May 2012 - Glenbard East High School


May 2012 - Glenbard East High School
May 18, 2012
Volume 52, Issue 6
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Is an 8 -period day in
your future?
By Dominique Didier
and Cassie Davila
Staff Writers
Sitting in the west
gym waiting for your turn with
your counselor to decide what
classes to take next year. Picking
out your classes to try and fill
your schedule classes that could
benefit you. Finally your time and
you think you’re all set for next
year, no questions asked, until
your counselor suggests you put
an extra period below the last
line, just in case you needed it.
An extra period next year?
“Since the 1970s the
schedule has not been changed.”
said Principal Josh Chambers.
Glenbard East is ready
for a change. In the next couple
of years, the school schedule is
said to change drastically.
The idea is to add an
extra period to the day. Since
the freshman, sophomore, and
junior classes now need 23
credits to graduate, they’re losing
electives. This puts pressure on
the students because there is not
enough time to add any classes
they want to take.
The schedule change
will not go into effect next year.
District 87 is trying to have this
change within the next two to
three years in all four Glenbard’s.
Since they’re not
definite about the schedule
change, authorities don’t know if
the periods would be shortened.
They could also stay the same
forty-five minute periods and get
out at a later time. We might even
be able to get to lengthen the
lunch periods, since it would be a
much longer day.
Transportation would
also be an issue when the new
schedule goes into effect. Sixty
percent of students at East take
the bus to school every day. East
currently shares busses with the
local elementary schools. If we
added the extra period, we would
be getting out at the same times
as all of the elementary schools.
This could cause a conflict
between all schools.
District 87 is trying to
find a way to help students as
much as possible. Maybe adding
the extra period could let them
have just as much electives to
choose from as we do now. Some
people think teachers would not
be able to finish lessons if we
shortened the periods to add the
extra period.
“I think it’s unnecessary.
There is already not enough time
for some teachers to teach a full
lesson in only 45 minutes.” said
sophomore, Synthia Whitaker.
While others think it
would be a good idea.
“I would be okay with it.
It wouldn’t be a big change to me.
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Senior athletes
Summer fun
District 87
welcomes new
By Jake Martin and
Fiona Crews
Staff Writers
As of March19, 2012,
Dr. David Larson was appointed
superintendent of District 87. His
official start date is set to be July
1. Dr. Larson comes well qualified
to out district with a fantastic
resume including 12 years total
experience as a superintendent
in two different Michigan schools
(1999-2007 and 2008-2012).
Larson also has
experience as principal at
another school in Michigan,
experience as deputy principal,
and assistant principal at a school
in Palm Beach Florida. Larson
has some teaching and coaching
experience as well.
Dr. Larson was born and
raised in Indonesia. Although
he still went to regular boarding
school, he was exposed to a wide
variety of cultures making him
ideal to lead a diverse district like
We have had the honor
to sit and talk with Dr. Larson
and it has been made clear to us
that he is the perfect guy for the
job. He’s just a normal guy that
anyone could sit down and have
a friendly conversation with. Dr.
Larson has a great attitude and
is determined to help our district
succeed. He can fill all students
with inspiration to make the
best out of their high school
Why 87?
“His vision, of college and career ready
graduates who are proficient with the technology and possess advanced
problem solving skills, is
in alignment with the focus of the communities
that District 87 serves”,
--Josh Chambers
Dr. Larson is filled with
excitement to start working here
in the northwest suburbs.
“It also will be a
privilege to live in and integrate
my family with such an
outstanding community”, said
He has been familiar
with the Lombard/Wheaton
area spending time with his
sister who attended Wheaton
College. Dr. Larson said he
was partially attracted to
the superintendent position
just knowing in was in the
Chicago area.
Larson has been
working with K-8 students for
a while and says he is excited
to work with us young adults
and prepare us for success
in the global work place. He
proposes to guide us through
our last steps of high school.
“His vision, of college
and career ready graduates
who are proficient with the
technology and possess
advanced problem solving
skills, is in alignment with
the focus of the communities
that District 87 serves”, said
Principal Chambers.
Dr. Larson says he
“enjoys High school kids”
and that he can’t wait to get
to know as many of us as he
can and cheer us on at our
districts school activities and
sports events.
East comes through again;
100 pints donated for the Piper Novak
and Zack Kargol blood drive
Great Job East!!!!!
Students after donating blood
Nurses helping out with the blood drive smile for the camera
Students wait for their turn to save lives
2 Echo
By Magda Pecyna
Staff Writer
Everyone can’t wait
to sleep in on Monday, May 28.
Instead of coming to school, we
can go to the beach, take a road
trip, and party. All these activities
go through our heads when
thinking of the upcoming holiday,
originally intended to mourn our
military dead.
Memorial Day was first
observed on May 30, 1868 when
flowers were placed on the
graves of Union Confederate
soldiers at Arlington National
Cemetery. In her poem “In
Flanders Fields”, Moina Michael
We cherish too, the
Poppy red
That grows on fields
where valor led,
It seems to signal to
the skies
That blood of heroes
never dies.
Michael then conceived the
idea of wearing red poppies
on Memorial Day. She was the
first one to wear them and to
sell them for money to benefit
servicemen in need.
However, traditional
observance of Memorial Day has
diminished over the years. Ever
since its date was changed in the
National Holiday Act of 1971 to
the last Monday of May, turning it
into a three day weekend, people
have celebrated Memorial Day
as the beginning of summer
vacation season, forgetting the
day’s solemn spirit.
The holiday is also often
confused with Veteran’s Day. “
Veteran’s Day celebrates anyone
who has served, and Memorial
Day honors those who have
given the ultimate sacrifice,” said
assistant principal of operations
and U. S. Army Reserve Veteran
Bill Mushrush.
Mushrush was attracted
to the military by the feeling
of challenge, adventure, and
patriotism. Soon after joining, he
realized that being there is not all
excitement and fun because you
have made a commitment to the
U. S. Army.
“When you sign up, you
write a blank check made payable
to ‘The United States of America,’
for an amount of ‘up to and
including my own life’ and you
have to be able to cash that check
at any time,” said Mushrush.
