K/1H Dusty F-M Charlotte K Chayse H-B Daemon S K/1P Scout B


K/1H Dusty F-M Charlotte K Chayse H-B Daemon S K/1P Scout B
Weekly Awards—Congratulations to the following students who will receive
class weekly awards at assembly at 10.00am tomorrow. Parents are invited &
welcome to attend. The host for assembly this week is K/1H-Miss Ponweiser
Excellent Behaviour Awards
The following students will receive their Bronze
awards at assembly tomorrow for excellent behaviour. Well done!!
Jindy O’H
Ayla A-W
Lucian C
Ayla B
Olivia L
Shelayne T Remy L-C
Oliver D
Adam P-A
Louise P
Jordan A
Tia C
K/1H Dusty F-M
Charlotte K
Chayse H-B
Daemon S
K/1P Scout B-J
Misty F
Cooper F
Kaya M
Imogen O
Chloe E
Brigette B
Yr 3/4C Shelayne T Nakeita B
Tyger B
Khan W
Eivissa S
Astrid T
Oliver D
Eriz L
Ben R
Dylan S
To my dear wife Bonita and family,
Luke W
Sari T
Georgie I
This is truly the end. I’m slowly dying and will not be
here much longer. My last request is to win the land
rights case. Please be there for our tribe whether we win or
lose and stand in my place at the protests. I love you all
so much and I hope you will remember me as I will
remember you.
Yr 1/2K Eshaya C
Yr 3/4M Jasmine J
Yr 4/5T Miah F
Yr 5/6M Kyle B
Front page this week by Yr 5/6M—Ms Daly’s class
Yr 5/6M have been studying a unit of work—Australia’s Heritage and Traditions.
We have been following the timeline of history from the settlement of Australia
through to our present day. We have been looking at the sad history of Indigenous
Australians and their rich culture. We have also been drawing Australian animals
using some of the traditional styles used in Aboriginal paintings.
In literacy, to improve our writing and technique, we have been focusing on planning before we write our stories and brainstorming what we would see, hear,
touch, smell, taste and feel in different settings. This has definitely helped us to
write more interesting stories, that hopefully you will enjoy.
This week we have been studying Eddie Mabo who changed history through his
fight to gain land rights for his people. Earlier this term we wrote stories about
Truganini, a strong Tasmanian woman who helped the early explorers as well as
standing up for her own people.
Studying the oldest living culture in the world, the First Australians, has helped us
to understand our history and we’ve all enjoyed the wealth of knowledge we have
explored in this unit.
Eddie T & Riley P—This term we have been learning about the first Australians and
the dark times when English settlement came. We have learnt that thousands of
indigenous Australians were killed for crimes
they didn’t commit. We all do hope it never
happens again.
In English we have been learning about how to
get the perfect sizzling starts and how to plan
amazing stories.
Inca M & Simone W-P—This term we have been
learning about the first Australians. We have
been writing stories and thinking of sizzling
starts. Our class has also been thinking about
our 5 senses for our stories. We have been making leaf mats by weaving.
Picture left BROLGA by Inca M
Have a look at these pictures in colour on the
website—what talented students we have.
Georgie I—I lay there, watching the yellow light flicker above me. The pain in my chest was almost unbearable and my lungs ached as I took a breath. In
the background, two nurses chatted as a series of
coughs rang out down the hall, followed by a soft
wheezing. I opened the drawer beside me and took
an old piece of paper from the bottom. On the paper I
Love, Edward Mabo
Lying back down I watched a shadow grow on the
shiny, white floor as my wife’s head peered in. Walking towards me she reached for my hand as my
heartbeat slowed. The light grew brighter. My last
breath was the best. I remembered the island I lived
on, with the soft breeze, salty water and warm sand.
Fading tito the light a smile grew on my face, as the
palm trees swayed and the waves crashed on the wet
sand. Finally, I was home.
Eddie R—In COGS this term we have been learning
about the first Australians. So far we have learnt
about Truganini and Robertson and we just learnt
about Eddie Koiko Mabo (he’s got a cool name). We
have also learnt about the dark times and the big
Picture right
Sari T
Picture right
Madison D
Principal’s Comment
Dear Families,
Another huge Congratulations to Cody F who
once again won his division at last Friday’s
North Coast Cross Country Championships.
Cody has now qualified to compete at the
PSSA State Championships in Sydney. This is
a massive accomplishment from a very
talented runner.
This weekend saw a highly successful Old
and Gold Festival. Thank – you to the
parents and staff who worked so hard on
raising money at this event. Over $2000 was
raised and this will make a significant
difference to the resources available to our
school. 15 families from Year 5 and 6 came
and ran a stall which will make the end of
year excursion cheaper for these families.
Some families have already raised over $100
towards their trip. I am also proud to
announce that our school are now the
Australian School Marbles Champions after
Tex and Sam took out the finals in this event.
Riley and Jordan were unfortunate to be
knocked out in the first round against last
year’s reigning champions but Jordan went
on to win the Junior Boys individual event. It
was also lovely to watch the students from
our school compete in a very sportsman like
manner. Several adults commented on how
nice it was to hear the boys acknowledge
good shots from their competitors.
Last week’s assembly saw our newly formed
Uke Group perform for the first time
accompanying a song sung by students in
Kindergarten and Year 1. Given the students
have only been playing for three weeks they
did very well.
This week our Positive Behaviour for
Learning focus has been greeting people.
Children often remember to greet their
friends but forget about other children and
adults around them. We have encouraged all
students to remember to look at people they
pass and greet them. We have particularly
encouraged them to remember to greet their
bus driver, the canteen volunteers and
teachers. It would be great to back this idea
up at home and remind children to greet
people such as parents, shopkeepers,
coaches and dance teachers.
