David`s Newsletter 03/31/15 It is “Semana Santa” (Holy Week) here


David`s Newsletter 03/31/15 It is “Semana Santa” (Holy Week) here
David’s Newsletter 03/31/15 It is “Semana Santa” (Holy Week) here in Guatemala and ironically the beaches will be completely saturated with people engaging in drunken parties. The streets of Guatemala will be covered with beautiful rugs made out of colored rice followed by many catholic processions that will block main roads and cause even more traffic than there already is in our lovely country. Here is a picture of the rugs in Antigua. It is a great time for us to reminisce on the life, death and resurrection of our true King, Jesus Christ. I am looking forward to our worship service this Sunday and declare with the church that He Is Risen! David Holmbeck, a WYAM director from Wisconsin, came to visit Guatemala last week and I was asked to translate for him. It was a humbling experience as we visited families in a village where they would welcome us into their tiny mud houses and would listen intently as we shared the gospel. Five people gave their lives to Christ because we simply took the time to sit down with them and present the good news with love. I want to share with you my current plans so that you can pray with me for God to shine his favor and allow these things to unfold in the following weeks: 1) I’ve partnered with Christians in Action Missions International, we are in the process of setting a page on their website through which people can make tax-­‐deductible donations. Praise God! 2) In 1-­‐2 weeks I will be launching my music website where you can listen to the songs, download the worship charts, keep up with the latest pictures and events and much more! We are working hard to get it ready. 3) I will be visiting Kentucky for three weeks from 04/14 through 05/05, and will be leading worship at several churches, college groups, coffee shops and praying God opens doors to share of his love and truth through praise and worship. Lastly, I would like to leave you with some pictures to enjoy: David’s Newsletter 03/31/15 This past Friday we were given the opportunity to play LIVE Blessings to You and your family,
on a Christian TV and thank you in advanced for
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broadcasts throughout the country. Such a wonderful experience! Happy Easter
I led worship at the Christian American School youth retreat at a location that has a beautiful view of the active volcano, PACAYA, and big frogs J David Toledo
Bottom Left: NTV -­‐ a secular TV station where I was able to share the EP Album and my faith in Christ Bottom Right: Canal 27 – visiting this TV station with Journey staff sharing about missions