Presented by: Sharper Training Solutions, Inc.


Presented by: Sharper Training Solutions, Inc.
Presented by:
Sharper Training Solutions, Inc.
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Protect Your Computer
 Antivirus Program
 Antispyware Program
 Never Download from Strangers or Unknown Websites
 Never Reply to SPAM
 Beware of Phishing Emails
 Full Name
 Address
 School Name
 Phone Number
 Main Email Address  Team Name
 Photos w/identifying
 Birthday
info (ex. team shirt)
 Birth City
 Identifying Info (ex.
 Mother’s Maiden Name Nearby malls)
What is Instant Messaging?
 Real-time Communication Between Two People
 Text Conveyed via Computers Connected To the
 Instant Messaging / Chat Client
Instant Messaging Clients
Windows Live Messenger
Yahoo! Messenger **
AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) **
Skype **
Google Talk **
** Download Required
Kids’ Instant Messaging & Chatrooms
 Kid Chatters
 Kids' Turn Central Chat
 Kidzworld
Messenger Programs
Click Send an IM
Type a Message
And Click Send
To Send an IM,
Point to
IM Acronyms
 Acronyms – Text Shortcuts and Abbreviations
LOL Laughing out loud
BFN Bye for now
AFK Away from (the) keyboard
Translator from
IM Resources for Parents
Microsoft - What Parents must know about IMing
USAToday: Watch the Kids
Wired Kids
Parents: The Anti-Drug
Get Skype
Join Skype
(Indicated by *)
 First & Last name
 Email address (2x)
 Country/region
 Language
 Skype name
 Password (2x)
 The “text above”
Non-mandatory Information:
•Register for Skype using your
Facebook account
•Mobile number
•How do you intend to use Skype?
What You Can Do For…
 Skype-to-Skype calls
 One-to-one video calls
 Instant messaging
 Screen sharing
1. Pay As You Go
2. Subscriptions
3. Skype Premium_________
 Regular calls to phones.
 Call phones and mobiles
 Call forwarding
 *Group video calling3and
screen sharing
 *Live chat customer
 Free
 Pay per minute
 Pay per month
 Skype Premium
 Skype Credit
 SMS Rates
Ways to Pay
Using Your Webcam
how to use a webcam
Devices that run Skype
 Smartphones (Blackberry, Droids, iPhone)
 iPod Touch, iPad
 Windows PC’s
 Mac’s
The Initial Interface…
Group Video Calls
How to Make a Video Call
 Double-click the "Skype" icon on your desktop and log in with your
username and password.
Click "Tools" at the top of the screen, and then click "Options."
Click "Video" in the dropdown menu. The blue icon on the left will
display your video options.
Check "Enable Skype Video." You'll now have access to Skype video
Set up your webcam connection. It should already be connected to your
computer with drivers installed. Select the webcam from the dropdown
list and test it again to make sure it works.
Set your video call preferences below. You can have video start
automatically if you check--what else?--"Start my video automatically."
Click "Save" in the bottom right to save your settings.
To make a video call, click the video button on your contact list or click
"Start Video" once you are already in a call.
 During a call, you can switch video on or off by clicking
that option in the call tab.
 You need the newest version of Skype to use video.
Download it at At "Install," you will
be walked through the video setup.
 Even if you don't have a webcam, you can see any
contacts who have webcams at their end--they just
won't be able to see you.
 Contacts must authorize their acceptance before you
can make a video call.