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The mascot “Big
Blue“ gets the
crowd pumped up
for a ladies
basketball game in
the fieldhouse. The
crowd really gets
excited when he
dances and does
stunts with the
A Monarch
supporter shows
her spirit with
stickers on her
face and a sign in
her hands. Like
the Nike ad says “Ju st Do It,“ this
year’s Lady
Monarchs made it
to the Sweet 16.
Chuck Thom as
Ticha Penicheiro
and Mery Andrade
block the ball from
Rutger’s offense.
Both players were
rewarded this year
for their skills;
ESPN featured Ticha
Penichero in their
Premiere issue.
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Chuck Thom as, U niversity Photographer
Sporte Oir/der 139
Michelle Wells
uses her tennis
skills and strength
to return a strong
Donna Fisher and
Adrian Unger take
a breather after
an Invitational to
capture a moment
with first year
coach Ellen
Chuck Thom as. U niversity Photographer
Provid ed b y A thletic Public Relations Office
Preparing for his
first full college
seeded Alexander
Cancado sets up
to send the ball
across the net.
New Strides
experienced some growing pains this
sem ester under first year head coach
Ellen Carpenter. They ended the season
by finishing 27th at the NCAA Southeast
Regional Championships. Even though
the cross country team did not have a very
successful season, Carpenter has the
team taking the right strides for the
Jam ie Schneider was the leading
runner. She was also the best runner for
every meet that the team competed in this
season. Her best results came when she
finished second at the Campbell Invitational
and fourth at the Colonial Invitational.
Carpenter is looking to improve the
quality of the program. She works hard
with the team to ensure high quality.
Under Carpenter for the second straight
season, look for the team to improve next
Acing Into
Head coach Darryl Cummings is
leading the M onarchs with hopes of
qualifying for post-season. While Old
Dominion is far from being considered a
national power, they do have some players
that have been playing well enough to
earn national recognition. Alexandre
Cancado and Luciana Araujo are the
leading Monarch tennis players. They
have both been top seeded since the
beginning of the season.
The M en's and W om en's Tennis
Teams are divided into two catagories.
The Fall semester focuses on individual
Competition, while the Spring semester is
allocated for team matches. Both teams
are fairly young and will gain experience
as the play ends. Next years competitors
will bring promise, drive, and savvy to the
asphalt courts of Old Dominion.
140 Cross Coantr^/T^nnis
K eith
W alen tow ski
Provid ed by Athletic Public R elations Office
1997 Roster: Julie Ball, Jenn Blackburn, Jessica Bradley, Mara Davis, Chris Farrell,
Donna Fisher, Rachel Kuhr, Jamie Schneider, Kim Steele, Dawn Trueblood, Adrian Unger,
Head Coach Ellen Carpenter.
1997-98 Roster: Patrick Boza, Alexandre Cancado, Niclas Kohler, Nikola Laca, Hieronymus
Rodriguez, Johan Varverud, David West, Head Coach Darryl Cummings, Asst. Coach
Timothy Taylor, Asst. Coach Camille Walter, Luciana Araujo, Raquel Araujo, Iva Beli,
Katarina Kramaric, Lacey Lee, Stephanie Smith, Michelle Wells.
Cross CountryTennis 1 4 1
1997 Roster: Sonia Antunes, Paula Beaudette, Allison Carr, Theresa Carrubba, Kristen
Due, Jennifer Gillespie, Anna Gruzalski, Michele Kubicek, Nicky Kocklanes, Jessalyn
Martin, Kim Maurer, Sara McLaughlin, Sharon McLellan, Kathryn Meyer, Katie Mills,
Kristen Murray, Kari Nayoski, Brandi Pacior, Lauren Rafal, Laura Smith, Johannah
Thompson, Megan Trumbower, Sarah Willis, Susan Wolfgang, Head Coach Joe Pereira.
me n
Provid ed b y Athletic Public R elations O ffice
1997 Roster: Chuck Connelly, Michael Rodriguez, Patrick Halter, Andy Devlin, Bryan
Henry, Spiros Blackburn, Ryan Diem, Ricardo Salamanca, James Tanner, Jeff Dolezal,
Thomas Carter, Phil Coates, Bevan Holdaway, Kris Kuehn, Michael McCatty, Mark Woods,
John Wierzbowski, David Thomas, Dwayne Urquhart, Daniel Ridenhour, Haile Jones,
Mabricio Wilson, John Van Zandt, Mike Phillips, Head Coach Alan Dawson.
