An exclusive opportunity for you from !


An exclusive opportunity for you from !
An exclusive opportunity for you
Be part of an engaging and innovative way to educate and excite future generations about the oil and gas industry.
Partnering with one of the most beloved board games in the world, OE will produce a custom Monopoly game
– OE Oilopoly. OE Oilopoly will feature an offshore oil and gas theme throughout including the game board, property titles,
game pieces, Community Chest cards, Chance cards, game theme, and money.
The objective of OE Oilopoly is to create interest, understanding, and passion for the oil and gas industry in our business
community, families, and future generations in a familiar, fun, educational, and family-oriented manner.
There is a limited opportunity for companies to participate in this unique offering by having your company become an
OE Oilopoly property. There are only 28 properties available for sponsorship.
Property Sponsorships are
$5,000 net and includes:
Custom Title Card
* Company name on front
* Company logo and profile on back
One custom Community Chest or Chance Card
* Text features your company
20 OE Oilopoly games
* Able to pre-purchase additional games for $40 each.
* (Retail price: $50 each)
OE Oilopoly will be ready for distribution on or
before April 15th and will be marketed and sold
extensively throughout 2015 including at all key
industry events – OTC, Offshore Europe,
LAGCOE, PECOM and many others where OE
has an exhibit booth. The game will also be
sold online throughout the year.
Don’t hesitate - act now so your company is guaranteed to be included in this
industry first, exclusive opportunity – OE Oilopoly.
Contact your OE Sales Manager to
secure your position on OE Oilopoly
or for more information.
John Lauletta
Business Development Manager
Direct: 713.874.2220
Cell: 713.504.1764
[email protected]
Amy Vallance
Business Development Manager
Direct: 281.758.5733
Mobile: 281.928.3520
Fax: 281.758.574
[email protected]
Brenda Homewood
Business Development Manager
Direct: +44 (0) 1732 459683
[email protected]