MAC-HRD Newsletter


MAC-HRD Newsletter
MAC-HRD Newsletter
June 2012
Bond Issue Progress
The Career Planning Center and ACCESS office
have moved to T13 (Technology Building) temporarily for the Fall semester. You can still contact
Beth Lambert, Julie Downs and Lisa Leftridge via
the phone numbers and e-mail addresses in the campus directory. Please help direct students to T13
(first hall of the Tech. building - all the way to the
end of the hall through the metal doors).
Dr. Nathan Calkins, MAC Chemistry Assistant Professor, shows off a 23 pound blue catfish and a 42
pound flathead catfish caught in Mark Twain Lake.
Want Cardinals Tickets?
You can get tickets for the Tuesday, JULY 24 7:10
p.m. game between Cardinals and Dodgers. The
seats are a $55 value for just $15!
To purchase tickets contact the Farmington, Park
Hills or Bonne Terre Chamber of Commerce, or
the United Way of St. Francois County at 573-760UWAY (8929). Proceeds benefit the United Way,
for more information click here.
MAC Bookstore
June 15 - Any employee charges in the Bookstore
must be pain in full.
June 25 - Last day for any departmental charges in
the Bookstore to apply to this fiscal year’s budget.
June 27 - Closed/physical inventory
Don’t Forget!
This Saturday is MAC Night at the
St. Francois County Raceway!!
June 28 - Closed/physical inventory
June 29 - Closed/physical inventory
July 2 - Regular hours resume
If you have questions about the Bookstore, please
call Carol Whaley at 518-2107.
HRD Mission Statement
Mineral Area College is committed to the changing educational needs of the community it serves and to creating a dynamic learning environment. Through
a Human Resource Development program that is accessible, comprehensive, and flexible, the College shall assure sufficient resources, knowledge, and
opportunity to best meet the personal, professional, and social needs of its diverse community.
*Although some programs and offerings are planned for specific groups, most HRD activities are open to all Mineral Area College employees.
News from Around Campus
Outstanding Customer Service Award
The following was submitted by a MAC classified
staff colleague:
"I would like to nominate Maggie Elliot for employee of the month. Maggie is always bright and
energetic, even when she's extremely busy and
bogged down with work (which is always!). She's
a one-(wo)man-show when it comes to taking all
our check requests and purchase orders, and I don't
think she's appreciated enough. She always takes
orders after her deadline, and manages to make
sure everyone has what they need on time. I know
every office is overloaded, and all instructors are
swamped, but I think not everyone sees Maggie's
efforts, and how she helps the College to run. I don't
know how she manages, but she's a woman who
knows how to get things done, and she's an asset to
the College."
Thanks, Maggie, for getting MAC's bills paid on
Welcome to MAC!
Missouri Healthcare Workforce Innovation Networks (MoHealthWINs) supports the development
of innovative approaches to address current and
future workforce needs in the health services/sciences industry.
Consortium Colleges include:
Crowder College
East Central College
Jefferson College
Linn State Technical College
Metropolitan Community College
Mineral Area College
Moberly Area Community College
North Central Missouri College
Ozarks Technical Community College
State Fair Community College
St. Charles Community College
St. Louis Community College
Three Rivers College
Three new faculty members began working under
the MOHealthWINS grant on June 1. Alison Sheets
is working as a Program Support Specialist. You
can find Alison in office T6 or contact her at 5183820 or [email protected] From the moment potential students enter MAC through complecontinued on page 3
The MAC-HRD Newsletter is published by Mineral Area College. Editors: Kathryn Neff & Kathy Waller
With the exception of official announcements, the MAC-HRD staff disclaim responsibility for opinions expressed and statements made in articles
published in the MAC-HRD Newsletter. Article contact: Kathryn Neff, [email protected] or Kathy Waller, [email protected]
tion of their programs, Alison will assist them and
provide support services.
Jenny Majeske will be developing and teaching our
Pharmacy Technician program. Jenny is located
in office AH12. She can also be contacted at 5183821 or [email protected] Through the
Pharmacy Technician program, students become
eligible to sit for the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board in 12 weeks. More than 3,000 new
pharmacy technician jobs are projected to be added
to Missouri's economy in the next 7 years.
Jacob Blackwell is developing and teaching a Maintenance Technician in a HealthCare Setting program
comprised of stackable credentials His office is
located in the North College Center and he can be
reached at 518-3819 or [email protected]
edu. The addition of HVAC lab equipment will enable MAC to offer modularized certificate programs
in stationary engineering and HVAC, skills needed
by healthcare facilities.