142 Soccer-
A New
* Senior Mid-fielder
Paula Beaudette
« carries the ball
* down the field
« maintaining
The Women's Soccer Team enjoyed * control of the
their most successful season in their * game.
brief four years of existence with their
9-9-1 overall record and their 5-5
conference record. Old Dominion ended
its season with a 7-0 loss in the
conference sem ifinals to top ranked
George Mason.
This year marks a mile stone for
Head coach Joe Periera and the program.
Old Dom inion will see its first true
graduating class as four year players will
graduate in May. One of those players
is Jennifer Gillespie, who leaves as the
all-time leading scorer in the history of
Old Dominion with 27 goals and 63 total
The women's soccer program is
clearly on its way up. After a successful
start, it is clear that Periera and his
team are ready to make their presence
felt in the conference.
provided b y A thletic Public R elations O ffice
Under first year head coach Alan #
Dawson and the M en's Soccer team m
finished with a record of 7-9-1 overall,
3-4 in the conference, which is a drastic
improvement from the 1996 season. The m
improved season came to an end in post #
season play by George Mason.
Leading the way was junior Mark ♦
Woods who was named to the All-CAA #
second team for the second consecutive m
year. In addition, Freshman Mid-fielder #
Patrick Halter was named Soccer America #
magazine's player of the week for his p
game winning goal against Virginia.
With Dawson, the Monarchs get a ♦
coach who is dedicated to the program. #
The m en's soccer program has seen #
three coaches in as many years, but with %
the addition of Alan Dawson it appears #
that ODU will have a true coach for &
years to come.
provided b y A thletic Public Relations O ffice
Patrick Halter, a
Freshman Mid­
fielder breaks
away from an
Army player to
take possession of
the ball.
Forward Tom
Carter moves in,
blocking the pass,
and prepares to
put the ball in the
net for a goal.
Keith W alentow ski
Ò0CCW 143
Junior Midfielder
John Wierzbowski
out dribbles an
Army defender and
prepares to send the
ball upfield.
Cross Country
runner, Jam ie
Schneider, tops her
1996 year with an
impressive 1997
winning season.
Rodriguez and Diego
Valor set up to
receive a serve
during a doubles
provided b y Athletic Public Relations Office
144 S ports
Keith W alenbowskl
Out-dribbling her
Florida opponent,
defender Johannah
Thompson gets
ready to make a
play to the forward.
Raquel Araujo
follows her swing
through after a
powerful backhand
which won the
provided b y Athletic Public R elations O ffice
Sports 145
Forward Kelly
Driscoll sends the
ball in front of the
goal so her
teammate can
score a goal.
In his final year
Senior Mark
Strickland shows
the strength
needed to
dominate the
u m
Forward Marina
awesome athletic
ability earned her
both Rookie and
Player of the
146 f~¡M H ocùsÿ/lA/reœttfiiiÿ
The Field Hockey team completed
one of their most successful seasons in
several years, however, it came up one win
short. The Lady Monarchs finished the
season 22-3, with their last loss coming
in the NCAA Championship game at the
hands of the University of North Carolina.
Head coach Beth Anders helped to
take the Lady Monarchs to the Final Four
for the second consecutive season. During
an 11 year span from 1982 to 1992, ODU
dominated the collegiate field hockey
world by capturing seven national
With the 3-2 victory, the University
of North Carolina won its third consecutive
national championship, a feat only done
two times before by Old Dominion (198284 and 1990-92). Named to the AllTournament team for the Lady Monarchs
were Marina DiGiacomo, Kelly Driscoll,
Mimi Smith, and Staci Smith.