One of Mushrush’s
close friends, a sergeant from
Wisconsin, had to cash that
check. He was killed early in the
Iraq War. It was difficult seeing
the sergeant’s wife receive the
folded flag. Mushrush has done
that duty several times, handing
the American flag, saying, “This
flag is presented on behalf of a
grateful nation and the United
States Army as a token of
appreciation for your loved one’s
honorable and faithful service.”
That’s what Memorial Day is
about: being grateful to those
who have served and given the
ultimate sacrifice.
The military draft
stopped in 1973. Since then,
every member of the army
has been a volunteer. Those
men and women serve
because they want to.
“That really
says something about
our country. Despite the
political uncertainty they
still do their job. That’s part
of the professionalism and
army values,” said Mushrush.
What makes the
US Army so different from
others is the diversity. People
from different backgrounds come
together to do great things in the
sense of patriotism. “That’s what
I miss the most, being around
those people with a sense of
duty and responsibility,” said
Those soldiers who put
their life on the line and died
deserve a day of remembrance
and gratefulness for their ultimate
sacrifice. Memorial Day is about
reconciliation; it is about coming
together to honor those who
gave their all.
May 18, 2012
By Melvin Boyd
Foods class student
Fat is an important part
of a healthy diet. There is more
and more evidence that some
fats are good for us and can
reduce the risk of heart attack
and stroke. Fats also help our
sugar and insulin metabolism and
therefore contribute to our goals
of long-term weight loss and
weight maintenance. Because
good fats make foods taste better,
they help us enjoy
the journey to a
healthier lifestyle.
fats, known as
“good” fats, are
found in olive
and canola
oils, peanuts
and other nuts,
peanut butter,
and avocados.
fats lower total and
“bad” low density
lipoprotein (LDL)
cholesterol, which
accumulate in
arteries and clogs
walls. However
some types
of cholesterol can be “good”,
like high-density lipoprotein
(HDL) cholesterol, which carries
cholesterol from artery walls and
delivers it to the liver for disposal,
can be beneficial.
Saturated fats, known as
“bad” fats, are the heart-clogging
kind found in butter, fatty
red meats, and full-fat dairy
products. “Very bad” fats are
the manmade trans fats. Trans
fats, which are created when
hydrogen gas reacts with oil, are
found in many packaged foods,
including margarine, cookies,
cakes, cake icings, doughnuts,
and potato chips. Trans fats are
worse than saturated fats; they
are bad for our blood vessels,
nervous systems, and waistline.
can only
help you
in the
long run.
Instead of
yourself on
fatty foods
that your
is begging
you not to
eat, you
fruits and
or maybe
a healthy snack. It is understood
that the fattening foods may
taste very good, but you may
enjoy a healthier food more
than one that contains one of
the many bad fats.
(Information from Prevention
Guide, 2009)
This article was provided by Ms. Burns foods class
May 18, 2012
Extend your learning
into the summer
By Candy Melara and
Sylvia Whitaker
Staff Writers
It is almost time for
nice weather and time to hit the
beach. But for others, it is time
to earn back some credits or
learn more about a class.
Summer school is a
nice opportunity to not only
catch up on credits but to enroll
in a bridge class which helps
you get an insight of a specific
class before you actually take
it during the school year. To
register for summer classes go
and click on the summer school
link. Deadline to sign- up for
1st semester is June 11, 2012.
First day of 1st semester starts
on Monday, June 25,2012 and
ends on a Tuesday, July 17,
2012 (no school on July 4th).
The deadline to sign-up for
2nd semester is July 6,1012.
Second semester classes start
on Wednesday July 18, 2012.
There are 2 new
enrichment classes this year,
which are: Zumba class for
$15 and a new Ultimate team
sports for $ 22. These classes
are amazing for anyone is
interested in having new
hobbies with friends over the
Summer school principal
and English teacher Eric Lemke
suggests that you speak with
your counselor before you make
any decisions on which summer
school classes you are interested
in taking. You will want to know
what credits you need to choose
which class you want to take.
Worried about how to
pay the summer school classes?
If you have a fee waiver then you
can qualify for summer school
fees to be waived. Didn’t qualify
for the school year then you can
reapply for summer school to
be waived. You can pick this fee
waiver forms at the guidance
office and turn them in to Lemke.
Summer school is very
important so you can’t miss more
that 2 days or you will be dropped
from the class. Also 2 tardies is
equal to 1 day absent no matter
if the reason is excused. School
starts at 8:30 in the morning until
12:30 with a 15 minute break.
You can bring your own lunch
and have a snack during the
break. Each semester is 16 days.
Remember being absent for 1 day
is like being absent 1 week during
the school year.
Whether you are going
to summer school or on vacation,
make the best out of your
summer break and be safe.
Is an 8-period day in your future?
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One more period couldn’t hurt.”
said freshman, Myles Parrish.
Students are having
a hard time getting all of their
credits to graduate.
“We’re not going to be a
comprehensive high school if we
don’t do something about it.” said
Drivers Ed teacher, Thomas Tully.
Until then, teachers are
continuing to offer STRIVE as an
after school aide for students
to keep up with all the extra
Spread the word to end
the word
By Haley Lydon and
Ashley Antony
Staff Writer
There is an Italian
proverb that states “Once the
game is over, the king and the
pawn go back in the same box.”
This means that during a chess
game, the king may have more
power than the pawn and may
be able to do more. After the
game comes to an end, though,
both end up going to the
same place and have the same
value. It did not matter who
was better than the other. The
same can be applied to people
when it comes to abilities and
disabilities. Everyone is different
and someone can be good at one
thing while someone else is good
at another. In the end, everyone
is the same; we can all experience
laughter, happiness, sadness, and
Best Buddies
International is an organization
dedicated to creating one-on-one
friendships between people who
have and do not have intellectual
disabilities. It is active in all fifty
states and can be found in 46
countries. The 2011-2012 year
was the first year that Glenbard
East became a part of the
nonprofit organization. Special
Education teachers, Valerie Balicki
and Karen Schulz are the activity
directors. There are currently 14
pairs of students at East’s Best
Buddies. Best Buddies has been a
huge success at East, and parents
agree that it has had a positive
effect on the students.
