W W W.C A Z A L- E Y E W E A R .C O M
Judge me by my past.
I n t h e e a r ly 1 9 8 0 ’ s C a r i Z a l l o n i c r e a t e d a l e g e n d a r y c o l l e c t i o n o f
extraordinary and unique shades – worshipped by the first rappers.
A n e w s t y l e w a s b o r n t h a t i s s t i l l a l i v e t o d ay !
Ph o to g ra p hy
When it comes to hip hop and its artistic
universe and imagination, ARMEN is one
of the most recognized photographers
and video directors. His talent impressed
many artists as well known as Jay Z,
50 Cent and Usher. ARMEN was one
of the pione ers of the Parisian hip hop
movement in 1983. Later he moved to the
USA, where his photographs have be en
published in renowned magazines such
as XXL and Vibe Magazine. Experience
the unique touch of ARMEN DJERRAHIAN’S
photography in this bo ok.
My blo ck, my ho o d, my s tre ets … CAZAL 607 | Iconic style since 1984.
Let’s pop some CRYSTAL ! CAZAL 607 |CRYSTAL
J e ez , s he’s a killer ! CAZAL 858 | MOST WANTED
Let m e be strai ght wi th you… CAZAL 858 | WHITE-PINK-TURQUOISE
Perfect match! CAZAL 905 | WHITE -MEETS- CAZAL 607 | BLACK
CAZAL 623 | bla ck m a tt
CAZAL 163 | red CAZAL 607 |cr y s ta l
CAZAL 616 | bla ck
Fa ce to Fa ce CAZAL 616 | 8 MM ACETATE -WITH- CAZAL 955 | BLACK ’N’ GOLD
Call 163 CAZAL 163 | Famous shot
B ro o kly n B ro s . CAZAL 616 | BLACK MATT -vs- CAZAL 643 | BLACK GLOSSY
R ide my bi ke CAZAL 955 | BROWN -CRUISING WITH - CAZAL 627 | BROWN
A rmen D jerrahian
P hotographer / D irector - C A Z A L P hanatics P A R I S / N E W Y O R K
M atti P iipponen - O ptician / C A Z A L P hanatics F I N L A N D
/ my No.1 would be a 627.
/ timeless and unique.
There is nothing comparable to this incredible movement which has influenced so many aspects such as music, art, dancing and of course style and
fashion. At the time I was admiring those huge square shades that most of
my favourite artists were rocking like none else. That legendary frame was
called “CAZAL”! My first one, a black 607. Since then, as my name and
trademark got established in the photography and music video world,
I started collecting this incredible, timeless, stylish and unique gems.
T heodoros A simakopoulos - C A Z A L P hanatics G R E E C E
/ a heavy fever.
It is really hard to give an answer what CAZAL means to me without being
biased or prolixed. So I’m going to be laconic. It’s a heavy “fever” that will
never go down.
C hris P rokop - V intage S unglasses
/ unmistakable in design.
For me CAZAL is synonymous with ‘vintage’. It is the only brand
that has always remained true to itself. Unmistakable design, with
a unique history & a soul called Cari Zalloni. For me CAZAL is a
benchmark of vintage. Whenever I visit a Vintage Shop I lo ok first of
all for the CAZAL selection. Then I know what to expect.
CAZAL has some strange aura, which makes them lo ok and fe el very
different. Maybe it is just the right shape combined with right proportions
and colours, but it is still something more. I collect them and also use them
every day as spectacles and sunglasses. If I had to cho ose and take only
one frame on a desert island, my No.1 would be a 627. I am not the person who likes to show off but just the opposite, and now when CAZALs are
everyday bread for me, I get surprised and disappointed when someone
says like “Who do you think you are?” or so. That’s the spirit in Finland…
C hristian M etzler - P hotographer / C A Z A L P hanatics G E R M A N Y
D ameion “ R Y T H M C H I L D ” W illiams
D ancer / M odel / M artial / A rtist – C A Z A L P H A N A T I C S B R O O K LY N / N E W Y O R K
/ the hip hop scene.
/ a brand of excellence.
CAZAL had that special power around the work and design that made this
brand my most wanted frames. CAZAL holds its own with almost everything.
Cari Zalloni had his own sense of design, a handwriting to put out frames.
CAZAL always had a great way of marketing and was a big part in the hip
hop community. I always enjoy the old 80s and 90s style of photography
they did for advertising and how they placed themselves on the right faces
of my idols. And even today they do their best to let me know how co ol
CAZAL really is.
CAZAL is a brand of excellence. It represents past, present & future. It is
a frame of sophistication and cultural acceptance. I remember growing
up in Bro oklyn and not knowing who anyone was … whoever wore
CAZALs, in my mind they registered as someone important …
T hierry “ B ack Q ” R oche - D J B elgium
/ They look so great.
Either you got style or you don’t. No ne ed to worry when you wear
CAZAL, the only true HIP HOP clothing accessory that survived and is
recognized by the Realz – CAZAL CAZAL. They lo ok so great!!!
A le x ander “ D ukie ” D osiehn
G rafic D esigner / writes for E Y E W E A R M A G A Z I N E among others
/ back to the old school.
It has always be en a kind of philosophy of life and describes my background, it me ets the retro wave and CAZAL’s strategy of gradually
reissuing former icons. For me, CAZAL Eyewear has always be en much more
than spectacles or just protection from bright light - that’s why in all conscience I can extend the meaning of this phrase to the “CAZAL & me” issue.
M arc H ype - D J P roducer B erlin
C orey S hapiro - V intage F rames C ompany
/ State of mind.
/ it’s a walk, and a talk.
Unique aesthetics that stand the test of time. For me, wearing CAZAL
means representing a clear state of mind.
CAZAL is more than a frame, it’s a walk, and a talk. Heritage is often
de eper than years, it is preserved by personality!