The Pin
provided by Athletic Public R elations O ffice
provided, b y A thletic Public R elations O ffice
Sticking To
Legendary head coach Gray Simons
led his m at-cats into another season
finishing the regular season 6-8 overall, 14 in the conference. They entered the
conference championships as one of the
favorites to take home the crown. They
did not win the championship but they
placed second overall.
Leading the way for the Monarchs
were seniors Mark Strickland and Jamie
Kelly. Strickland and Kelly, advanced to
the NCAA Championships. Both wrestlers
advanced past the first round before they
lost in the sem i-finals. Strickland was
named the CAA's M ost Outstanding
W restler for the 1997-98 year.
Five other w restlers in the CAA
championship matches, however all five
lost to their opponents. Kelly did perform
well enough to earn the wild card
selection to the NCAA Championships.
provided, by Atletic Public R elations Office
Front Row: Brianne Baylor, Dawn Olmstead, Heather Simon (captain), Heather Eastbum
(captain), Joey Evans (captains), Naomi Muha, Kim Miller. Second Row: Jamie Hill, Julie
Miracle, Laura Steadman, Ashleigh Miller, Mimi Smith, Kelly Driscoll, Marina DiGiacomo,
Sina Wulf, Staci Smith. Back Row: Asst. Coach Sue Myers, Asst. Coach Robin Smith, Sarah
Augustine, Casie Rhoades, Becky Bearor, Rosemarie van der Rijt, Tenielle Williams,
Adrienne Yoder, Head Coach Beth Anders.
............................................. .....
----- — ................
provided b y Athletic Public R elations O ffice
I * Front Row: Paul Jimemenez, James O’Hara, Alex Ernest, Chad Filson, Jesse Correll, Joel
I Jimenez, David Trudil. Second Row: Head Coach Gray Simons, Kevin Mammano, Josh
I Fannon, Andrew Simons, Stephen Murphy, Anthony Forte, Ahren Surgent, David Pittman,
1 Brad Fitzpatrick, Athletic Trainer Mark Badurak. Back Row: Brad Krepps, James Worrell,
I Jamie Kelly, Mark Strickland, Christopher, Jeffrey Rusak, Leevi MacDonald, Asst. Coach
I Carlos Eason.
provided by Athletic Public Relations Office.
Front Row: Chris B q o s , Troy Thorne, Matt Spruill, Jamie Conrad, Chad Hossack, Chris
McCormick Back Row: Gary Harper, Finlay Young, Jon Ressler, Mark Gamble, Jason
Lane, Tony Sarko, Head Coach Murray Rudisill.
n ■»M l■
provided b y Athletic Public Relations Office
1997-98 Roster: Ann Baily, Fred Bickley, Theresa Brooks, Mike Buczkowski, Adam Bums,
Shelley Caplan, Justin Castagne, Katie Chechak, Sewall Cox, Ward Cromwell, Ryan Dunn,
Augi Hernandez, Melissa Hidalgo, Daniel Lawerence, Peter Longhini, Pamala Leland, Kelley
Marshall, Mary Marshall, Kelly Mowry, Giles Oland, Jennifer Pait, Heather Pescatello, Emily
Ruiter, Katherine Sanpere, Lora Saunders, Melissa Schultz, Jennifer Tackett, Christine
Thomas, John Torgerson, Gary Van Tassel, Catherine Yurgel, Mark Zagol.
A Winning
Year in and year out, the ODU
sailing team is one of the strongest in the
nation. This year under the leadership of
Mitch Brindley that team continued their
Defending National Champion John
Torgerson returned for another season.
In November, he placed fourth out of ten
sailors at the ICYRA Singlehanded National
Championships. Torgerson will leave the
program after this season as one of the
most decorated sailors in ODU history.
