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Crafts - Leather
In the colonization stage, the horse was the only means
of transportation, and currently has a relevant role in the
daily farm tasks. The necessary tack is manufactured in
leather, combining the Spanish culture with Arab roots,
the natural resources of the River Plate and the adaptations made by the natives.
The different types of leather are used to manufacture a vast number of products, including some of remarkable
resistance, such as lassos, muzzles and hobbles. On the other hand, accessories of excellent finish are manufactured, such as key rings, knife sheaths, belts, etc.
A combination of bovine and horse leathers is generally employed in the manufacture of these crafts. The thin
leather or strip is used for seams and fasteners of several types, providing a special finish to each product. In some
occasions, silver and gold rings and fasteners are used.
The horse riding farm workers are usually skilled in
saddlery and frequently manufacture leather reins,
muzzles, etc. Additionally, there are craftsmen devoted to
this activity who sell their products, which are also
demanded by people outside the agricultural sector.
There is an annual leather strap crafts Contest in which
the best saddlers of the country participate.

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