The main goal of this
organization is to not only
create a healthy, long lasting
relationship between the pairs,
but to spread awareness of how
disrespectful and improper
it is to use the “R” word. Best
Buddies ran a campaign in March
called “Spread the Word to End
the Word.” During this event,
members of the Best Buddies
club sold T-shirts exhibiting
the need to stop using the
offensive word. Someone had
to put their foot down and say
it was unacceptable to use the
“N” word years ago. In the same
way, it has to be done here. Both
words show disrespect. Both
words also discriminate against a
particular group of people from
society, which is not fair, nor
right. Every person has a right to
be treated equally and should be
treated in the same way. A way
we can take a step forward with
this is by replacing the “R” word
with cognitively delayed. It shows
understanding and acceptance
of how different everyone is in
society without making fun of
them or being rude.
It is important to realize
that words can be hurtful. Balicki
wants the students at East to know
that “We don’t judge by race, color,
ability level, we accept all… make
people aware of the uniqueness
of our society and what they have
to give to our community and
school.” Balicki also wants the
students to know that there is no
limit to the number of people who
can participate in Best Buddies.
Senior, Crissy Perez, a Best Buddies
member states that “Best Buddies
is a great experience and it feels
great helping others who do not
have the same opportunities.”
Everyone is welcome to join, or
even to just visit. Best Buddies
meets twice a month on Thursday’s
afterschool. It is a very unique club
that recognizes that everyone has
different abilities, but in the end,
everyone is the same.
ELL class has
annual awards
Don’t forget
summer reading
Well-known coach
steps down
By Jaclyn Abdul and Rob
Staff Writers
For the past 18 years,
PE Department Chair, Mindy
Kunos has been a well-known
name here
at Glenbard
Within these
past 18 years,
she has had
the title of
being head
cheer coach.
But despite
that, it will be
coming to an
end after the
school year.
Because of
other things
in her life,
she has to
step down as
though she will miss it a lot, she
often reminisces of her favorite
memories at East that include; the
first year the cheer team went to
state, forming an all-guy basket
toss (Male bases lock arms and a
male lifts off the interlocked arms
into the air), and being lifted for
the cheerleaders
Since there
are 12 seniors
graduating out of
the cheer team
this year, Kunos
has been focusing
on the lower
levels to fill the
seniors spots for
next year instead
of focusing on
Regardless, she
still thinks there
is a great cheer
program here at
Glenbard East
and she is grateful
for all of the
great times and
memories she
has gotten from
being cheer coach.
4 Echo
Arts & Entertainment
Summer 2012 Must See Movies
Katherine Flood
Staff Writer
That’s My Boy- June 15th
Men in Black III – May 25th
In the third movie of the trilogy,
our main character Jay, played
by Will Smith, uses time travel
to investigate. He goes to the
agency one day in hopes to speak
to his partner Kay, but gets an
unexpected twist when he hears
Kay has been dead for several
years. With many unanswered
questions about what happened
to Kay, he turns to time travel to
find out. With only twenty-four
hours to do so, Smith must find
out why history has rewritten
itself, and more importantly what
his partner Kay has to do with it.
Andy Samberg and Adam Sandler
are paired together as father
and son in this comedy. Sandler
plays Donny an overgrown child,
in fear of jail time. When he sees
his son in a magazine, and how
successful he is, he realizes that’s
his ticket out. After several years
out of touch, Sandler shows up
in his son’s life. With his arrival
he brings a whirlwind of trouble
into his sons prestigious life. This
comedy is a must see pick of the
Chernobyl Diaries- May
In this thriller, a group of friends
go to tour the grounds of
Chernobyl. While touring they all
make jokes about the dangers.
But in a surprise turn of events,
it seems there is not only ghosts
haunting these grounds. The
group must fight for their lives
when it seems those affected by
Chernobyl have come to haunt
them, and clearly show they have
outrun their stay.
Also coming out:
Madagascar 3: – June 8th
G.I. Joe 2:Retaliation – June 29th
People Like us- June 29th
Star Trek 2 – June 29th
Also coming out:
The Amazing Spider-Man – July 3
Savages- July 6th
Ice Age: Continental Drift – July
Ted – July 13th
The Expendables 2 –
August 17th
This comedy starts Mark
Wahlberg along side Mila Kunis.In
this movie Wahlberg’s best friend
is his childhood stuffed teddy
bear, Ted. At thirty-five years old,
he still has the bear living with
him. But both of them are grown
up, and the bear seems to be a
negative influence on him. That’s
where Kunis comes into play, as
Wahlberg’s girlfriend, she wants
Ted gone. This comedy puts
an adult twist on the innocent
childhood teddy bear.
In this sequal, the Expendables
seek revenge on those that
murdered their brother. They set
out in dangerous area, stopping
at nothing to get what they
want. The men are fearless in this
thrilling sequel, makng it a must
ParaNorman – August
In this creepy cartoon, Norman
is a strange child who can see
ghosts. At his side is his goofy
and chubby friend, Neil. Norman
must use his gift to help save his
town from zombies! The zombies
aren’t even the half of it when he
has to deal with ghosts, witches,
and grown ups! Him and his
goofy gang must figure out a
way to free the town from an old
curse, without getting hurt in the
Also Coming out
The Bourne Legacy – August 3rd
Total Recall – August 3rd
Dog Fight – August 10th
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire
Killer – June 22nd
This movie is a thriller about
the secret side of the beloved
president Abraham Lincoln.
When a vampire takes the life of
his mother, he sets out to seek
revenge. He is president by day,
but vampire hunter at night. It
tells the story of the Abe no one
knew, and shows just how much
he contributed to this country. It
ties into his abolishment attitude,
as the vampire’s helpers are slave
owners. This movie shatters the
image of “Honest Abe.”
May 18, 2012
The Dark Knight Rises –
July 20th
In this epic conclusion to,” The
Dark Knight” Christian Bale
returns as Batman. When new
villains have struck Gotham, he
debates taking is role back as
their hero. The city begins to
uproar, with criminals on the
loose. All order is gone, and Bale
must be the one to restore it.
@ the college level !
Summer 2012
To Do List
Dave Koonce & Courtney Ellis
Staff Writers
1st - “Cop on Top 5:00 am – 2:00 pm. Special Olympics
fundraiser at Dunkin Donuts
2nd - Tech N9ne and MGK at Chicago’s House of Blues
18th-20th – Sox (home field) vs. Cubs
23rd-24th – 6 Flags Mardi-Gras festival
3rd – 7th - Taste of Lombard @ Madison Meadow Park
4th – 6 Flags second annual 4th of July Fest
7th – Warped Tour @ Tinley Park
11th – 15th – Glendale Heights Fest
12th – 15th – Itasca Fest @ Washington Park
19th – 22nd – Sacred Heart German Fest
20th – 22nd Sox vs. Tigers
27th – 31st – 2012 London Olympics
US News and World Report has recognized RMU as a Regional University.