As a team, the Monarchs finished
fourth at the Navy Fall Invitational, which
is one of the largest events of the fall
season. The M onarchs also won the
MAISA single handed championships.
As. usual, Brindley and staff has
their team setting their sails high. Race
after race, the ODU sailing program
displays that it is a force to be dealt with
on the national scene.
Stroke By
Chris Boos
patiently lines up
his putter so that
he can make a
good shot.
provided by Athletic Public Relations O ffice
The golf team was not as good as m
it has been in the past, but it also has *
never been this young. Consisting mainly
of freshman and sophomores, the golf »
team built a respectable season.
"We have three players, Troy Thorne,
Gary Harper, and Jam ie Conrad, who
have been pretty solid for us all year,"
said head coach Murray Rudisill.
The golf team also did not have the
depth that they normally have. "W e're
working hard and getting better, but we
are still trying to find that fourth and fifth
guy to step up and round out our starting
line-up," explained Rudisill.
Even though the golf team finished
in the middle of the pack at most of their
golf tournaments, it is clear that Rudisill
is building a strong foundation for the
future. The youthful Monarchs will make
an impact in seasons to come.
provided b y Athletic Public R elations O ffice
John Torgeson
reaffirms his
thoughts of ODU’s
sailing team,
they are number
Senior Chad
Hossack waits for
the wind to die
down before
making the putt
while Troy Thorne
encourages him
provided by Athletic Public Relations Office
On a perfect day for
sailing, two of the
sailers track into
the winning leg of
the regatta.
Jam ie Conrad
gently follows
through on his putt
after making the
provided b y Athletic PubUc Relations O ffice
Jam ie Kelly shows
that he is the one in
command while
working to pin his
Will B assett
150 Sports
provided b y Athletic Public R elations Office
One of the top
performers for the
Field Hockey Team,
Heather Simon, uses
her skills and
talents to control
the ball.
Two Monarch sailors
use the wind to
steer their vessel
into the winning
stretch of the race.
provided by Athletic Public R elations Office
Sports 151
Mike Byers
dribbles the
basketball, while
his teammates
move into
position to score
the next point.
Brion Dunlop
jumps into the air
reaching to block
an opponent’s
provided b y Athletic Public Relations O ffice
For the second consecutive season,
the Monarchs entered the season as the
favorite to win the conference. Coach
Capel also had high hopes with a strong
junior class returning, such as Mark
Poag, and Mike Byers. However, the
Monarchs were unable to make it to the
NCAA Tournament.
Entering the conference tournament
the Monarchs still had time to end the
season on a high note. However, their
season ended much the same way that
their regular season ended. The Monarchs
lost in the second round of the CAA
The Monarchs return four starters
next season, while they only lose point
guard Brion Dunlap. Once again, the
M onarchs should enter the 1998 1999
season as the favorite, but only time will
tell if they can improve.
CAA Player of the
Year, Nyree
Roberts makes a
break for the net
to make a lay-up.
Head Coach Wendy Larry and her
team entered the season with hopes of
returning to the Final Four and taking the
national championship home. For most
of the season, they entertained a packed
Field House with dedicated ODU fans.
The season was successful as they
went undefeated in the conference for the
third straight season. Next came the East
Regional Tournam ent at which they
dominated paving the way to the Sweet
Sixteen. Unfortunately, the Lady Monarchs
ran into a road block losing to fourth
seeded N.C. State in the Regional Semi­
final wich ended another successful season.
This also marked the end of Point Guard
Ticha Penicheiro's career who was named
to the Associated Press First Team and
the Kodak All-American Player. Center
Nyree Roberts leaves as one of the most
improved players and premier post players
in the country.
provided by Athletic Public Relations O ffice
Front Row: Asst. Coach James Johnson, Asst. Coach Mark Cline, Mark Poag, Curtis Pass,
Mike Byers, Head Coach Jeff Capel, Brion Dunlap, Michael Williams, Freddie Bryant, Asst.
