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Whether You Pay One Employee
or Thousands...
Use a Payroll Service
or Handle It In-house...
You’ll Streamline Your Process &
Save Money With Primepoint!
Call 1-800-600-5257
Better Technology...
Don’t struggle with outdated technology or
off-the-shelf, do-it-yourself software. Primepoint
combines over 20 years of payroll processing
experience and problem-solving capabilities with
high-level computer programming to offer systems
that will make your job a little easier!
You will never need to update payroll software on
your internal computers or networks because our
systems are built on an ASP model, which means we
maintain the software and you access it through the
You will be able to process payroll from any computer
with Internet access.
Better Service...
What Creates Better Service?… People!
You should be able to talk to
You will never be locked out of the system because
you "transmitted" payroll.
people you know, and those
You will see a preview of your payroll almost
immediately after you click the button to calculate
payroll eliminating the need to wait for hours to
preview your payroll and make revisions.
company, and the details about
You will no longer be hit with penalties for filing payroll
tax paperwork late or incorrectly if you use our full payroll
tax service.
people should know you, your
your account. You should be
able to talk to those people
without having to navigate an
automated phone system that
requires you to make several selections before you find out all you
You can have as many pay rates as you would like
with our systems.
can do is leave a voice mail message, and wait.
You can assign multiple pay rates to one employee.
Primepoint customers call customer service, a person answers and
Your employees will know what they are being paid for
because you can clearly label an unlimited number of pay
rates with their appropriate names.
You can track your employee's accrued paid benefit time in
the system and if you choose to, you can have the benefit
time earned, taken, and remaining print on your
employee's check.
You can process payroll using our web-based interfaces.
You can call or fax in payroll data. Plus you can switch
between methods, choosing the method that's going to
work best for you each pay period.
You can offer your employees direct deposit.
directs the call to right individual. Our turnover in customer service
is very low, so the customer service staff gets to know our customers and our customers get to know the staff.
Less Expensive...
Get Soft Cost Savings From Better
Technology & Service!
Primepoint is focused on providing better technology and better
customer service, which makes processing payroll easier for our
customers. Ask us for a demonstration of our systems to see how
You can "Go-Green" by choosing our paperless option and
eliminate all delivery of checks and reports.
they can make your payroll processing job a little
You can have an unlimited number of allocation levels,
which will enable you to allocate payroll by departments,
locations, jobs, grants, customers, cost centers, etc., etc.!
Get Hard Cost Savings From Lower Fees!
You can give your employees access to their individual
payroll information via our Employee Direct Access
web interface.
These are only the highlights of our
technology benefits. Ask your
salesperson for a complete demonstration.
easier so it takes less of your valuable time.
We offer processing fees that are generally lower than our
competition. Ask us for an analysis of your current processing
costs vs. the same services from Primepoint.
Call 1-800-600-5257
163 Route 130, Bordentown, NJ 08505
P: 1-800-600-5257 F: 609-298-6742