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1st - 12th – 2012 London Olympics
3rd – 5th – Lollapalooza
14th – 19th – 91st Annual Winnebago County Fair
21st – Last day of summer
May 18, 2012
Dont be like Voldemort,
Don’t Cheat!
By Seth Quam
Staff Writer
Albus Dumbledore once
warned that there may come a
time when you have to choose
between what is right, and what
is easy. Now, fortunately, most
high schoolers at Glenbard East
are not faced with accepting the
return of the most evil dark wizard
in history. However, East students
make decisions that reflect their
integrity and honesty on a daily
Although numerous examples
of integrity-testing decisions
exist, one of the most obvious
prominent kinds involve cheating
during school.
Do I believe that,
in general, cheating is wrong?
Yes. Do I concede that there are
times when it is much easier to
cheat than to be honest? Yes. Is
it true that, in the grand scheme
of things, the type of cheating
that high schoolers partake in
is mostly insignificant? Yes. Do I
still believe that the epidemic of
cheating on tests, quizzes, and
homework assignments must be
cured? Yes. Am I asking myself a
series of easy rhetorical questions
to make myself look smarter? Yes.
The examples of
school-related hoodwinking are
endless. Everyday students across
the country and at Glenbard East
come late to school to
avoid that one particular test.
Every day kids ask their friends
for answers in the hallways. Every
day teens copy down homework
that they couldn’t get done the
night before out of their friend’s
notebook. Each day kids read
“Sparknotes” instead doing their
full reading for English class.
Now, most of us
would agree that breaking into
your teacher’s office and stealing
the answers to your upcoming
physics test is wrong. But, how is
that different from asking your
friend during passing period,
who just took the test the period
before, for the answers that he
or she got? Where do you draw
the line?
What if getting those
answers will be the difference
between a pass and a fail on
that test? What if cheating on a
medical exam is the difference
between graduating and
flunking? What if, after cheating
on that test, you realize that you
never did review chapter 37, and
you find yourself in surgery, and
have no idea how to perform a
Blalock–Taussig shunt? Where do
you draw the line? How can you
guarantee that the addiction of
cheating will be satisfied after
this next physics test?
Consider this scenario:
You received your geometry test
back a couple days after taking
it. After examination, you realize
that your teacher, Mr. Jibbleflebski,
seemingly by accident, added
10 points to your score. Now
wouldn’t it just be so easy to tell
yourself, “Self, Mr. Jibbleflebski
made the mistake, it’s his fault, and
I mean it’s only 10 points anyway,
so let’s just let it be!” That would be
extraordinarily convenient. On the
other hand, what would the wise
and sage-like Albus Dumbledore
say? Where do you draw the line?
Of course, the halls of
Glenbard East are not a place
where secrets are generally kept,
rapid mouths and keen ears for
gossip make sure of that. And so,
although Mr. Jibbleflebski may
never find out about his little
mistake, other students inevitably
will. And what will they think?
Some will hear of it and think that
cheating must be ok, and after all,
it’s just a silly grade.
This type of atmosphere
spawns students who learn that
high school is not about learning,
but rather about acquiring good
grades in order to move on to
college, where actually learning
might take place! The purpose of
high school is an entirely different
discussion for another day, but it is
High School Musical and also TV
shows like Pretty Little Liars, My
Life as Liz, and Awkward can give
a complete warped vision of how
you should act in high school. In
the long run all that should matter
is to JUST BE YOU! Is there even a
point to cliques? It seems that if
you don’t fit in and have a select
group of friends then you are a no
body. But that is not exactly true. I
believe everyone needs to realize
that just because some people
fit in with certain people doesn’t
mean that that is who they really
are and their personality is the
same as them. In actuality people
sometimes change themselves to
be like others or what is said to be
“Cool” just so they don’t feel left
As a result, sometimes
people in our society don’t even
realize that they are changing
themselves to be accepted. It’s
time to start thinking about what
makes us happy and stop basing
it on whether a certain person
likes you or not, because when it’s
important in the future, other’s
opinions won’t matter a single
penny. It’s no use in wasting
your time about things such as
“I’m not cool enough because I
don’t dress a certain way..” or “ No
one likes me because I dye my
hair blue, or pink…” If you like
the way you dress, look, or act,
you will eventually find people
that you can fit in with, and you
won’t have to change anything
about yourselves. It’s better to
be accepted as who you are than
to live a life where your group of
friends is something you used
to see as something you would
never become.
Let us step outside the
aggravating area of academics,
and into the astounding arena of
athletics. For many high school
students, PE is a time to mess
around with friends, run around
a little, and play some games.
Most students dread the hated
fitness runs. They hope that their
buddy will be counting laps for
them that day and can give them
a couple extra.
Is it easier to convince
your friend to help you cheat
than it is to run those extra five
laps and actually physically exert
yourself in PE? Probably. Is it
right? No. Where do you draw the
line? Would Albus Dumbledore
cheat on his fitness runs? Trick
question, they don’t offer PE at
Hogwarts, also he was 115 years
old when he died for Pete’s sake!
I happen to know
that at least some Adventure
Challenge PE classes run three
laps at the beginning of class
every day. When students can’t
be trusted to complete these
three laps, how can they be
trusted to keep someone alive on
a fifty foot wall? Furthermore,
you’re cheating yourself out of
increased physical and mental
health. Lord Voldemort
cheated himself out of physical
and mental health. He tried
to cheat his way out of dying
and intentionally split his soul
into seven parts. He then went
on a path of destruction and
terror that is unparalleled, and
ended up dead at the hands of
a skinny kid with nerdy glasses
and a lightning shaped scar
on his forehead. If you cheat
on your warm-up laps, will
you end up will a mangled,
mutilated soul? No. Probably.
I love the students at
East, but it pains me to witness
the blatant cheating that goes
on each and every day. Now
don’t get me wrong, I have
finagled my way through a
few tough spots in my life as
well, but within the past few
years I have realized that is
more important to live a life of
integrity and honesty than a
life of lies, deceit, and trickery.