Coach Jim Corrigan, Trainer Scott Johnson. Back Row: Manager Andria Bane, Head
Manager Michael Roundtree, Andre McCullum, Paul Reed, Reggie Bassette, Cal Bowdler,
Skipper Youngblood, Clifton Jones, Malik Bell, Manager Lamar Preston, Manager Kelly
Front Row: Graduate Asst. Trainer Heather Niemas, Manager LaToya Isler, Aubrey Eblin,
Natalie Diaz, Ticha Penicheiro, LaToya Small, Amanda Levens, Amber Ellen-Paul, Manager
Kathryn Pennetta, Head Manager Felecia Allen. Back Row: Asst. Coach Alisa Scott, Head
Coach Wendy Larry, Mery Andrade, Mandy Olley, Nicole Bellinghausen, Nyree Roberts,
Emmora Keenan, Bettina Love, Kelly Bradley, Jessica Williams, Asst. Coach Allison Greene,
Asst. Coach Cindy Fisher.
B a s L tk iü
Front Row: Tiffany Wrushen, Shanda Zuchowski, Joni McCallister, Robin Conley, Gracie
Dempsey, Deanda Rockhill, Melissa Havash, Arusi Mooring, Liz Tigalo. Back Row: Carl
Couser, Tony Bapple, Occasio Gee, Joseph Figo, Chris Vtipil, James Bednarek, Dan Elliot,
Alex Bradley, Tim Brown.
Front Row: Kimberly Fountain, Summer Meyers, Lelani Tamendong (captain), Dawn
Adams, Lili Branch, Michelle Dawley, Erin Olson, Jennifer Todd, Michelle Hoops, Lakeya
Smith, Teonette Velasco.
The House
Shanda Zuchowski
cheers the team on
while motivating
the crowd to shout
and support the
"GO O -D -u Jjlis a cheer which
echoed throughout the rafters of the
university Field House. The university
cheerleaders surprised teams and crowds
with extraordinary acrobatics and squad
enthusiasm. Head Coach, Geoff Bambini,
brought a wealth of knowledge to our
young talented athletes. The cheerleaders
built pyramids that extended over fifteen
feet high and the men tossed our royal
ladies tw enty feet into the air. They
traveled with our teams during the
basketball season bringing entertainment
to our timeouts and half-time shows.
"B lu e" the university mascot
enthrawed many crowds with his crazy
antics. Jamar Moore is the man within
the lion. From the splits to body surfing
and gyrating dancing, Blue did it all on
the courts of our monarch teams.
Dominion Cheerleading exemplifies the
true spirit of being called a Monarch.
Keith W alentow ski
The Monarch Dance Team is fairly
young. Their experiences are limited, yet
the ladies create electrifying shows. These
dedicated Monarchs practice as a unified
body working towards their main goal of
school spirit.
In order to become a member of the
team, one has to try-out in front of a panel
of judges. It is ran by a select group of
Dance Captains and Co Captains. This
season's Captain is Lelani Tamondong.
Every summer the Dance Team goes to a
camp, in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.
Here, the dance members learn new ideas
and the latest dance steps.
The Dance Team perform s a
combination of Jazz, Lyrical, Funk and
Hip Hop motions. This year's team
perform ed at several school activities
such as Monarch Family Weekend and
SuperDance. The ladies also danced at
every home basketball game.
a rticles
by: K eith
W alen tow ski
Keith W alentow ski
Brin Olson,
Michelle Hoops
and Kimberly
Fountain perform
one of the team ’s
routines for the
Joseph Figo and
Tony Bapple
provided physical
support in this 3person tall stunt
while Alex
Bradley spots
Keith W alentow ski
Concentrating on
the rim, Mandy
Olley makes the
first of two foul
shouts from the
With the help of her
squad, Deanda
Rockhill does a
russian basket toss
during a 20 second
provided, b y Athletic Public R elations Office
Mark Poag attempts
a basket from the
three-point line at a
crucial point during
the game.
provided by Athletic Public Relations Office
156 Sports
Natalie Diaz, guard,
rushes down the
court to pass the
ball to a center who
will in turn score
the basket.
