CribMaster 9 Software


CribMaster 9 Software
CribMaster 9 Software
Featur es of the Best CribMas t e r Ye t
CribMaster 9 Software
How does the best indirect material software get better? Here
are the top ways the latest and greatest version of CribMaster
has been improved. Find out the top reasons why you should
evaluate, and why you should take advantage of the new
evolution of indirect material management systems.
Major Usability Differences
Ribbon Features – new clean look...same great functionality
Explorer View – more ways to navigate through CribMaster
Modeless Features…immediate data validation notices
more annoying pop up boxes
Quick Access ToolBar – shortcuts to where you need to go
Dashboard - Customize your home page view to show important
reports and stats everytime you login
Other New Features and Usability
Roaming Profiles – your unique settings are stored in the
database not the registry – your settings and customized views
now follow you everywhere
In Grid Editing and Data Validation - we listened and now your
data editing is faster than ever
In Grid Lookups - dynamic content is now in dropdown menus
as opposed to lookup screens
Print Grids and New Data Exporting Features – now we have
a true print screen feature that gives you all the data from your
search...another request from our users
Custom Views – create your own custom data view in
CribMaster whenever you need it
New Extensive Search and Filtering Capabilities – good
search capabilities just got a lot better and now you have the
ability to save your searches
User Interface Customizations – Column Chooser, Group By –
only the data you need to see in all your views
Create Your Own Custom System Status – you decide what’s
Add Your Own Reports to the DashBoard – custom start page
tells you what you need to know
SQL Script Execution Allows Select Statements and Export
Capabilities – more ways to extract data quickly from the
CribMaster system
New Delete Functionality – lets you clean up those records from
one place in CribMaster
CMServer is Now CMAgent - installs and runs as a Service
REX Files – New Custom scheduled export feature – build your
own exports for CSV, fixed length, XML, EDI formats etc….
New Return Screen - more usability when returning items
CribMaster 9 Software
Featur es of the Best CribMas t e r Ye t
Now CribMaster Can be Deployed in a True N-tier Environment
New Connection Methods - CribMaster9 has the ability to connect to 4 different types of Remote Data Portals (Web Services, WCF,
.NET Remoting and Enterprise Services Hosting)
ADO.NET vs ODBC Connections - a more secure and faster database connection
CMAgent Log Available from the CribMaster Application – now anyone can “see” when/if CMAgent is doing its job

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