The sad thing is,
many students manage to
trick themselves into believing
that cheating is ok in the right
circumstances. If you can’t
be honest with yourself, how
could anyone trust you?
Coming Back To
Our Past Memories
By Khushbu Patel
Staff Writer
Today it seems
as if more people spend time
studying rumors than they
do studying schoolwork. I
guess more people care about
other people’s views on what
everyone around them is like
and what they are doing in
their lives. Why do we even
need to associate ourselves in
these types of things? Many
people would say, “Because
it’s what everyone does” and
others would say “It’s fun and
makes you cool.” But does it
really make you cool to be
friends with people that see
the meaning of having fun as
spreading rumors? The majority
of our teen population is guilty
of talking about someone
whether they even intentionally
meant to or not.
For example, during
middle school every time high
school came into conversation
I would picture the football
players, the basketball players,
the cheerleaders, the nerds,
and so on. But when high
school finally arrived, well it was
nowhere near what my mind
had conjured up as it to be.
There were no such things as
these cliques. Sure sometimes
you would see a couple here
and there, but it wasn’t like how
all these movies and TV shows
said it would be. On TV they
show many cliques, and when
we were younger we would
believe what we saw on TV,
thinking that’s how our high
school life would be like.
Therefore, I am
beginning to think that movies
like Mean Girls, Easy A, and
hard to think of a more wasteful
way to spend four years than by
working to get a few letters on a
piece and paper and not getting
anything more.
By Alenka Balderrama
Staff Writer
As senior year comes to
an end, there’s so much that runs
through our minds. Truth is we
spent most the past four years of
our lives in high school trying to
get the best ACT score, get the
highest GPA, or just enjoy our
youth. So what’s next?
For some of us, college
is in our future. Others it might
be getting a job, taking a year
off or enlisting in the army.
Who knows? It’s our lives so lets
make the best of it. Senioritis is
definitely hitting hard and the
thing that’s on everyone’s lips is
“I can’t wait to get out of here.”
but I don’t think that’s the truth.
Sometimes we thought
school was the most dreadful
thing. But hey, there’s always
a bright side to everything.
Homecoming, the pep rally,
sporting events, clubs and more
were always fun and kept us sane
with the loads of homework.
Believe it or not, most of us are
going to come back to re-live the
past experience and reminisce.
Yes, yes we are. Just
even thinking about that kind
of makes me cringe but it’s the
truth! High school leaves an
everlasting mark on your life.
From the teachers who inspired
you to your closest friends, some
of us will come back to leave the
same mark on future generations.
Some teachers that came back
include physical health teacher
Kevin Carlson, Physical Education
teacher Tim Weber, and English
teacher Andrea Gunn. Some will
come back to teach, guide, and
lead to better futures.
Coming back is not
the worst thing. Some people
loved the experience so much
they came to watch others
enjoy what they have for
their four years. For others,
that’s out of the question.
The experience that those
teachers had must’ve been
great since they came back
and for us it’s the same.
We’d want to pass down the
For the few that
come back, it’ll be a trip down
memory lane. Looking at
the tan colored lockers, the
pictures surrounding the
school and the familiar smell
will bring us back to the time
when we were teenagers.
Whether we come
back or not, I can tell you this,
high school is unforgettable.
Glenbard East High
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6 Echo
Best Dressed
Senior Salutes
By Khushbu Patel, Jenna Winiarczyk, & Alaia Alkhawaja
Argenis Almodovar and Emma Andrews
Best Athlete
May 18, 2012
Class Clown
Arsalan Qureshi and Laura Davis
Cutest Couple
Lindsey Rakosnik and Patrick Walsh
John Nebbia and Hayley Cardinal
Best Smile
Tyler Smith and Kristin Jokela
Best Hair
Kyle Ricely and Arielle Zambrano
Senior Salutes
May 18, 2012
Biggest Flirt
Most Likely to Succeed
Victoria Eltoft and Mike Byrne
Most Spontaneous
Dana Rizzo and
Francis Pascal
Cutest Twins
Gia Perez and Crissy Perez
Evan Schiewe
Best Friends
Rachel Scarpelli and Chris Chapa
Most Likely to End Up on
Jersey Shore
Vince Trombino
8 Echo
May 18, 2012
To: John Nebbia
From: Frank Nebbia
Congratulations John! You
will do GREAT as you head to
Winona state. We’re proud of
Mom, Dad, and Christi
To: Eric Edwards
From: Mom
Congratulations Eric! Your
hard work and dedication
will carry you far at the
University of Illinois and
beyond. We are so very
proud of you!
Love, Mom, Dad, Dan,
Andrew, and Massie
To: Raymond Ziecina
From: Therese Ziecina
RJ, Proverbs 10:1 “A wise son
brings joy to his parents but
a foolish son brings grief. You
have brought us much joy.
We are proud of the man of
God that you are.”
Love, Mom and Dad
To: Spencer Mehr
From: Mom
Time to celebrate all you’ve
achieved …from the
classroom to the labs, from
the football field to the
volleyball court, from the
concert hall to drum line.
There’s nothing you can’t do!
So proud of you.
Love, Mom
To: Katelyn Johnson
From: Mom
Congrats! We are so proud of
you. Wishing you happiness
and success. We hope you
have fun at college.
Love, Mom, Dad, Ashley, and
To: Katie Danylevsky
From: Mom
Katie Marie- We can’t believe
you’re graduating! Where did
our little Sweet Pea go? Good
luck in everything you do!
Stay true to yourself. Good
luck in college! We love you,
Love, Mom, Dad, Derek,
Miller, Maddie, and Greta
To: Natalie Agliato, Angelo
San Juan, Alyssa May, and
Hannah Misar
From: Karen Schulz and
Valerie (Balicki) Mauritz
Thanks for all you did to
make our first year with Best
Buddies a success. We will
miss you! Wishing you the
best as you leave Glenbard
Ms. Val and Ms. Karen
To: Kelly Rezny
From: Mom
From the golf course to the
badminton court, academics
to extra-curriculars,
we’ve enjoyed watching
your determination and
enthusiastic pursuit of each
endeavor. Now your journey
as a University of Arizona
wildcat begins. “Bear down!”
