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Where else can my kid “Chat”?
Chat rooms are everywhere: Go to and type in
“free teen chat” and see the endless supply of chat
Latest Problems: Snapchat,
Instagram, Kik, Badoo,Backpage,
Omegle, Skype,Twitter, Slavefarm,
Skype: Without privacy setup, anyone can chat with a
child using a “Contact/Connect Request”
This unknown
person wrote,
“…I was browsing
who’s online and I
came across your
profile, and thought
you seemed worth
talking to ”
Child Pornography: Visual image of a person under
16 years old that is sexually explicit.
Sexting: sending sexually provocative images via cell
phone or posting to Internet.
Enticement and Exploitation: Using computer to
entice/ coerce a person under 16 years old to
engage in sexual activity
Cyber-bulling: Overt acts by student(s) directed at
another student with the intent to ridicule, harass,
humiliate or intimidate, is repeated over time, and
occurs on school grounds, at school events or
impacts the victim’s school performance/safety.
Cyberbullying as a Crime
Cyber-bulling: … occurs on school grounds,
at school events or impacts the victim’s
school performance/safety.
If it becomes criminal and happens from
YOUR house (via the Internet) ….
Then YOUR house can become part of
the criminal investigation!
Criminal Charges
•Child Pornography
Enticement (exploitation)
Breach of Peace
Criminal Impersonation
Unwanted Exposure to Sexual Materials
Impairing the Morals of a Minor
How to Disable Geotagging on Your Smartphone’s Camera
(Android, iPhone, BlackBerry)
To disable geotagging on phone’s camera only (GPS tracking or
maps will still function, ie FindMyPhone will still work):
iPhone (4.0): 1. Go to Settings. 2. Select General. 3. Select Location
Services. Locate Camera from the list of apps that use Location
Services and change the setting to OFF.
Android (2.2; 2.3): 1. Open the Camera app. 2. Select the Location
icon. 3. Select Off. Some versions of Android will need you to open
the Camera app, select the Menu button on their phone, select
Settings and disable Geo-tag photos.
BlackBerry (6.0): 1. Open Camera. 2. Select the Location icon and
set it to Disabled. Previous versions will need to open Camera,
press the Menu button and select Options. Then set Geotagging to
Would your kid use this app?
Stealth Computer and
Phone Monitoring Software
 Cyber Patrol
 SpectorPro
 Cyber Snoop
 Internet Guard Dog
 Net Nanny
 MobiStealth
Top Monitoring Programs
(with stealth mode options)
Online Safety Websites ,
Online Safety Websites cont.
Online Safety Websites cont.
Know your Neighbors
When an Incident Occurs
What’s a Parent to Do
•Make sure you save all the communication
•Soft copy is preferred (Emails, Web pages, Images)
•Printed copies are the next best thing
•Note Vehicle used (Myspace, Aim, Email)
•Note exact date and time
• Contact Law Enforcement
Questions to ask your kids
•Do you use Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Formspring,
Skype, Blogs, Instant Messsengers, Peer 2 Peer, ICQ,
or any Group?
•Show me your Blog/Web page?
•What email address(es) do you use ?
•Do you have pictures posted on the Net ?
•Do you list any personal information ?
•Do you only speak with known friends (review) ?
•Have you ever met anyone from online ?
•Show me your phone and all pictures and texts.
What else do I do?
USE the social
networking tools.
Watch their
behavior, in person
and online.