Dr. Jeanne Tunks, Director of the Core Barbara Stone, Graduate


Dr. Jeanne Tunks, Director of the Core Barbara Stone, Graduate
Dr. Jeanne Tunks, Director of the Core
Barbara Stone, Graduate Assistant
University of North Texas
Can be configured to do the work
Accessible to faculty and core administrators
Direct, easy access to student work
Available for delivery and scoring
Two objectives assessed each semester
Identify Core Courses with targeted objectives
Gain access to courses as instructor or grader
Gather signature assignments from each course
Load cleaned documents in OCCC page
Committee members review and assess each course
Student work is randomly drawn from the highest rated signature assignments
Blackboard Administrators create an Organization for Communal Scoring
Participating faculty are added as graders
Content folders are created for each scoring day
Overview of Value Rubrics
Purposes of Texas Core
Rubric norming by criteria
Individual scoring of assigned student work
Percentage reported
28% provided access for communal scoring purposes ( 2014‐15); up from 4% (2013‐14)
Critical thinking results
range of mean team scores was 5‐19; mean score = 12.7 of a possible 20
Social Responsibility results
range of mean scores was 3‐11 ; mean score = 8.9 of a possible 20
Overwhelming support for process
Faculty reported desire to change own courses
Appreciation for food, timing, support throughout
Most agreed to return to score again
2014‐15 report prepared, submitted in TracDat
Report Elements
Findings – each objective
Continue in Blackboard
Begin gathering information
Follow successful parts of process
Improve parts that need shoring up
Continuously thank faculty who assist the process
Remain patient, congenial, vigilant
Jeanne Tunks, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Director of the Core
Office of the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
Hurley 135C
[email protected]
Barbara Stone
Graduate Assistant
Office of the Core
[email protected]
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