Installation of Robo-Focus Motor


Installation of Robo-Focus Motor
Installation of Robo-Focus Motor
These are the parts for mounting Robo-Focus that come from Technical
Innovations when ordered for the Clement Focuser.
(Shown in 1st picture.)
Replace knob top and tighten the three Philips Head Screws. Pull up on
Sprocket until top of Sprocket meets Phillips Head Screws. Using the
3/32” Allen Wrench lightly tighten three setscrews on the Sprocket. (Do
not over tighten, as this will damage Focus Knob Barrel.
Slip Timing Belt over motor sprocket before attaching Motor to Motor
Mount. Install Robo-Focus Motor to Motor Mount with the two #6
socket head cap screws using the 7/64” Allen Wrench.
Shown below are two examples of possible orientations of Robo-Focus
Motor to Focuser.
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