2015 Tramontina Product Innovation, Quality and Logistics


2015 Tramontina Product Innovation, Quality and Logistics
Product Innovation,
Quality and Logistics
Domestic Advantages for Housewares Retailers
2015 International Home + Housewares Show
Booth #S2240
Expanding Capacity
In 2014, Tramontina USA successfully
completed the installation of a new
and fully automated production line.
The company also implemented major
improvements in infrastructure, distribution
and logistics to further enhance the
product assortment, service and delivery
to our retail partners.
With these significant improvements,
Tramontina remains a unique domestic
supplier within the housewares industry,
providing high-quality cookware and
housewares items to meet market trends
and supporting the growing consumer
demand for the Tramontina brand.
The company’s strengths and flexibility are
made possible by continued investment in:
• Domestic cookware manufacturing
• Product development, innovation and
• Photography, graphic
and packaging design
• Logistics and customer
“This past year, our entire team dedicated
substantial time, energy and financing to
our manufacturing and logistics operations
to achieve the next level in production
and distribution,” said Antonio Galafassi,
president and CEO of Tramontina USA,
“As we move forward, we have never
lost sight of the most important benefits
we provide to our customers: high
quality products, competitive prices and
shipments which are delivered on time
with a 100% fill rate.”
Cookware Made in the USA
Since 2005, Tramontina has proudly
manufactured aluminum nonstick
cookware within the United States at
the company’s factory in Manitowoc,
Tramontina recently completed installation
of a new production line within the
Manitowoc facility which produces
cookware in new interior and exterior
finishes, including interior ceramiccoated cookware. The additional capacity
increases the company’s overall average
daily production output by nearly 40%.
This addition now allows for domestic
cookware manufacturing in a variety of
finishes, including:
• Hard anodized
• Colored ceramic-coated
• Colored porcelain enamel
• Bright multi-colored exterior
• Commercial-grade aluminum alloy 3004
• Mirror-polished aluminum alloy 3004
• Speed to market
• Greater flexibility for product
• Domestic warehousing and
• Short lead times – lower
• Supply based on demand
• Superior quality control
• Retention of domestic
• Conservation of resources
• Conformance with social,
ethical and manufacturing
• Superior warranty and
customer service
These finishes are combined with the
best and latest generations of PFOA-free
nonstick and ceramic coatings available
from the world’s leading manufacturers.
The on-going revitalization and support of
domestic manufacturing by major retailers
and government agencies, combined
Come visit us at Booth #S2240
Hard Anodized Constructed of premium materials, Tramontina’s
heavy-gauge hard anodized cookware line with DuPont® Teflon Platinum nonstick
provides exceptional performance, outstanding durability and effortless cleaning.
NSF Certified | Lifetime Warranty
Tramontina USA, Inc.
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with continued consumer demand for
Made in USA items, certainly spotlights
the tangible benefits of domestic
“Made in USA cookware manufacturing
remains a win-win situation for
Tramontina and our retail partners,”
said Galafassi. “Consumers continue
to support Made in USA items, giving
retailers more reasons to place these
items within the stores. Additionally,
there are tremendous benefits for the
retailer and supply chain management.
The benefits include, but are not limited
to, timely replenishment, fast deliveries,
reorder on an as-needed basis, and
retailer reassurance of Tramontina’s
compliance with responsible and ethical
Product Development &
Manufacturing Innovation
Tramontina also has continuously
invested in product development,
research and manufacturing innovation
to respond to housewares product
The combination of in-house
product development and domestic
manufacturing provides the utmost
flexibility in new item creation, as well
as the selection of product finishes
and exterior cookware colors. More
importantly, retailers are provided many
options as they tailor their product
challenge here is to not only select
and present retailers a trendy color
assortment appealing to consumers, but
also manage the color assortment to
ensure colors with the highest sales rates
are readily available. Over the years,
we have learned a great deal about
managing color assortments and product
To increase customization options,
Tramontina performs cookware finishing,
assembly operations and packing at its
Sugar Land, Texas facility near Houston.
This process provides flexibility to
retailers, as they can customize a product
with a specific bottom treatment, handle
or lid.
The cookware finishing process also
provides another checkpoint within the
company’s quality assurance processes.
Tramontina recently completed
installation of robotic equipment to mass
assemble fry pans and sauce pans within
the recently introduced Fusion Rivet-Less
Cooking Surface product line.
This exclusive assembly system provides
a rivet-less, smooth interior cooking
surface with all the strength and
durability of a traditional riveted handle
assembly. The product has great appeal
for both home and professional cooks, as
the rivet-less surface provides simple and
easy cleanup.