Adults over the age of 18 who are unemployed,
underemployed, veterans or eligible for Trade Act
Assistance or who qualify for WIA core services or
for WIA intensive services are eligible for the programs. Eligible students will pay no tuition but are
responsible for books, student fees, lab fees and any
other supplies or student-related costs. Please refer
interested students to Alison Sheets.
For more information about MOHealthWINS click
The Power of Color
What if all foods were gray? Every banana, tomato
and bowl of leafy salad greens might look like
they were picked on a stormy day. Our grilled
chicken kabobs would look more like ash than food.
And can you imagine how gray food would taste?
Probably as good as a chunk of concrete.
Fortunately instead, Mother Nature designed a fantastic color palette to excite our senses; and,
when it comes to food, thankfully she didn’t leave
out sight, smell and taste.
The richer and varied the color of the foods we
choose, the more we benefit health-wise. Eating a
variety of colorful fruits and vegetables — green,
yellow-orange, red, blue-purple, and white —
gives your body a wide range of nutrients that are
important for good health. Each color offers
something unique, like different vitamins, minerals,
and disease-fighting phytochemicals, that work
together to protect your health. Phytochemicals
give fruits and vegetables their color. Therefore,
the richer the color, the more health-defending phytochemicals a food will have.
Phytochemicals can:
• Act as antioxidants
• Stimulate detoxification enzymes
• Stimulate the immune system
• Positively affect hormones
• Act as antibacterial or antiviral agents
Only fruits and vegetables, not pills or supplements,
can give you the nutrients in the healthy
continued on page 4
Upcoming Events
June 4 - Summer Term Begins
June 9 - MAC Night at the
Races, St. Francois County
July 4 - Campus Closed
July 30 - Summer Term Ends
Mineral Area College
“Policy of Non-Discrimination”
Mineral Area College does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, disability, age, religion, creed, genetic and
family madical history as defined by GINA, or marital or parental status. For more information, call the Title VI, Title IX, Sec. 504 and ADA
coordinator at (573) 431-4593 or U.S. Dept. of Education, Office of Civil Rights.
combinations nature intended. In addition to helping you feel better, eating a diet rich in colorful
fruits and vegetables can also help reduce your risk
of many chronic diseases including cancer, high
blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, stroke and
other diseases. So, try making fruits and
vegetables the foundation of your healthy eating
June is open enrollment for non medical insurance
plans. If you would like to make changes please call
ext 2378, e-mail [email protected] or stop by
FA 104 to get a Guardian change form.
Our current medical insurance coverage is contracted
with Anthem through December 31, 2012.
How Much Do You Need Each Day?
For good health, women should aim for 5-7 servings of fruits and vegetables every day. Men should
have 7-9 servings each day.
Before you start thinking “how in the world am I
going to eat that many servings a day?” find out just
how easy – and tasty - it may actually be. Visit the
CDC’s Fruits and Veggies Matter website.
To learn about more nutrient-rich foods to add to
your daily eating plan, visit
Jennifer Butchart, MAC Writing Lab Instructor,
completed her master's degree in TESOL and Composition from SEMO in May. Jennifer is currently
teaching English in Italy, Spain, and France as part
of a three week program.
Natalya Weir, MAC Math Lab Instructor, graduated with a master's degree in natural science in
mathematics from SEMO in May. Natalya also
has a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Electrical
Engineering from the Sevastopol Instrumentation
Institute in Ukraine.
Summer Drought
Thanks to Horticulture Instructor Chad Follis for
providing the following links providing information
on how to keep landscape plants healthy under current hot, dry conditions.
climate and drought data
tree and shrub watering guide
lawn watering needs
Summer Contracts
Full-time and Adjunct instructors who are teaching
in summer will receive contracts immediately after
recommendation lists are approved by the Board
of Trustees. The June Board meeting is June 14.
Summer contracts are paid in two equal payments
on June 29 and August 10.
If you have questions about your summer contract
please contact your Dean's office.
Arts & Sciences 518-2100
Career & Technical Education 518-2157
Get Moving to Improve Your Mental Health
A new scientific study shows physical exercise
improves mental health. Exercise supports mental
health fitness, so it’s commonly recommended for
those who suffer from depression. Few people are
aware, however, that exercise can also help manage
anxiety. Symptoms associated with anxiety disorders include excessive worry and self-doubt, apprehension, obsessive thinking, fear, and panic.
Your response to stress may improve with exercise
and so may your quality of sleep, and you may gain
a more positive outlook and increased self-confidence. For more information follow this link.

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