Aubrey Eblin
focuses on
agressively blocking
her opponent.
In addition, Aubrey
excelled in threepoint shooting.
Sports 157
Damion Patton
demonstrates a
graceful backward
dive during
Jam es Sullivan,
Michelle Collins,
David Green,
Amanda Quinn,
Glen Kaplan,
Mary Kay Bolduc
and Sean Martin
take a timeout
from their
The M en's swimming and diving
team capped an undefeated season (12-0)
by capturing the 1998 CAA Championships
midway through the spring semester. The
team featured one of the strongest set of
swimmers in the area as they left their
opponents in their wake all season.
During the conference cham p­
ionships, the Monarchs narrowly defeated
long time rival James Madison by winning
the final event, the 400 free relay. The
team of John Sax, Matt W illiams, Matt
Craven, and Glen Kaplan set a school and
conference record time in winning the
race. Craven also earned a trip to the
NCAA Championships with his record
time in the 100 free style.
Head coach Carol Withus helped to
lead the Monarchs to their first undefeated
« season ever. After their best season in a
long time, the mens swimming and diving
team is ready to make a bigger splash
next season.
Although the women did not perform
as well as the men did this season, they
still made their presence felt by finishing
their season with a 7-5 record. The Lady
Monarchs entered the CAA Championships
as a dark horse to win it, however they
placed fifth with a score of 480 points.
At conference championships, swim­
mers Mary Kay Bolduc won the 200, 500,
# and 1650 free-style and Jane DePalo won
the 200 fly and the 200 individual medley.
• Bolduc, who returned as the 1996-97
0 CAA swimmer of the year, helped to lead
the Lady M onarchs to a spectacular
provided b y Athletic Public R elations O ffice
» improvement from a year ago winning five
Two-time CAA *#
Womens $ more meets.
Head coach Carol Withus has seen
Swimmer-of-the- *
Year, Mary Kay • her womens team steadily improve over
Bolduc shows her *m the last couple of seasons, so don't be
diving skills, as •
surprised if the Lady Monarchs improve
well. *
even more next season.
158 cÇuJWKinÿ/Div'inÿ
provided, by Atletic Public Relations O ffice
Front Row: Matt Craven, Damion Patton, Jake Gibbs, Kevin Harrison, Sean Martin, Doug
Fahlbusch, Make Coley. Second Row: Dave Green, Matt Borders, Mike Foley, Greg
Cardillo, Holden Hardcastle, Jeff Hofmann, Jeff Scott, John Sax, Asst. Coach Chris Feaster.
Back Row: Head Coach Carol Withus, Dan Thielemann, Jimmy Sullivan, Glen Kaplan,
John Wenham, Matt Williams, Matt Krause, Brad Simmons.
provided b y Athletic Public Relations Office
Front Row: Erica Blauberg, Jennifer Lutz, Sam Rebarchak, Anne Mittlesteadt, Heah
Rotondo, Sara BurkeBrook Schubert. Second Row: Meghan Farrow, Amanda Quinn, Mary
Kay Bolduc, Jane DePalo, Kari Kleinburd, Michelle Collins, Amy Golden, Kelly Harkins.
Back Row: Head Coach Carol Withus, Kristin Bush, Dianna DiToro, Theresa Polizzi,
Rebecca Larsen, Carey Thornburg, Amy Taylor, Asst. Coach Chris Feaster.