“During the last four years, we have
significantly expanded the use of both
interior and exterior colors within
our cookware product selections and
have achieved amazing results,” said
Galafassi. “However, the biggest
Cooking System provides a safe,
practical, versatile and innovative way to
“We have quality cookware lines made
from the best materials and the most
advanced manufacturing technology,
which are suitable for any cooktops
including induction,” said Galafassi.
“We are really concentrating on this new
product segment, and will introduce
several new induction cooktops, which
are planned to be sold as systems in
combination with the induction ready
Photography, Graphic and Packaging
Design Capabilities
Tramontina operates a comprehensive
photo studio, graphic and packaging
design division within the company
to create all photos, packaging and
marketing material for Tramontina
“Enticing, well-designed packaging and
merchandising solutions are enormous
benefits for retailers,” said Galafassi.
“With our in-house capabilities, we are
able to react to the challenges posed by
merchants and provide both packaging
and in-store solutions.”
Logistics and Customer Service
To increase shipping speed and
accuracy, Tramontina recently installed
an automated conveyor system with
barcode technology to quickly process
large volume shipments.
“This new system greatly reduces
the manual labor required to process
our largest volume shipments and
definitely assists with accuracy in order
processing,” said Galafassi. “More
importantly, this automation helps to
ensure purchase orders are shipped on
time and with a 100% fill rate, which is
imperative to our customer service.”
As a leading cookware manufacturer,
Tramontina has long pioneered the
production of a series of cookware
lines manufactured to be induction
compatible. In 2014, the company
introduced a new 6 Pc. Induction
Cooking System. The system includes
both induction ready cookware along
with a portable induction cooktop.
Preparing food with induction cooktops
continues to grow in popularity with
consumers, and this 6 Pc. Induction
The installation of the automated
conveyor system follows recent
investments in pick and ship order
fulfillment systems for online retailers.
Tramontina is continuing to expand the
company’s online product placement,
sales and distribution, and the
infrastructure provides seamless and ontime drop-ship order fulfillment to retail
Tramontina also provides exceptional
consumer assistance and warranty
service from the company’s corporate
office in Sugar Land.
Tri-Ply Clad Our tri-ply clad cookware is made from three layers: an 18/10 stainless steel inner
layer, an aluminum core and a magnetic stainless steel exterior layer, for maximum heat conductivity.
Stainless steel lids and handles provide the ultimate in durability and performance. This cookware is
oven-safe and compatible with all cooktops, including induction. NSF Certified | Lifetime Warranty
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Tramontina USA - Texas Campus
Brand Strategy
With its broad range of manufacturing
capabilities, Tramontina produces
cookware to meet any consumer’s needs.
The company has created several quality
product collections that encompass a
complete range of materials, styles and
price points:
• LimitedEditions
• Gourmet
• Professional
• Style
• Select
• EveryDay
Aluminum nonstick cookware is the
focus of Tramontina USA’s domestic
manufacturing. The company’s
comprehensive network of factories in
Brazil and abroad produce several lines:
• Premium 18/10 stainless steel
• Large assortment of 18/10 stainless
steel flatware, kitchen and servingware
• Forged and stamped professional
• Enameled cast iron cookware
New Look – International Home +
Housewares Show
Tramontina’s full product assortment
will be on display at the company’s new
booth (#S2240) at the International
Home + Housewares Show. The booth
has been redesigned to better showcase
Tramontina’s comprehensive product lines
and provide more avenues for cooking
demonstrations and presentations.
Global Manufacturing Legacy
Tramontina USA, Inc. was founded
in 1986 and is one of the largest
corporate affiliates of the Tramontina
Group from Brazil. The Tramontina
Group is an international consortium
founded in 1911 by Valentin
Tramontina and headquartered in Rio
Grande Do Sul, the southernmost state
of Brazil.
The group operates 12 modern
factories and multiple distribution
centers worldwide and is one of
the world’s leading manufacturers
of household goods, ranging from
cookware and cutlery to flatware and
kitchen utensils. Tramontina USA has
become one of the largest channels of
distribution of products manufactured
under the Tramontina brand.
Tramontina’s domestic production
expands on a manufacturing legacy in
place for more than a century, where
craftsmanship and quality are pillars of
the Tramontina culture.
Domus Our Domus cookware line is made of heavy-gauge 18/10 stainless steel with
tri-ply base construction for excellent heat conductivity. Stainless steel lids and handles provide
the ultimate in durability and performance. This cookware is oven-safe and compatible with all
cooktops, including induction. NSF Certified | Lifetime Warranty
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LYON Designed for versatility. Engineered for performance.
LYON cookware is designed and precision engineered for easier and healthier
cooking, from stovetop to oven to table.
Lifetime Warranty
USA, Inc. USA,
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