Sub-Foundation - Die Rütli



Sub-Foundation - Die Rütli
the nonprofit
objective with
discretion and
This way is suitable for individuals who
The Sub-Foundation is represented
want to achieve their charitable objec-
externally by the Foundation Council of
tives through a capital allocation in a
the Rütli-Foundation. The bookkeeping
discreet, individual and efficient way.
of the Sub-Foundation is handled within
the umbrella Foundation. The funds
The Rütli-Foundation is an umbrella
will be managed together with the total
Foundation which makes its infrastruc-
assets of the Rütli-Foundation; however
ture and know-how available for the
they will always be reported separately.
administration of Sub-Foundations.
For this solution, a minimum capital of
The donors materialize their objectives
by creating their own Sub-Foundation
and, together with the directors of the
Rütli-Foundation, they define the
objectives and activities by means of
a donation agreement.
CHF 100’000 is recommended.
 This structure allows a very efficient
and cost effective administration of
the funds.
 Discretion and anonymity: If desired,
the donation is represented externally by the Rütli-Foundation.
 The designated individual purpose is
 No start-up cost.
 No charges for Foundation
management, nor for the handling
of applications and donations.
 No charges for fund and cash
 Upon request, the individual wealth
regulated through the donation
management can be executed by
agreement, which can also be
Reichmuth & Co Private Bankers.
adapted later on, under the condition
of a public benefit.
 The donation deposit is tax deductible for as long as it lays within the
set cantonal deduction quota.
 Resulting yields and the fortune of
the Sub-Foundation are tax exempt.
 You can count on the competent
handling of applications and donations.
 The Rütli-Foundation reports
annually to the Federal Supervisory
Board for Foundations.
 Upon the passing of the donator, the
Foundation Council acts according to
the will of the deceased.