Love, Dad, Mom, Kristine, &
To: Dana Rizzo
From: Candace Rizzo, Mom,
Dad, and Natalie
We salute you Dana! Twelve
school years of many
perks and valleys, which
resulted in one dynamic
and extraordinary person!
Bradley University is lucky to
have you …and so are we.
Träum Prinzessin!
Mit Unserer Liebe
Mom, Dad, and Natalie
To: Kirsten Sipek
From: Mom and Dad
Kirsten or Kristen? Sipek,
Parks, or Sparks? The
newspapers have called
you all of these. Well k-dog,
thanks for four years of
academic accomplishments,
badminton championships,
and fun. You’ve evolved into
a great person too!
Love, Peanut, Cuddles, and
To: Varsity Badminton
Seniors: Kelly, Kirsten, Stacy,
Sarah, Syeda, Laura, and Jess
From: the Rezny Family
It’s been a great pleasure
watching you these past
four years. You should be
extremely proud of your
accomplishments on and
off the court. Wishing you
continued success!
The Rezny Family
To: Joseph James
From: Nichol and Greg James
Congratulations Joe on your
graduation from East, and
good luck with your culinary
career at Johnson & Wales
University. We are all very
proud of you, and certainly
enjoy your cooking!
Love, Mom, Dad, Chelsea
(’08) and Trey (’10)
To: Hannah Misar
From: Chris Misar
Dear fun, caring,
fashionable, determined,
empathetic, flexible,
beautiful, hardworking,
happy, realistic, and
humorous Hannah, we think
you are great!
Love, Dad, Mom, Emily, and
To: Mrs. Koeing
From: The Echo Staff
We will miss you more than you can imagine. Thanks for the
endless hours spent raising funds for our newspaper. Your
insights and ideas made deadline weeks a lot easier and
more fun. Your energy is contagious and will be difficult to
replace. We wish you all the best at North, and look forward
to catching up with you down the road.
Our deepest appreciation for all that you did for us,
The Echo Staff
May 18, 2012
Ms. Helen Bielarczyk
1. She wants to travel to any nice
warm place with her husband
now that they will both be retired.
2. 16 years.
3. She is a data specialist,
which helps enter all student
information, demographics, and
master schedules.
4. Since her office is located in
their office, she will miss all the
Guidance staff very much.
5. She will come back to help the
new data specialist, Matt. She
wants to visit as often as they let
6. She’ll always remember the
positive attitude of the whole
staff. Both of her daughters
graduated from East, and says the
teachers always keep in mind that
the kids come first.
1.What do you plan on doing after you retire?
2.How long have you been teaching at east?
3.What do you teach at east?
4.What will you miss about this school?
5.Will you come back to visit?
6.What is one thing you’ll always remember about this
The Echo wishes the retiring teachers a fond farewell! We asked each the above six questions,
please read for their interesting responses. We’d like to thank them for years of service, we
wish them health and happiness for the future!
By Dominique Didier and Cassi
Staff Writers
Ms. Connie Cain
1.She plans on getting another
job because teaching pension is
up, but she’s taking time off to
relax first.
2. 20 years.
3.Started teaching sophomores
and junior English and did Echo
for 6 years. She also did ramblings
for a little while, then started to
teach only senior electives.
4. Says she’ll miss her students the
most. She enjoyed all the special
days like homecoming, pep
rallies, and the many inspirational
5. She would like to come visit
when she can.
6. One thing she’ll always
remember is when she taught
Echo, the staff bought her a black
cat for Christmas named Nicholas.
She still had him until he passed
last summer, but quickly got
Mr. Dan Hogan
1.Has no set work plans after East,
just to follow his twins in their
college careers.
2. 14 years at East, 37 years
3. Health class
4. He will mostly miss the
commentary and interactions
with students and staff.
5. Will come back to visit and sub.
6. Saving Mr. Brzezinski’s, the
bookkeeper, life is something he
will never forget.
Mrs. Karen Strempek
1. She plans on watching her new
granddaughter and traveling with
her husband. They already have a
trip to Africa planned.
2. 10 years
3. Started out doing security for
2 years and then became the
receptionist in the Main Office for
the past 8 years.
4. She will miss all the students
and all of the staff. She truly loved
her job and everyone she came in
contact with.
5. She will definitely come back
to visit. Glenbard East is like her
second family.
6. She will remember how wonderful it was to be a part of it.
She says it really was great to be
a RAM!
Mrs. Nancy Cory-Saaf
1.Going to build a house in
Michigan. Wants to teach more,
so she wants to sub or come back
for maternity leave teachers.
2. 16 years at East, 30 in district 87
3. Science and keyboarding
4.The excitement of East. There
was something new everyday,
especially working with freshman
most of the time. Of all the
Glenbard’s, she liked teaching at
East the most because the kids
are down-to-earth and respectful.
5. Wants to come back to sub.
6. Dan Tani came back and
worked hands-on with science
students on an experiment.
Mrs. Kathleen Faber-Miller
1. Not sure what she will do yet,
but will take leisure time to figure
her plans out. She wants to teach
at a graduate level, community
college, or special education but
is not in any hurry.
2. Taught 3 1/2 years before East,
and 31 years at East.
3. Taught special ed. and visually
impaired for 11 years, then
became a guidance counselor.
4. She will miss the East family,
and having lunch with her fellow
5. Will come back to visit and have
lunch with her “lunch bunch”.
6. She’ll always remember her
students. Watching them obtain
success , and still keeping in
Mrs. Margaret Anderson
1.Plans to move to Northern
Wisconsin for building and
traveling. Wants to do volunteer
work with reading.
2. Several years in Chicago, took
off work for her family, 17 years
at East.
3. Extended English and CWT.
4. The students and the staff
5. May visit East to check in
occasionally, may come to sub.
6. There was a student in trouble
with the law in her CWT class,
she got him a job volunteering
as a tutor. He did great and got
hired, graduated high school,
went to college to be a teacher
and became a manager of the
tutoring company.
Rampage Sports
May 18 2012
A Celebration of Senior Athletes
Recommended by their coaches, these athletes have been playing sports for most of their high school career. We appreciate the time they took to share their opinion with the Echo.
