“BACK TO THE ROOTS” “Lune - bag”


“BACK TO THE ROOTS” “Lune - bag”
“Lune - bag”
is the name of the collection, where I want to show
the necessity of sustainable design. I wanted to
discover the new or forgotten manufacturing
methodes. I am using natural materials which I
transform into noble accessories.
“Black/Lizard and Silver/Python
“Python bracelet”
“Circles “ inspired by the colours and
structure of birch bark.
Poetic Silk Necklace:
“Silver Wind”
“Butterfly Wings”
“Double Face”
buffle leather
“Unisex Leather Clutch”
Python/Buffle and Calf skin
The designer
Denisa Adolfova graduated from a school of fashion design in Paris (ESMOD
International). While a student, she worked with the fashion house Saga Furs,
for whom she designed a collection of furs, which she successfully presented at
a fashion show in Beijing.
Thanks to this experience, Denisa got to know the bag-making business. It
fascinated her so much that she decided to continue to devote herself to it.
Before finishing ESMOD, she entered the ‘Jeunes créateurs pour Baťa’
competition, organized for talented young designers by the well-know shoe
manufacturer. With her collection, ‘Coccinelle et demoiselle’ (Ladybird and
Damselfly), she entered the finals together with the other nine best designers.
Success in this competition led to her taking an intensive course in women’s
shoe design in Paris. Her greatest desire was to design luxury handbags for
women. This desire began quite innocently with her collecting vintage
handbags, whose exquisite craftsmanship and timeless design she greatly
That’s why she took a course in morocco leather work (maroquinerie) at the
Institut des arts et métiers, Brussels. This school is under the auspices of
Delvaux, the renowned Belgian maker of luxury leather goods. And under the
guidance of Mohammed Benelcaïd, the long-serving top craftsman at Delvaux,
she successfully finished this formation.
Avec le soutien de MAD
Designer Denisa Adolfova
Photographe:Caroline Lumia