Saj/fKfKin^/Oio'in^ 159
i *
• ft*
io a
provid ed b y Athletic Public R elations O ffice
V » ftíw V¿$»—•
ss f t v #
1997 Roster: Nick Ardagna, David Bailey, Brian Brantley, Mark Caudell, Ed Cieslak, John
Còcca, Eric Davis, Jim Detwiler, P.J. Fleenor, Eric Folmar, Anthony Forelli, Jason Greiner,
Tony GSell, Ben Hamlet, Bobby Holland, Jesse James, Shawn Pearson, B. J. Raftery, Chris
Ripley, Brian Ross, Jared Starvatow, Joe Troilo, Nathan Travis, Ron Walker, David Winter,
Joe Worrell, Head CoachTony Guzzo, Asst. Coach Rick Robinson, Asst. Coach Dexter
Harris, Asst. Coach Jayson Nave.
Keith W cuentowskl
1997 Roster: Katie Adler, Jenna Bajus, Alison Brown, Carly Brown, Lauren Catania, Laura
Foerster, Takiyah Gettys, Susan Goodrich, Bridget Greenawalt, Katie Heaney, Stacia
Hepburn, Sarah Mindick, Alicia Nagowski, Lauren Nichols, Meagan Petrie, Donyelle
Pulliams, Jennifer Reese, Kailynne Ross, Pamela Seebald, Angie Stead, TaraTibbott, Loma
Tweed, Amy Wade, Susan Wolfgang.
The Scene
"One, two, three strikes your out,"
could be heard echoing from the Bud
Metheny Complex. This year the Monarchs
were successful in achieving wins for the
home team.
The Monarchs were lead by head
coach Tony Guzzo, who has been successful
in leading the
M onarchs to victory
previous years. Returning to the team
were key players Pitcher, Jesse James,
Shortstop, Tony Gsell and Catcher, Nick
Ardagna. In 1997 the Monarchs compiled
a 34-20 record and placed 2nd in the
CAA. This year they tried to top last
years record. The baseball program has
continued to support m en's dreams of
aspiring through greatness and leadership.
The program works very hard to make
sure the players achieve academically as
well as on the field.
by: John Hoatson
Right hand
pitcher Bobby
Holland, winds up
to deliver a
powerful speed
ball to the batter.
provided by Athletic Public Relations Office
Making An
The Lady M onarchs entered the
season as the tenth ranked team in the
nation. The roller coaster season offered
high and low points for the lacrosse team
that ended its season with a 7-10 record,
3-3 in the conference.
Most of the Lady Monarch losses
came to nationally ranked opponents, but
they did manage to make an impact on the
national scene. Head coach Sue Stahl,
who is also the head coach of the U.S.
N ational team, feels that her players
"could play with the best players in the
Their season ended with a
15-9 loss to tenth ranked Brown in the
NCAA Tournament. Junior Carly Brown
earned First Team All-CAA honors.
The Lady M onarchs are looking
poised to make a legitimate run in 1998.
Along with their top scorer, the team
returns goalie Angie Stead and defensive
leader Takiyah Gettys.
provided by Athletic Public Relations Office
After recieving
the ball from
Takiyah Gettys,
Midfielder Susan
Wolfgang prepares
for a shot on goal.
Goalie Angie
Stead uses her
crooke to block a
shot on goal.
provided b y Athletic Public R elations O ffice
Ron Walker prepares
for a pitch from his
William and Mary
opponent. Ron was
Collegiate Baseball
Magazine Player of
the Week two times.
provided, b y Athletic Public R elations O ffice
Senior Amanda
Quinn uses her four
years experience in
the 2 0 0 Butterfly.
Amanda was named
CAA Rookie of the
year during her first
season with the
Senior Midfielder
Stacia Hepburn uses
her speed and
strength to outrun
her opponent, while
preparing to score
a goal.
provided, b y A thletic Public R elations Office
In his final season
on the swim team
freestyle swimmer
Glen Kaplan swims
strong to win the
4 0 0 medley.
Catcher Nick
Ardagna sets up for
a pitch after
signaling a curve
ball against his
William and Mary
provided by Athletic Public R elations Office
Sports 163

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