Our Athletics carnival is coming up next
week. The fields at Stan Thompson are
marked so it would be a great for families to
grab the chance and head on down for some
running and jumping practice before the
event. The time doing this could then be
counted towards students Premiers Sporting
Challenge Goal.
Have a Great Week
Mel. Currie
Welcome—We have had several enrolments during this term and would like to
welcome returning and new students to our school. Kailah Z (Yr 4/5T) and Jazmin S-H
(Yr 3/4M) have returned to BHPS. New students Jayden W and James B are also in Yr
4/5T, Zen M is in 1/2K and August B started this week in 3/4M. We hope these families
have a long and happy time at Brunswick Heads Public School.
Your help is needed for a Working Bee—YEAH. We have scheduled a working bee for
THIS Sunday 16th June from 9.00am to see to a few areas which need our attention.
When we are finished (hopefully 2 hours at the most) we will enjoy a sausage sizzle.
Just come along if you can make it.
Areas we will be cleaning and tidying are:
 Concrete area in the COLA, entry and pavers in front and around garden area—we
have hired a whirly cleaner which uses water and heaps of pressure to clean the flat
areas and we will have a gurney to clean the blocks and other non-flat areas. There
is really thick moss built up on the pavers at front which is slippery.
 Removal of rubbish out behind our gardens and Max’s shed. We will use our one
free dump which expires at the end of June to take up to 150Kg of rubbish (old
fridge, metal, etc) to the Myocum tip and probably another trip to remove garden
waste, palm fronds, etc. The Myocum tip closes at 11.30am.
 Raking and levelling ground behind the toilets where the old green house has been
removed and general tidying of bush/ground in this area.
Scholastic Bookclub Issue 4 orders are due back to the school no later than
TOMORROW Friday 14th June. We cannot process late orders, so please
ensure they are in by this date.
School Photos
The student photographs have now arrived and have been sent home with students.
Also available are group photos of the following:
School Captains & Vice-Captains House Captains
Student Representative Council
Year 6—Fun and Formal
Library Monitors
Targeted Learning Centre (TLC)
These photos are on display in the foyer of the office and are available to purchase. The
cost is $14.00 each, 2 for $26.00, 3 for $36.00, 4 for $44.00 or 5 for $50.00. Order
envelopes are available at the office and must by returned to the office by 22nd July
Multicultural Public Speaking Competition
Congratulations to Nakeita B, Shelayne T, Eddie R and Erez L who all gave excellent
speeches last Thursday at school. They will now be competing in the next level of the
MCPS Competition to be held at Bangalow Public School next Thursday 20th June 2013.
Students have been given a note regarding this event and should contact the school if
there any problems with transport. Congratulations and Good Luck!
A Big THANK YOU to the Brunswick Valley Woodchop Committee
Each year the BV Woodchop put aside $1000 to donate to our school from the proceeds
of their fundraising. This money is to be used for students who might otherwise not get
an equal chance to join in school activities. The $1000 is the Col Watson Memorial Fund
as Col was always present at
the Woodchop events and
was always looking for ways
to support the local school.
Stewie Coles
and Brian
Badcock came to assembly
last Friday and asked Payten
and Tiani H (supporters of the
Woodchop Committee) to
present the cheque to our
School Captains. Luke W and
Chloe J accepted the very
generous donation with
much applause from all.
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Great reasons to be active for children and parents
boosts confidence
improves fitness
makes bones and muscles stronger
improves posture
helps maintain a healthy weight
lowers the risk of heart disease
reduces stress
improves sleep
reduces the risk of cancer
improves self confidence
teaches you new skills
develops better motor skills
makes a person happier with their body
Little Racquets Tennis Coaching—Ocean Shores Tennis Club
Enrol now and receive your free T-Shirt! Kids tennis lessons
and social tennis, adult social tennis. Tennis Australia Qualified Tennis Coach—Gemma Eaton. All queries to 0412 200
923 or visit 222.littleracquets.com.au
June 2013
AFL Knock Out
Working Bee
ICAS Writing Competition
Athletics Carnival at Stan Thompson
ICAS Spelling Competition
P&C Meeting
MC Public Speaking Competition
School Cross Country Medallions presented to Champions & Runners-up
Movie Night
FNC Softball at Brunswick Heads
Parent Teacher Interviews 1 to 6.30pm
Day of Celebration—Games
Last Day of Term 2
July 2013
Staff Development Day (no students)
1st day of term 3 for all students
Debate Round 1
P&C Meeting
NAIDOC Assembly
NC Softball
Byron Bay Writers Festival
ICAS English Competition
Debate Round 2
Brunswick Valley Athletics Carnival at
Byron Sports Complex
ICAS Maths Competition
FNC Athletics Carnival—Byron Bay
FNC Athletics Carnival at Byron
P&C Meeting
CSIRO Science Day
NC Athletics Carnival—Coffs Harbour
P&C Meeting
Kids for Elephants—Next Friday 21st June we will be
having a visit from Sylvia who will be in the Library
from 11.15 to 1.15. She will be giving a presentation
about the plight of the Asian Elephants.
Kids for Elephants raise funds which are sent to Thailand or Cambodia to support different organisations
for the welfare of elephants. It is a not for profit organisation registered with the ATO.
KFE began when 3 children on a family trip to Thailand saw a baby elephant going to the market to beg
on the streets.
$$$ Bring along $1 to buy a wrist band, all money
goes to save the elephants $$$