By Cassie Bocchieri and Lauren Cali Sports Editors
Photos by: Jacki Abdul and Didi Didier
Girls Cross Country, Girls
“ Hustle, dedication, passion,
good work ethic” all attribute
to her success, according to
Boys Track, Football
It has really helped me grow
and gave me the skills to be
able to play track and football in college.
Boys Golf
Girls Golf
“Playing a high school
sport has definitely improved
my skills as a golfer. I actually
had no clue how to golf before high school, and now
I know almost all the
aspects/rules of golf.”
Badminton, Volleyball
Sarah Rose has “learned a
whole new sport-badminton.”
It has taught her to be
“playing at a much
higher level.”
Baseball, Golf,
and Basketball
Playing high school sports has
taught him “to never be satisJoiner
Girls Track
Grumstrup “hard work, and never
“Sports teach you to
Girls Soccer
persevere because sports
“It has helped me realize that
are hard. The practices are hard
at the end of the day,it is just a
and so is the competition, but
game. It also has helped me
you learn to not give up and
learn dedication.”
push through the pain to
Tennis, Football,
get to the other side,
Football, Wrestling
where success lies.”
“ High school sports have
taught me the importance of
“Tennis has taught me that if
hard work and honestly just
you love something and
to everything the best you
work hard you can sucKrebs
can because high school
Girls Bowling,
goes by fast”
“I play and practice my sports
to my full potential and I keep
up with my school work off
the field.”
Working Out or Breaking Down?
By Dan Hartmanowski
Staff Writer
You workout daily, you
feel tired, maybe overwhelmed.
Your lifting max is plateauing;
what more could you do? The
real question is: Are you doing it
right? Working out is generally
used to describe lifting weights,
running, or staying active and
fit. Many people tend to show
off and stack the weight before
they even warm up.
up is a big key to muscle
development. Without warming
up, you are at risk of pulling or
injuring major muscles without
doing any good to your body.
Put your ego aside and start
with a simple warm up, building
as you go. This stimulates the
blood and adrenaline allowing
your muscles to warm up to the
task and later break down only
to be rebuilt bigger.
Aside from warming
up, do the workout in the
correct form. Doing it in the
right form will give your muscles
the perfect tone, even if it
means starting off with lighter
weight. It’s the best way to build
upon what you have. Be sure to
never over-work yourself. This
will cause fatigue and may harm
your development. A good
routine that will most efficiently
build your muscles is to switch
off every day. Change the muscle
categories so you don’t over-work
the same muscle group. Fort
example: On Monday, workout
arms, shoulders and back. As for
Tuesday, workout your legs, chest,
and abs. Continue the routine
throughout the week.
After your workout you
should take a warm shower, eat
a healthy meal, and rest. Fort
those who take protein, consume
immediately after your workout.
There is a 20-minute window
after working out that your body
needs to consume protein and
other nutrients in order to begin
rebuilding the muscles. Try to
refrain from pop or energy drinks.
They dehydrate your body, breaks
down the bones and muscle,
and give you no nutrients what
so ever. Drink plenty of water
or Gatorade to stay hydrated
and replenish your electrolytes
throughout the workout.
After a few weeks
you should notice your body
changing for the better. This
means you are doing it right,
getting your swoll on, and in no
time you’ll be relaxing on the
beach with all the heads turning
for the right reasons.
“ I have learn to be a team p
player and help everyone else
out but also I’ve learn to
be committed to something I truly love.”
Boys Volleyball Recap
By Frank Loconti
Staff Writer
Winning is routine for
the Boys volleyball team. The
Rams entered the season with
the bitter taste of last years 2nd
place DVC finish in their mouths.
As team captain , senior Tim
Shenkin says , “It will be tough
to beat Wheaton South out for
the title this year but if we are
focused we can do anything.”
With 6 returning seniors, the
Rams have a solid core of
experienced players to work
with and rally behind.
The Rams season started
off extremely strong posting
a 5-0 record before losing to
Wheaton South at the Bison
Battle Tournament in March.
Shortly after the Bison Battle, the
Rams kicked off DVC play against
Naperville Central. The Rams
rolled the Red Hawks in a straight
set victory. It was only two days
later that the Rams would get a
hold of their second conference
victim, Glenbard North where
they would also come out
victorious in straight sets.
The Rams then took
their high hopes to our Spring
Fest Tournament; the Rams would
play well and finish the day 4-1
losing to Wheaton South, again.
After the Spring Fest Tournament
the Rams steam rolled through
three conference opponents
bringing their record in the DVC
to 5-0. Flawless the Rams were
in conference until the Tigers of
Wheaton South would end the
Rams win streak and send their
record to 15-3 for the season.
The Rams would then
enter the Downers Grove south
invite where they posted a 4-0
record before losing to Wheaton
South yet again. The Rams then
slammed two more conference
opponents sweeping Naperville
Central and beating West Aurora.
The Rams then entered
the Downers Grove North invite
April 28th where they went 5-0
on the day and earned the title
rightfully beating the host Trojans
in the finals. This tournament win
improves the rams record to 26-4
for the season.
Photo by Didi Didier
Varsity volleyball players, senior
Ben Haimann and junior Seth
Quam, practice their spikes on
May 9th
Rampage Sports
May 18, 2012
Boys Tennis
Sport Wrap - Ups
By Lauren Cali
Assistant Sports Editor
By Cassie Bocchieri
Staff Writer
The spring season of boys tennis currently holds a 7-6 record,
with a 1-3 record in DVC. The team was able to finish 2nd place at
both the Addison Trail Quad, as well as the Glenbard South Squad.
Standouts on the roster include seniors Casey Connelly and Frank
Loconti, who are playing 1 and 2 singles for the conference schedule.
Coach and math teacher, William Burt says about the pair that they
“are doing a good job of keeping their focus on winning the next
point, and not dwelling on a previous mistake. That will help when
it comes time to compete in the Sectional Meet for a chance to go to
the state meet.” Also noted are junior Nick Cornell and Brandon Nasti,
who are 1st in doubles. Along with these two are sophomores Nathan
Delawder and Kevin Osburne, who are playing 2nd doubles. Coach
Burt concludes that “The ‘team first’ mentality is one of the things that
has made this group a pleasure to coach.”
