Pedro Fernández began his international career when he was


Pedro Fernández began his international career when he was
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Pedro Fernández began his international career when he was seven years old, after releasing his album and movie "La de la mochila azul” (“blue backpack.") Like any good singer of “ranchera” music, he was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, on September 28, 1969. Until today, Pedro has recorded 39 albums, six Telenovelas, 25 movies, and still continues captivating audiences in Mexico, United States, Central America, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Venezuela, Spain, etc, by breaking generational barriers. He knows how to play with equal quality and the same success, romantic ballads, cheerful, rogues and "earthy" songs, always with a very particular style, a product of his great charisma. Prior to the release of his album, Pedro Fernandez participated in the telenovela "Hasta que el Dinero nos Separe” (“Until Money Tear us Apart,") next to Itatí Cantoral, making this “telenovela” a favorite by the Mexican audience, remaining always at the top level of national rating, and reaching record levels. Apart from"La Mochila Azul" until his last “telenovela,” and "Hasta que el Dinero nos Separe", he also participated in "Lo Mucho que te Quiero", "Mi forma de Sentir,” "Vamos a Platicar", "Quién," "La Mujer que Amas," "Los Hombres no Deben Llorar", "Deseos y Delirios", “Fueron tres años”, “Laberintos de pasión”, “Aventurero”, “Yo no fui”, “¿Cómo quieres que te olvide?”, “Escúchame”, “Me encantas”, “Amiga por favor”, “Dime mi amor”, “Que esto que lo otro.” Pedro has remained present and close to the audience that rewards him, filling everywhere he presents in, and making him a the winner of Gold, Platinum and Diamond discs, and a Latin Grammy’s. 

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