Guatemala 2016 ABOUT GUATEMALA RELIGION: Roman Catholic, Protestant, & Indigenous Faiths FACTS: Bordered by Belize, El Salvador, Mexico, & Honduras LANGUAGE: Spanish ~ Team Leaders ~ POPULATION: 15.45 Million Heather & Cisco Estebez v Encounter Care Pastors v Members of TFH for 11 years v Served in Uganda, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and local Adopt-­‐a-­‐Block. “We believe in empowering young people by showing them what God is doing in the world. Our goal is to help them to see the potential God has for their cities through short-­‐term missions.” Trip Info Cost: $1190 Deposit: $125 Nonrefundable deposit due w/application by 3/30. About the Trip We’ll be serving in the day care center for children who live in the dumps, food ministry to children, schools, youth and children’s ministry, and more…. WHY GUATEMALA? Encounter Missions has been given a unique opportunity to partner with Juvelim, the thriving youth church of Iglesia Elim Central, in Guatemala City, Guatemala. We’ve been working with Elim since 2006, when the youth pastor, Paul Nufio, attended our worship conference. Since that time, we have sent several short-­‐term teams of worship leaders and interns to serve in Guatemala City. This will be our 7th year going to Guatemala. OUR RESPONSE “We believe in empowering young people by showing them what God is doing in the world. ~ Heather & Cisco Estebez Our mission is to meet the basic humanitarian needs of food, clean water, and medical provision to raise up a healthy generation. In doing so, we will equip them with leadership training and principles that will allow them opportunities to change and advance their nation. This will be accomplished through teaching principles of excellence, integrity, ethics and morals. F