By Frank Loconti
Staff Writer
Baseball searches for a fresh start after a disappointing season
last year. The first step for the Rams was to hire a new head coach. The
rams had multiple candidates for the head coach position but decided
to push all their chips in and go for Coach Joel Pelland. Coach Pelland
is a physical education teacher at Glenbard North but is dedicated to
bring unity and tradition to the Glenbard East baseball program. The
Rams started off the season right with a convincing 11-1 win over
Rockford Guildford and would start 3-1 in their first 4 games. After the
first four games the Rams would split a tight series with Willowbrook
and also take care of Downers Grove North.
Shortly after beating the Trojans, the Rams would
sweep the Lancers of Lake Park and improve their record to 7-3 on the
season. From there on the Rams would lose a couple quick games
to Huntley and Prospect which would lead them in the DVC opener
where they would lose 6-12 against West Chicago. The Rams would
then go 1-2 in a series against Naperville Central and 1-3 in a series
against Glenbard North. This leaves the Rams with a 10-9 record and
a 2-7 record in conference. “If we come out to practice everyday with
the right mindset we can beat anyone, but right now we are beating
or selves,” says starting pitcher Pat Walsh. Walsh has been named team
captain and announced he will be playing baseball next year at Loras
College. The boys have stepped it up a notch from last year but are still
searching for their groove in the batters box The Rams can finish the
conference schedule strong with a key series against West Chicago and
Naperville North.
Girls Soccer
The girl’s soccer team has been doing a great job this season. A great victory for the team was
beating Hinsdale Central. This was the first time beating them. The team has improved since the beginning
of the season by controlling possession and one on one defending. When a player has the ball, she tries to
get past a defender. During a defensive game, there may be many different one on one battles. There are
some great leaders on the team. In fact, all eleven seniors are captains. The team is wrapping up the season
with an 11-9-3 record. The team has commitment to playing together, which has resulted in a good season.
“ Always being at practice, and team bonding outside of practice shows commitment,” said senior Katie
Difino. DVC was tough though for the team. The team played their four hardest matches in eight days. They
wrapped up DVC with a tie for 6th place. But DVC had its positives. Jessie Grumstrup, Erin Mrazek, Lindsey
Paganucci and Veronica Fairbairn all recieved all conference.
The badminton team has had a really good season this year. They had some great highlights at the
Willowbrook Quad, Leyden Quad, and Ram 7 Invite. They were champions at all three meets. They placed
2nd at the Ram invite and defeated Naperville Central for the first time in a dual meet. “Our team has really
stepped up their game,” said Coach Brad Lundine. The team has an overall record of 19-10. At DVC, the
team placed fourth. At DVC, the record was 5-2. The seniors are all outstanding, and represent the leaders
of the team. Working hard, practicing with a purpose, and staying positive has brought the good season.
“ During practice we challenge each other to get better. We not only push ourselves to do better but also
our teammates. We all really want to win so we all look out for each other and support one another,” said
senior Laura Loveterre. At the glenbard east sectional, the team had good results. They were champions for
the fifth straight year. For singles, junior Rachel Schlitter came out as sectional champion. Senior Kelly Rezny
came in third for singles. Doubles team seniors Stacy Krebs and Kirsten Sipek came out as the sectional
champion. Doubles team seniors Syeda Raza and Sarah Rose placed second. Six badminton players,
qualified for state. Rachel Schlitter, and Kelly Rezny qualified for singles. For doubles, seniors Stacy Krebs and
Kirsten Sipek, and Syeda Raza and Sarah Rose, qualified for state also.
By Alenka Balderrama
Staff Writer
Girls and Guys Track
This past spring has been quite eventful for the boy’s track and field season, the boys this year
were sure to impress many. Of course along with any other team, hard work, dedication, and persistence,
were major factors for the team. “Working hard is very important” said senior Antwon James,” You have to
make sure your 110% is at practice and at meets. There is always room for improvements and so far, we’ve
come a long way.” The boys and coaches both work hard to achieve their goals, training months ahead of
time. Head coach and science teacher Jack Brady said, “The season so far has been going very well. We won
the invitation two weeks ago.” The team also has had to compete against some tough competitors including
Wheaton Warrenville South, Glenbard North, and pretty much everyone in their conference. When asked
about some key athletes on the track team Coach Brady said,“Senior Antwon James, long jumper and
sprinter, senior Mike Fahey, distance, and senior Markel Brackett, sprinter are the ones who have shown
great talent.” For the upcoming year, sophomore sprinter Greg Wright is expected to shine in the upcoming
year and show great potential. So far, this year has proven to be a great one. Many returning track athletes
have high hopes to continue the same hard work for the upcoming year to come.
As the season comes to an end, we can come to a conclusion that this year’s girls track season has
meet and exceeded many expectations. Of course, a lot of training and hard work took place but in the
end, the results showed how it was worth it. English teacher and track coach Joseph Latala was proud of
the girls this season .“We have a very deep and talented team again this year & have been lucky enough to
finish in the top 3 of every invite we’ve been to. We’ve had lots of medals and PR (personal records) which
is what it’s all about.” Recently the girls showed exceptional talent at their May 3rd DVC. Coach Latala said,
“We had a strong finish to the regular season. This year we had 6 different all-conference athletes! One of
them, senior Lindsey Rakosnik, broke the DVC all-time record in both the 1600 meter run in 4:59 as well as
in the 800 meter run in 2:11. The 4x400m relay of sophomore Corinthia Jordan, Lisa Laurenzana, Stephany
Flores, and Lindsey Raksonik also finished all-conference. Jamie Gradishar also claimed all-conference in
the pole vault.”
As for next year, Coach Latala has high hopes for the girls track team as there are
some special athletes to look out for, along with the great finish at DVC, Latala also has high expectations
for the sectional meet and the possibilities for records to be broken. “Junior Jamie Gradishar tied the school
record in the pole vault a couple of weeks ago and we look for her to beat it either tonight at the sectional
meet or if she makes it to state at the state meet. Lindsey Rakosnik has already broken the school record
in the 1600m, but we hope she will do it again either at the Sectional meet or downstate next week. She
set the school record in the 800m en route to winning state last year, and she hopes to break that time this
season. Rakosnik’s goal is to win both the 800m & 1600m downstate next week.An incredible feat that has
only been done 5 times in girls state history. We also hope to qualify our 4x400m & 4x100m relays for the
state meet.” At the end of the day the girls track team all worked together to finish the season with great
accomplishments and high hopes for the following years.