Manitowoc,” said Antonio J. Galafassi, president of Tramontina
USA, Inc. “In an 18-month time frame, we have awakened
a sleeping factory, created jobs for more than 100 American
workers, and begun shipping U.S.-made cookware to major
retailers in the United States, Canada and Mexico.”
The factory’s daily production currently averages approximately
50,000 pieces per day, with the goal of doubling this productivity
in the near future.
“Manufacturing product within the United States has
provided a great deal of flexibility not only for Tramontina,
but also for our customers,” commented Galafassi.
“We are extremely competitive on the pricing of our
U.S.-made products, which is directly attributable to the
domestic availability of raw materials, shortened lead
times as well as the freight and logistics savings we
incur on transportation for items made in Wisconsin.”
Customer Service
Tramontina’s customer service is more
than just a boast. The company has received numerous awards
from leading national retailers, including quarterly awards for
superior service and consecutive Vendor of the Year awards in
the housewares category.
“Shipping on time, accurately and without backorders is one of the
foundations of customer service at Tramontina,” said Galafassi.
“The ability to manufacture in the U.S., combined with our extensive
warehouse space, means we have a depth of product in stock,
allowing us to keep the store shelves stocked, with more product
constantly being loaded into the pipeline.”
"We will do everything
in our power to keep our commitments and
ship on time and with a 100% fill rate."
In today’s highly competitive retail environment, Tramontina
understands the value of reliability and the importance of delivering
on commitments.
“We understand the trust a buyer places in our company when they
commit to a program and place a purchase order,” said Galafassi.
“We will do everything in our power to keep our commitments and
ship on time and with a 100% fill rate.”
Merchandising Support The impact of
attractive, eye-catching packaging for products
is immeasurable, and Tramontina is dedicated
to providing the best for their products. The
company operates an in-house advertising and
design department that is fully equipped
with the latest generation of design software
and computers.
A fully equipped, in-house digital photography
studio provides quick turnaround for all product
images used in package design and marketing
of products. The combination of these tools
enables Tramontina to consistently deliver
visually appealing, high-quality retail packaging
that appeals to professional and novice
cooks alike.
Cookware and Cutlery Options While aluminum nonstick
cookware is the focus of Tramontina’s domestic manufacturing
efforts, the company’s other factories in Brazil and abroad produce
several lines of 18/10 stainless steel and hard anodized cookware,
forged and stamped professional cutlery as well as a variety of
18/10 stainless steel kitchen and servingware items.
Tramontina’s newest product offering features the full-clad stainless
steel and copper “Butterfly” line of cookware designed and produced
by award-winning designer Claudio Bellini for Barazzoni S.p.A., of
Italy. This outstandingly beautiful line is available as a product offering
in Tramontina Limited Editions. This new initiative, debuting at the
International Home & Housewares Show in Chicago, showcases
Tramontina’s ability to deliver high-end uniquely designed products
and its commitment to providing the industry’s most comprehensive
assortment of cookware. Retailers across the full spectrum of
distribution channels can rely on Tramontina to deliver high-quality
products to meet their customers’ needs.
For retailers looking for alternatives to 18/10 stainless steel cookware,
Tramontina’s hard anodized cookware is a great option. Vessels are
made of heavy-gauge aluminum and have ergonomically designed
cast, stainless steel handles.
Tramontina also has new offerings in heavy-gauge, colored aluminum
cookware, available in eye-catching red or black exterior enamel
finishes. These versatile pans feature reinforced nonstick coatings,
precision, cast stainless steel handles and silicone soft-grip inserts
that are as comfortable as they are attractive.
With its ability to create and manufacture a wide range of pan shapes
and sizes and its commitment to manufacturing excellence, Tramontina
delivers cookware for consumers of all skill levels.
The Domus line of 18/10 stainless steel cookware is an elegant
European-styled line that features cast handles and is available in
either a mirror or brushed exterior finish. All vessels have a tri-ply
bottom, allowing the cookware to be used on many ranges including
induction stoves.
Tramontina’s Brazilian factories manufacture more than 1.2 million
pieces of cutlery each day and have mastered the construction of
both forged and stamped styles. Forged knives from Tramontina’s
Professional Series have not only been recognized as a “Best Buy”
by a leading consumer magazine but also have consistently been
recognized with excellent ratings in cutlery reviews.
The Tri-Ply Clad 18/10 Stainless Steel Cookware line features vessels
constructed from a full clad sheet of 18/10 stainless steel on interior
and exterior pan surfaces with a layer of aluminum sandwiched in
between. This three-layer design, with the aluminum in the middle,
provides even heating not only on pan bottoms but fully up each side of
the cookware vessel.
Tramontina USA, Inc. was founded in 1986 and is one of the largest
corporate affiliates of the Tramontina Group from Brazil. The Tramontina
Group is an international consortium founded in 1911 by Valentin
Tramontina and headquartered in the Rio Grande Do Sul, the
southernmost state of Brazil. The group operates 10 modern factories
and 12 distribution centers worldwide, and is one of the
Available in copper (copper-aluminum-18/10 stainless steel),
or stainless steel (18/10 stainless steel-aluminum-18/10 stainless steel).
Both exterior finishes feature three-layer (full-clad) vessel,
with unique oxidized stainless steel handles.
Heavy-Gauge Cast Iron
Porcelain Enamel Coating
Superior Heat Retention
Cleans up Easily
Available in a Variety of Colors
Hard Anodized
Heavy-Gauge Aluminum Cookware
Premium Hard Anodized Exterior Finish
Superior Reinforced Nonstick Coating
Heavy-Gauge, 18/10 Stainless Steel Lids
Cast Stainless Steel Handles & Knobs
Versatile Cookware Shapes and Sizes
Forged Cutlery
Stain-Free, High-Carbon Steel
Precision-Honed - Fine Edge
Taper Ground
Solid Bolster
Nylon Handle with Full-Tang Construction
3 Solid Stainless Rivets
Quality Products Since 1911
To Our Valued Customers,
At a time when many companies are moving American jobs overseas, Tramontina USA Inc.
has invested in manufacturing cookware right here in the United States. In 2005, Tramontina
refitted and re-opened the former Mirro manufacturing facility in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, and
today is producing over 50,000 pieces per day there.
This year our company has purchased land and begun construction near our U.S. headquarters
in Sugar Land, Texas, that will also be used to increase our domestic manufacturing capability.
When completed in 2007, this new construction will provide Tramontina USA with 2.2 million
square-feet of manufacturing, warehouse, distribution and office space. It will also provide
hundreds of American jobs.
Antonio Galafassi
We invest in these effor ts not only because they are the right thing to do, but because we
truly believe that domestic manufacturing and warehousing better enable us to meet the
needs of our retail partners.
Tramontina has invested millions of dollars in building state-of-the ar t manufacturing,
warehouse and distribution facilities. We have made comparable investments in graphic
and product design to insure that the products and packaging we provide help you, our
customers, grow sales and profits.
Your business is at the center of everything we do.
While many companies today look only to reduce costs, at Tramontina we strongly believe
in adding value. That means delivering a quality product that is priced appropriately, that
is delivered on time and in the right quantity. Not some of the time, but ever y time.
At Tramontina we are investing in our business to better help you grow yours.
Respectfully yours,
Antonio J. Galafassi
President and CEO
Tramontina USA, Inc.
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